Choices and Chances

Choices And Chances – Episode 14

Choices And Chances – Episode 14
A Story by Lydia Jonathan

“So I was thinking, about our vacation” I said, and he turned to place a k-ss on my cheek in appreciation as I finished straightening up his tie. He decided to start work three months ago when it seemed the heart was giving him a break, and till now, it was still same. Although the doctor warned against him over working it, as could trigger it. But he was glad to leave the house every morning and come home every evening. I could tell because the smile on his face, before he leaves and when he gets back was evidence enough

He looked at me through narrowed eyes, his eyes falling to my protruding belly and back to my face and waited for me to get the idea

“Its not fair” I whined “You don’t let me do anything because I’m pregnant. You even made me quit my job. The corner of his l-ips quirked up as he bit his lower lip

“You already took care of that yourself honey, I just sealed the deal” he shrugged and carried his briefcase to exit the room

“And how exactly did I do that? I folded my hands across my chest, a rocky mistake if I may say so myself, because it just made my now over sized bréasts to spill out of the skimpy nightwear I was wearing. His eyes went straight to my cle-vage as his smirk turned up

“Skipping work for two months and thinking your boss will magically take you back when you stand in front of him to tell him you had issues is damn funny” he said, and I huffed out a breath in feigned anger as he made to leave, k-ssing me on the cheeks once more
“By the way, if you were trying to make a case with that” he pointed at my cle-vage “It almost worked” he winked before getting out the door. I shook my head smiling to myself as I entered the bathroom


“Relax honey, I was just craving, you know, ice cream and chocolate and more ice cream”

“But honey, do you have to go yourself? You could’ve sent John” his worried tone carried through the phone

“I’m fine Daniel, plus it’s just a nearby supermarket, and my legs are beginning to swell from staying home all day. I need the walk”. I could tell he was deliberating it

“I could’ve still gotten it for you….

“Honey?” I cut him off

“Hmmmmmm” he replied

“You’re driving and also on the phone?”

“Don’t worry, it’s hands free, and don’t try to change the topic

“You’re right, I’m sorry, and I’m even done. I’m leaving the supermarket right now” I heard him grunt on the other line obviously still not okay with me walking around with my pregnancy. According to him, anything could happen

“I’ve still got three months honey, I’m pretty sure nothing will happen” I tried to lighten his mood as I walked on

“You’re going home now right?” he asked and I rolled me eyes from his overprotectiveness. If anything, I should be the one being overly protective

“Yes dad” I scoffed but stopped when I heard people yelling from behind me to move. My brows creased as I turned to look at them waving at me and my head turned immediately to see a car coming at full speed right at me. A gasp escaped my l-ips as I heard Daniel’s faint voice from over the phone before it dropped from my hands and unto the ground as the car came in contact with me. There were scre-ms around me as people rushed to the scene calling for help before it all turned faint.
“Daniel” I muffled before my eyes closed and it turned dark
I could hear the faint voices as I was being wheeled in

“Doctor” a female voice yelled which I guess is a nurse’s, and immediately there was another presence beside

“My baby” I muttered as my eyes fluttered open and close tiredly, holding unto my stomach like the fragile thing it was

“We’re losing her” the same female voice from before rang and it all went faint


My eyes fluttered open and soon enough a nurse was beside me, followed by a doctor. He pointed a little flashlight into my eye and did same to the other eye before nodding and putting it away.

“Hi Regina, I’m Dr Charles. You got into an accident and went into shock but you’ll be fine” he smiled to ease my tensed state I presumed

“My baby, what about my baby?” I asked almost immediately. I can’t lose my baby, I’d rather not be alright

“You need to calm down Regina, everything will be alright” he said but nothing about my baby.

“My baby, doctor. Please save my baby” were the last words I said before passing out once more.

“Hi, you’re awake” Jane smiled down at me as soon as I opened my tired eyes. I tried sitting up but she immediately pressed me back gently to lay me down.
“You need to rest. You’ve been going in and out for a while now. How are you feeling?”

“My head hurts” I grunted as a bolt of pain jolted through my head, and I winced

“Should I call the doctor?” she made to get up, but I stopped her
“I’m fine now” I murmured before my hand instinctly went to my belly.

“How’s my baby? Is my baby alright?”
She fidgeted on the side of the bed she was seated before turning back to look at me

“Regina…” she trailed and I could feel the panic seep into me

“No” I shook my head and looked straight into her eyes as if dreading the answer. I’ve gone through too much for this to be real. I at least need a good news.
“Please no” I muttered bitterly as my voice broke. This can’t be happening

“Regina, please calm down” she tried holding me down but I was already pushing her away from me as I struggled with her with the little strength I had.

“My baby……” I sobbed wearily
“Daniel, I need Daniel.”

“Regina calm down” she shook me vigorously to get my attention back to her
“Your baby’s fine” she almost-yelled and immediately I stopped struggling and my head snapped up

“What?” I breathed out and looked down at my still very protruded belly
“My baby’s fine?” I nodded to make sure she repeats what she said, and she did with a firm nod. A silent giggle played on my l-ips as relieve flooded through me and I began rubbing circles round my stomach. And as if sensing his mother’s touch, the baby kicked.
“The baby’s kicking”, I smiled widely at Jane and she also placed her hand to feel the baby. Now that I think about it, we’re in a hospital and a scan can easily be carried out to ease my doubts, but I guess I was too carried away to think it through. I couldn’t help the smile on my face before I looked up to Jane’s and it faltered.

“Jane?” I noticed her worried facials and called out, but she seemed spaced, her hands still on my stomach
“Jane?” I shook her lightly and she looked up seeming dazed

“I’m so sorry Gina” her eyes began to well up and her hands dropped down to her side.
“I’m sorry” she repeated which further confused me. Why was she apologizing and why is she sad? Did something happen that she isn’t telling me?

“Jane? I held out her hands, but her face dropped to both our now joined hands as she shook her head as if having an inner battle with whatever is eating her up

“You’re scaring me Jane, what’s wrong? I scooted closer to her, peering into her eyes to at least get a clue of what it is, but fell short as she wasn’t giving it away
“Please talk to me” I pleaded. “Is it Dave? I tried, but she remained still, her eyes any where but on me

“Its bad Jane” she finally sniffed and looked up to catch my worried gaze
“They said I have to make sure you’re okay. They said I shouldn’t let you know, cause it could be wreck you. You have to be okay Jane and not ask, please” I could see the sadness playing in her eyes as she struggled with the words

“Wh… what are you? Who are they and what are you…. I asked all too quickly but then it hit me. My eyes w¡dened and my hands dropped from hers involuntarily
“Daniel?” I muttered and her head shot up swiftly which just further confirmed my fear. I looked to her to tell me something, anything but she kept quiet which just sent all my in,sides to turmoil and suddenly the hospital felt like it was closing in on me.

I ripped the needle connected to me, not minding my blood now spilling on the bed and on then the ground as I jumped down the bed, my bottom lip quivering in fear of what my mind was playing out for me.
Jane noticed immediately and ran over to my side, alerting the nurses in the process who tried keeping me down but proved futile as I struggled with them
“I have to go” I cried out to no one in particular as I struggled to break free from their hold on me, but it was far from working as soon I felt a cold sting on my left arm, which began making me loose consciousness and I fell on Jane’s open arms
“Pleeeeaaseeeeee…… I muttered before my eyes closed

… To be continued

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