Choices and Chances

Choices And Chances – Episode 10

Choices And Chances – Episode 10
A Story by Lydia 

I was awake but too tired to actually get up. I steered blindly to the other side hoping to feel a hard chest, but didn’t feel any. With my hand, I searched blindly for him on the bed, but wasn’t touching anything. My eyes flung wide open immediately to see myself alone in the wide king-sized bed. I jumped down fearing for the unknown. What if he had collapsed again, the doctor did say it’ll get worse.

I opened the bathroom door but he wasn’t there. “Daniel?” I called out leaving the room but didn’t get a reply. Panic was now sipping into me as I made my way downstairs

“Daniel?” I yelled searching through rooms for him but there wasn’t any sign of him. He couldn’t have gone to work right? He wasn’t strong and the doctor said he should stay clear from strenuous activities. I kept yelling out his name, my mind consumed as many thoughts were going through it, but he was not were to be found. I stood in the living room, with no sign of him as I frustratedly ran my hands through my hair having no idea what to do, when the noise of a bowl hitting the ground caught my attention, and it came from the direction of the kitchen. I hurriedly made my way to the kitchen, and the sight was simply….

“I don’t know if to get mad that you aren’t keeping Dr Jeremiah’s instructions or to laugh” I scoffed and he turned to me grinning

“Good morning honey” he greeted with a smile, and I couldn’t help the warmth that spread through my chest

“What are you doing?” I moved closer to his side to help with the things he spilled

“I’m making breakfast” he stated like it was the most obvious thing

“Okay, first off, you don’t need to do that, mostly because you can’t cook. And second, are you sure you know what you’re doing?which brings us right back to what exactly are you doing? I was trying hard to hide the laugh as I pointed the bowl at him

“Laugh all you want” he took the bowl from me and placed it on the counter and lifted me also onto the counter. I was now towering him and he parted my legs and positioned himself in-between them. He held my neck and pulled my face closer to his, as he placed a gentle k-ss on my lips before pulling away. And in that moment the thought of my morning breath didn’t even cross my mind as my lips tingled from the s-nsation

“How did you sleep?”

“Good” I nodded before turning back to the pot on the stove which was almost burning now. He noticed also and pulled away from me just in time to put off the gas and I couldn’t help but laugh

“Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes” he announced exaggerately like a chef in a cooking show and I laughed out loud. I really missed this side of him. I jumped down from the counter and sunclad my hands round his torso from behind, the side of my face pressed to his back

“I missed this” I whispered to his back

“I’m sorry” he said after a long pause, and I knew it probably affected him more than I did, cause he did all that for my sake

“No, it’s not your fault” I shook my head

He pulled my hands from around him and turned to face me. Cupping my face in his hands, he k-ssed me passionately, before pulling away

“It is. I just wish”…… he trailed off

“I know” I smiled reassuredly at him. “Now I need to go bathe” I breathed out “And await your special meal” I left his side and headed towards the door smiling

“Oh it’s going to be special alright” he said from behind me and I could feel his smirk on


Breakfast wasn’t half bad, judging from the fact that he couldn’t cook to save his life before. It was a step up

“I’ve learned a lot” he boasted when I complimented him. We finished eating and decided to stay in for the day and just enjoy each other’s company. We were now settled in the living room and watching a movie, my head resting on his lap as he stroked my hair gently

“Honey?” he called, halfway through the movie

“Hmm?” I murmured my gaze still on the tv

“My parents called, they’re coming over”

“What!!” my gaze left the TV almost immediately, and was now on his. He had on a guilty smile on. This can’t be good.


“Good afternoon sir, good afternoon ma. Welcome” I greeted as soon as they got in. Daniel forgot the little detail of telling when exactly they were going to come when he dropped the “They’re coming over” bomb on me. So seeing them twenty minutes later didn’t help the nervousness in the pit of my stomach as I wasn’t well prepared

The Walters are no doubt very affluential and his dad had a wealthy aura all over him, his salt and pepper hair very low on his head, almost not there. He looked really good for an old man although there were distinct features that showed he really was old, they’re almost invincible mere looking.

His mother on the other hand looks anything but old. She looked really young for her age, and very vibrant. Cant say I’d ever get tired of admiring her whenever I see her

“Ma” I went ahead to hug her, with the apron still sprung over my body, but she didn’t mind and returned my hug, her wide smile matching mine. His dad also hugged me before pulling away to shake hands with son after his mom had let go of him

We were soon settled on the dining room as I passed round the food amongst us. We ate and various mild discussions came up, we chatted and laughed over them.

