Choices and Chances

Choices And Chances – Episode 5

Choices And Chances – Episode 5
A Story by Lydia Jonathan

I knew too well in my heart that, what I’m expecting to happen was far-fetched, like drawing smile out from my husband as he just got home, but I had only hoped

“Welcome honey, how was your journey?

“Don’t dare me Regina, where are you coming from? Is this how you pretend to be home all day when I leave the house, but end up going out to do all sorts of rubbish?

A bit pained, I bit back the tears building up in her eyes, as I stared at the man standing before me. Its like I don’t even know him anymore

“I didn’t go out to do anything, I just went out to meet a friend, she lied, knowing well not to tell him she went job hunting

“A friend? He barked, “what friend? I’m married to you and know you enough for a fact that you have no friends except for one. So, which friend are you talking about? Or is there something you’re not telling me?” his eyes filled with rage

“That, well is true, but I knew not to play into his trap. He just needed an excuse to rebuke me more than he’s already doing

“Honey, you just got home, please you need to rest. I’ll go make you something to eat. I walked away from his burning stare. I was halfway through the living room when his words made me halt with shaky legs. Those words I’ve been avoiding, which gave me nightmares every night and kept me thinking all day. I stood still, unable to move a muscle, then his words bellowed again

“I want a divorce”. Hot tears trailed down, burning my cheek. “I want a divorce” his voice rang out again through the room

I dried my tears, with my palm, and with a forced smile turned to face him. “Honey, you’re just tired, you’ve been gone a while. I’m sure when you’re fully rested, we can talk it out

“There’s nothing to talk about” he barked, walking closer to me. “I’m tired of this marriage, tired of you, tired of coming home and getting mad all the time”. The tears burned in my eyes, threatening to spill, but I blinked it away with a smile.

“Honey, I moved to touch him, but he dodged my hands, walking backwards, his features hærdening causing my smile to falter. “Is there something you’d like for me to change, is there something I did wrong? I questioned and our gazes connected

“Everything and nothing” he barked “You’ve done everything wrong by doing nothing. We might have had it easy when we got married, but not anymore. You’re not a kid, so why do you act like I need to spell everything out for you? You think you’re just going to sit home all day and become this lazy housewife, while I work my bútt of all day?

It’s like everything within me went into overdrive when he was done. The anger was coursing through my veins like liquid larva, my entire being shaking with fury

“I was 18, when you married Me, I snapped. You took me away from my parents. I had no friends and we stood in the alter, when you promised me for better and for worse, till death do us part. But now what? A divorce? Is that what you want, I yelled, the tears trailing down my cheek, but he stood still. “Yea my parents didn’t have much but we went by. Till you came and told me I don’t have to worry about anything, that you’ll care for me, for them. I’ve been sleeping and waking up each day, everyday of the week, doing absolutely nothing, but you didn’t care, even when I complained to do something, you brushed it aside. I love and respect you, but all you do is throw it back at my face. I put on a smile everyday for you even when you’re having a rough day, but all you do is take it out on me, but I never complain cause I love you, and you’re my husband. But what do I get in return? A divorce?. Fine you want a divorce, you’ve got it. Let’s have a divorce. I barked, swiping the tears away with the back of my palm. I marched out on him, ignoring his dumbfound stare and headed straight to my room, banging the door a little h-rder, as it echoed through the big empty house

I s-cked in a deep breath, as I rested my back at the door, as all that had happened few minutes ago came rushing back. “Deep breaths” I chanted in my head but it didn’t seem to be working as my mind trailed back to the second time I saw him.


He came back to search for me, and when he saw me, he had a smile playing on his l-ips as he said the two magically words that made my in,sides flutter. “Hey beautiful” he had said. No one had ever called me beautiful, and that got my attention and decided to talk to him, unlike my earlier thoughts of ignoring him as soon as I saw him

“Well aren’t you Cheesy. I saved your life, from a very angry lady by the way, and suddenly I’m beautiful? I frowned, whilst he still had his smile on

“I’ve always thought you’re beautiful, he beamed

“You’ve met me just once” I countered and crossed my hands on my chest

“Exactly”, he winked, causing her in,sides to churn, but I’m not about to be exposed I rolled my eyes. He is such. Player, I had thought, but little did I know I was going to end up getting married to him

My body jerked with the tears building up in,side of me and I let it flow freely down my cheek, sobbing silently. I placed my head on my palm, sliding downwards and unto the ground. Letting it all go, I scre-med out in despair, not minding that my soon to be ex-husband is in the house.


