Choices and Chances

Choices And Chances – Episode 15 (finale)

Choices And Chances – Episode 15
A Story by Lydia Jonathan

Two months later

I wiped my hands once more on my peach satin flowing gown, before manuvering my way through the crowd, which seemed busy with one thing or another all in preparation. But that seemed easy because, nothing breaks a crowd than a heavily pregnant lady on a mission

“Thank God” Jane breathed out as soon as she saw me. “I thought you bailed, and I would’ve come drag your áss back here”

“No need for that, I’m here” I rolled my eyes at her exaggeration. I just went to pee that’s all.

“So? You ready to do this?” I smiled widely at my bestfriend. She looked glorious in her long flowing lace patterned wedding dress, with her bouquet in hand. Dave is a lucky guy that’s for sure, cause I know he got the best girl a guy could ask for

She took a deep breath before smiling nervously.“I don’t know Gina”. She confessed and I could feel her jitters as I held her hands

“We’ve been planning this for a while now and it’s always been a sure thing, but now that it’s here, I can’t help but feel scared. What if something goes wrong or it doesn’t go as planned?” her face turned sour almost immediately, and worry etched on her perfectly made up face.

“What if he gets cold feet, or I get cold feet?”

“Hey, I nudged her with a smile, before turning around to sit on the couch pulling her down with me.

“You’re overthinking this. It’s a wedding, which means it should be a day where all you have to do is smile and let everything play out. Remember when I was about walking down the aisle and what you said to me when I was nervous?” I asked and she smiled in knowing

“Remember to keep marching forward, because I’ll be the one in the crowd yelling for you not to fall flat on your face” we both chorused and laughed as I saw the relieve on her face

“Thanks Gina” she squeezed my hands gently and I nodded before she got up and helped me up as well

“Lets get you married” I beamed but feel a part of my chest constrict from the thought of a missing a particular person. She nodded and soon we are heading out to the waiting vehicle and a wh0le lot of well wishers and bride squads. We all got in and soon on our way to have a wedding


“To my best friend and her husband” I held the glass of non alcoholic grape wine in one hand and a mic in the other. “The most wonderful person in the world. We’ve been through so much that’s for sure” I smiled knowingly as I reminisced about old times.

“I remember one time she called out a lady for being unfair to her friend because she cut in line pushing me out of the queue in the process. After much argument, she won for sure and we got what we went for and left the scowling lady now at back of the line” I smiled as she smiled also from her seat next to her husband. “We need to fight for injustice she had boasted as we left” and the guests laughed lightly

“Congratulations to you both, and may this union be blessed with all you both desire” I raised my glass “To Jane and Dave” I yelled and the guests did same, clinking their glasses in toast as I stepped down and went to hug them both before making my way to my seat, the entertainer taking over the stage

“That was beautiful” he whispered in my ears before sitting close to me in the reserved seat.

“Where have you been? You missed everything” I asked angrily as I crossed my hands on top of my belly

“I think I heard the most important part and saw the most beautiful pregnant lady up there saying beautiful things about someone she cares about. Seems to me like I came right on time” he shrugged and my mouth almost dropped from his justification of being late to his wife’s bestfriend’s wedding

“You’re unbelievable” I scoffed “I leave you alone for two days to be with her and help her prepare for her day, and you show up late?”

“Its your fault for leaving me alone” he replied before silencing me with a k-ss on the l-ips when I was about speaking more, and all the words forming in my head dissolved and turned to goo as I k-ssed him back, hoping no one was watching or wouldn’t have even bothered if they were because, I haven’t seen him for two wh0le days, and I missed him that much

The doctor called what happened two months ago a medical glitch. A heart transplant patient, his body eventually rejecting the transplant, but a freak accident suddenly turns around and causes things back on track instead of causing more damage. He hit his chest on the dashboard after my accident freaked him since he was driving the doctor had said

He confessed in all his twenty years of being a doctor he never had seen such and called it a wonder. But I call it a “chance” it’s the universe way of keeping me sane

Death is inevitable and can come at any point in time without given a fair warning just because it can. But I want to believe that he’ll be here long enough to put a smile of my face everyday, and if one day fate decides to show its ugly face, I just hope we’re prepared enough to accept it without regrets. But for now, we’d like to live everyday like it’s our last cause we’ve seen a taste of what our last could really look it wasn’t pleasant

“Oh oh” I muttered and immediately Daniel’s head snapped up to me

“What’s wrong? He questioned looking at my frame

“My water just broke. Baby’s coming” I smiled widely at my husband

“Baby’s coming” he repeated as his face lit up in joy. And my smile w¡dened as I took in his happiness. He is going to see the birth of his child and that itself is a miracle on its own. But my smile fell short as the contraction hit me and I gulped down biting down on my lower lip in pain

“Now Daniel” I said through gritted teeth and would’ve have burst into laughter if I wasn’t in pain as he got up abruptly from the chair panic ridden already, as he scrambled for his car keys and finally helped me up as we tried not to draw attention to ourselves

“Lets go have a baby” I whispered, and he nodded, his smile now back on his face

~The End~

Thanks To Lydia Jonathan for sharing this wonderful story with us. I’m sure you readers enjoyed every part of it, don’t leave without dropping your comments to encourage the writer.

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