I glanced over at Daniel but he seemed indifferent. We had agreed we would tell his parents about his illness when we next see them, as they didn’t know about it.
They knew he got a bit sick before we got married, he had told me. But he never told them how severe it was, even life threatening

Mr Walter went on to talk about business with Daniel and his mom held small talk with me about my health and subtly hinting on why I haven’t gotten pregnant yet. I tried as much as I could without making it disrespectful that we were waiting on God’s time all the while my chest hammering on my chest about Daniel’s decision to tell them. How would they take it? He is their only son, and for them they knew me as their son’s saving grace. Due to his diagnose, he took it hard before he had met me, that’s why they didn’t hide their love for me. Little did they know there was a reason for his behaviour

I answered her last question with a smile and she smiled also as we turned to father and son since they were done also. Daniel and mine eyes connected and I made a eye signal for him to tell them, though he still remained indifferent, I could tell he got tensed when I passed the signal. He cleared his throat drawing their attention to himself. I stood and went to sit close to him, found his hand and it felt sweaty. I squeezed gently and smiled reassuredly at him and nodded for him to go on

He took a deep breath and turned to his parents curious gazes as they took in our light gestures

“Mom, Dad” I have something to tell you.
After giving my hand one last squeeze, he let go and clasped both his hands together before once more looking up to meet their gazes

“I’m sick” he finally let out to his parents. The atmosphere was so calm one could hear a pin drop. I held my breath awaiting his parent’s reaction but didn’t get any. I dared look up to catch their expressions. His mother no longer had that cheerful look on her face, instead a worried one found its way in on her beautiful face while his father seemed indifferent for some reason. I took Daniel’s hand now resting on his lap and entwined both our hands and he subconsciously squeezed it, his face to the ground now

“Have you met your doctor?” his dad all of a sudden asked as Daniel’s face shut up, and the squeeze to my hands got tighter causing me to flinch from the pain but dared not pull away as he needed it

“Yes” he replied

“What did he say is wrong, is he serious can he treat it?” his mother asked, her shaky voice betraying her at being strong unlike the facade she was giving. He looked at his mom and I could see the pain in his eyes as he immediately looked away from her to me.

“Its more complicated than that” he said still looking at me. I kept quiet, knowing where this was headed and how hard it was becoming for him

“I had a transplant” he said, and in that moment, everything was as if it was going in slow motion. I was stunned beyond words as I gazed into his eyes

“What?” I muttered.
If the room was silent before, it got to wh0le new height of silence. There was a sudden buzzing sound in my head, as my thoughts spiralled. “I had a transplant” his words kept repeating in my head zeroing out every other thoughts.

The sniffling sounds of his mom’s silent sobs drew me out of my thoughts. I turned to her and tears were trailing down her cheeks, her hands covering her mouth muffling her sobs. I glanced at his dad, long enough to see the different emotions playing on his face but that of anger standing out, before turning back to Daniel. Our hands no longer entwined, I must have dropped his out of shock

“It’s all our fault” his mother spoke amidst tears

“Mom it’s no one’s fault but my luck”

“Why didn’t you tell us” his father asked, his fists clenching and unclenching in a fit to suppress his anger

“I didn’t want you guys to worry”

“Its our job to worry” his father’s words bellowed, causing me to squirm in my seat. It is the first time I am seeing him this angry, but Daniel remained unshakened, like he was prepared for this. “You are our only son and you are way to young to be going through this on your own. You told us it wasn’t serious, you told us you were fine” his father further emphasized trying so hard to hold it together

My head shot up immediately I heard his dad’s words. His parents knew he was sick?

“It wasn’t. I guess it was just my luck, cause it turns out I have a rotten one” he snickered.
I saw a jaw in his father’s face tick and his mom’s sobs got louder

“Mom please stop crying” he begged, but she paid him no heed and continued her sobbing. His dad got up from his seat on the couch and moved closer to his wife, putting his hand around her. She leaned on his shoulder and sobbed bitterly

I could see the pain in both father and son’s eyes, but his father’s was mixed with anger as he seemed helpless. I could tell he loves his little family so much and his son hiding something of sort not only rendered him useless but also caused a bruise. He went ahead to console his wife, as Daniel glanced briefly at them before meeting my gaze. He looked drained. He looked tired and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him even when I was angry he left out such detail

His parents left soon after. Though his mother was still shaken up pretty bad, she was still enough to walk back to the car as the drove out the gate

“You’ve lost hope” I spoke as soon as we got back inside the house. “That’s why you didn’t bother telling me, or even your parents. You’ve given up” I let out the secret he has been trying to hide all this while. It all made sense now.

…To be continued

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