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Choices And Chances – Episode 3


Choices And Chances – Episode 3
A Story by Lydia Jonathan

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I didn’t know how long I’ve been sitting on the couch for. Many thoughts have been running through my head, one of which was how I met Daniel……

Her flashback

Look Mr man, I don’t care who you are but you have to pay for this. She pointed to the ground. cause you poured it

“It was an accident, the young man defended. I didn’t mean to I swear

“you think I’m joking abi? The bread seller held him in his pants and he shook vigorously to free himself from her grip but judging from his failed attempts, the lady is way stronger than her thin frame made her seem. I swear, you’re not going anywhere until you pay for these. She gestured to the breads now scattered to the ground

“Please madam, I swear i’ll pay you, just let me go

Having seen enough of the drama, I decided to jump in

“Hi, I approached them and they both turned to me. His face lit up in relieve. Judging from his expression now, I’m guessing he thinks I’ll help talk to her, when in truth, I’m just tired of the whole scene and just want them to move along as they’re in the way of my business.

“Hi, he spoke out, clearly tired of trying to pry the lady’s hands from his pant as it is clearly not working. Can you please explain to her to leave my pants and that i’ll pay her, he pleaded with me

“Madam, I turned to her, he said he’ll pay you nau, just let him go so he can settle you, plus it was an accident, it wasn’t like he did it on purpose

She turned to look at me with venom laced in her eyes. “Fine, she let go of his pants and he used his hands to try to straighten the wrinkles her grip caused. “Now gimme my money” she spat

He looked up to us and I breathed out, glad that at least she let go. But he was fidgeting with his hands in his pants not coming out. While she looked away, I walked inconspicuously to his side without her noticing or paying much attention even. “What are you waiting for? Give her the money already, I whispered

“The thing is, he cleared his throat lightly, I don’t have any money here with me. I left my wallet, he whispered back

“What? I half yelled, getting her attention back to us. She looked from me to him, her eyes widening to the fact that I’m close to him now

“Where’s my money, she opened her palm to both of us now.

Oh God, why didn’t I just mind my business,I’m an idiot, I mentally cursed. Now how I’m I gonna get of this mess with this lady now thinking I’m with him. I threw a nervous smile. How much is the money? I started going through my bag in hopes of finding some spare changes

“Two thousand naira, she deadpanned. My eyes widened and fell to the ground almost immediately. Two thousand for four,five,six loaves of bread? I counted and looked up to her in a questioning manner

“Yes, she answered, her hands still stretched out to us. I turned to him and back to my bag for a miracle money to magically pop out

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“okay, here’s the thing, I whispered nudging him, while his eyes were still fixed on the lady

Hmmmm? He answered still looking at the her. I’ll give her some money, and when I say “Now, you run really fast. Understand? I murmurmed for only him to hear but didn’t wait for his reply as I brought out some cash and handed it to her and yelled Now!

Grabbing my hands, he bolted without even sparing the lady a second glance, pulling me along. We ran till we get to a quiet neighbourhood

“Stop,stop, I pulled my hand away from his and rested both hands on my laps, bending trying to ease my now racing heart. I think we lost her already I frowned up to him

“I’m sorry, he turned to me catching his breath too. Thanks by the way. I nodded and turned to find my way back home but he stopped me

I’m Daniel, he extended his hands and I shook it.

I’m Regina…..

End of flashback

A ghost of a smile appeared on my face but it soon disappeared when my phone rang

“Hello, I spoke in and my bestfriend remained silent on the other end

“Aren’t you gonna say anything? I sniffled

“I’m coming over, she hung up. Soon later the door bell rang.


“Do you think he’s cheating on me? I questioned, my head still in a bent position as it was when she got in

We have this thing, when she senses I need comfort, she comes over and try to make me feel better. We’ve been friends for 10 years and she practically knows me inside and out. Sometimes I even wonder how she puts up with me because, I am what is known as a human buzz kill. She’s all about living life to the fullest, and I on the other hand just want to stay indoors at all times. She’s fun, spontaneous and easy to talk with, while I’m the opposite of all of that and it sometimes even makes me wonder how I got married to Daniel

“Regina? She called trying to make me look up

“Tell me I’m not thinking straight and it is a lie, I pleaded, a drop of tears trailed down my chin and I wiped it off forcefully. Tell me my assumptions are crazy and it’s not true I spoke out trying to convince myself rather than telling her

“Regina? She got up from her seat and came to sit beside me. You know he loves you and wouldn’t do that to you

“Lately, I’m not sure about that, I scoffed, going back to all the things been happening lately, I highly doubt it

“its just a phase Regina, he’ll come around, you know it, he always does, she smiled trying ease me, but it wasn’t working this time

“You know, sometimes I just wish he’d hit me instead and get it over it. I looked up, the tears welling up in my eyes. I just wish he would just yell and hit me, so he would talk to me and we could go back to our lives. I tried so hard fighting the tears but the more I spoke, the more it threatened to spill

“Hey, ever wondered why he can’t hit you? Cause he loves you too much. What you guys have is what many people dream of she nudged

“I think they should come in, the dream would turn a nightmare, I chuckled wiping the tears away. But she had a point. To an outsider, we are this perfect couple, perfect life. If only they knew better. But then again, there’s no such thing as perfect

“I think I need to win him back,I spoke out after we’ve been sitting a while in silence. She whipped her head away from her phone and turned to me

“What? She frowned

“I need to win him back, I repeated calmly. I love him Janey, I don’t think I can live without him. He means the world to me. So I’m gonna make him see me as his wife again

“Okay? She sounded unsure. How are you going to do that? She finally dropped her phone which she seem to have been busy with since she got here

“I’m not sure yet. But for starters, I think I need a job, and get out of the house more. Then everything will fall into place eventually

“Regina….she trailed. I’m not sure about this, she frowned

“Why not? I looked up confused failing to see the concern in her eyes

“Well, I’m worried about you, how are you even gonna get a job? It’ll be hard and….

“I know, I cut her off, that’s why I’m gonna try. You don’t have to worry

“Are you really sure about this? She pressed on

“Of course, I’ll have to try,I nodded trying to seem sure of my plan. I gave her a smile and she pulled me close and hugged me.

“You know I’m just trying to protect you right? She said over my shoulders

“I know,and I’m glad I have you, I smiled and she pulled away

“Okay, if there’s any way I can help just tell me okay? I nodded. I have to leave now, someone’s waiting for me she tried explaining but was already arranging her handbag

“You’re boyfriend? I smirked crossing my hands while she got up and headed for the door when she was done.

“You’re crazy, she called out, almost out but turned around to look at me once more. Be careful okay?

“I will, now go before you’re boyfriend gets angry, I laughed and she shook her head, smiled and left

“I got up after she left, no longer feeling like wallowing in self pity. I think I should start now, I thought and headed in for a change of clothes already feeling giddy from my plan. How hard can it be right?

…To be continued

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