The next morning, I woke up to a throbbing head and my eyes felt sore from all the crying I did. I dragged my tired self to the bathroom and winched when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I shook my head and splashed water on my face. After taking care of my business, I walked to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for him but stopped short when I heard the front door bang shut announcing his departure..

I passed a hand through my Hair, scattering the already brushed hair in the Process, but I could care less. “What a way to start the day” I sighed and went ahead to prepare the meal. I knew I wouldn’t have an appetite to eat, but cooking helps me relax.

Minutes later, I was done, and I looked down on the cooked meal not knowing what to do with it. I covered the pan of egg sauce and made me my out of the kitchen and out the front door, and welcoming the warm morning air. The sun was already up

I drew a deep breath, hoping to clear the ache in chest, then breathed out. Trying the process for two more times, but it still didn’t work as I felt stuffy on the in,side. I sighted John sitting with his usual cane in hand. I never did quiet understand why he carries it around, but never thought to ask

“Good morning John” I greeted with a smile, as I walked up to him, and he replied as same

“How are you this morning” I Asked, and he rose to my level

“very fine madam” John replied, though with a look of not being sure why I decided to come out and greet him this morning

I nodded, and there was an awkward silence, as John’s looked everywhere else but at me

“Have you eaten?” I all of a sudden asked, taken him by surprise, like the first time I had asked wasn’t enough

“errrrrm, ma-madam” he stuttered “I never eat, but I go find something to eat soon madam”

“No need” I said, and before he could react, I was already pulling him towards the house ignoring his enquiring eyes and mild struggles. Until I got in,side did I let go of his hand and gestured for him to sit on the dining chair.

He looked at her in a, no-madam-I-no-fit manner but decided to sit after staring a while, mostly because he was hungry and didn’t want her feeling bad

My face lit up, and I went to the kitchen, brought forth the fried plantain with egg sauce and oatmeal I had prepared to the table. We sat and ate, while he went ahead to tell one of his crazy stories, and I saw myself laughing through it all, the ache I’d been feeling dissolving a bit. Seeing John devour the food with pleasure gave me joy.

After the meal, John got up and thanked Me, leaving to go to his post, and all alone. As soon as he left, I felt the void and ache come back full force as it was quiet once again. I got up, cleared out the dishes and headed back to the kitchen to clean up when my phone began ringing from my pocket. I sat the dishes down on the sink and went ahead to answer the call but noticed the absence of caller ID

“Hello?” I breathed out

“Regina Daniels?” a female voice asked on the other end

“Yes” this is her, who I’m I speaking with?” I asked politely not knowing who I was on with

“This is Claire calling from INTREPID coorporations, wishing to inform you that you’re application has been reviewed again and you’ve been accepted to work in our cooperation.

“Are you serious?” I stifled the the scre-m ready to erupt from me. I was so sure I was going to be rejected, even forgotten about the interview after giving the director a piece of my Mind. I guess I just had to say my mind, I smiled

“Yes” came Claire’s voice “So you’re hereby required to report to the office by 8:00am Monday morning

“Yes, yes” I chirped happily and I could sense her smiling on the end due to my enthusiastic reply

“Good” she replied and then dropped the call after we said goodbyes

I dropped the phone on the kitchen counter, jumping and scre-ming for joy

“Madam?” I stopped my happy dance as I heard banging on the front door “Everything dey fine?” came John’s worried voice

“Yes, yes, I’m sorry, you heard that?” I asked

“Yes, I dey front here”

“Okay, everything’s fine, don’t worry about it”

“Okay” he replied and I guess walked away

I went back to my cleaning, unable to hide the giggling as I finished with the dishes

“Can’t wait to tell Mary” I picked up my phone as soon as I wiped my hands dry, picturing the surprise on my friend’s face when I tell her the news, the smile still on my face.

My smile fell short when I heard the front door open and close. “Who’s there?” I asked, exiting the kitchen and walked towards the living room, but stopped when I saw Daniel standing there, his briefcase in hand, with an unreadable expression

“We need to talk” he spoke

…To be continued

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