Choices – Episode 10 (finale)

Choices – Episode 10
By Tunde Oni

I was still on the phone with Muyiwa when I drove into my compound, just getting back home from work around 8pm that Monday night.

“Congratulations once again Teni, I am so glad you got pregnant so fast”.

“Actually, I did not expect it to happen so quickly too. I took out my contraceptive the next day after we spoke and 3 months after, here I am pregnant already”.

“So have you told your husband the news yet?” Muyiwa asked.

“Of course, I told immediately I got the news yesterday. He was so delighted”.

“So have you gotten home now?”

“Yea, I just drove into the compound. I am just sitting in the car talking to you”.

“Okay nice, how was work?”

“Work was great. I was able to finish and do some presentations I had been working on”.

“So how much have you missed me? Three months without some sugar?” He said jokingly.

I laughed heartily, “Its not just Sugar, it is honey. I did miss you of course and and I am glad you found someone you like. So I guess taking a break from me was not so bad after all”

”Honestly Teni, I cannot say taking a break was bad. I really do miss you and all but I feel like my relationsh¡p is heading to a good place and it is not even about s€×, I am not even sleeping with her yet”.

”Too much information please. I don’t want to know about your s€× life or absence thereof”.

Teni, I hope you know I don’t regret the past two years and I won’t have traded it for the world. I do love you and my greatest wish was that I met you before you got married. We would have been great together”

”Well, if wishes were horses, even beggars will ride my dear. Anyway, I wont say I don’t regret it. It was amazing with you but I can never get over the guilt that I did cheat on my husband for two years. I am glad it’s over though and we can both move on. After all, we have gotten it out of our system now”.

”I can never get you out of my system Teni, don’t get it twisted. The wise decision will be to avoid seeing you so I don’t end up cheating in my new relationsh¡p which I am hoping leads to marriage”.

”Okay Mr wise man, I am glad you have the wisdom to take the step I never did. I won’t want you to be a cheat like me”. I said, already getting uncomfortable with the conversation.

”Teni, please don’t take it that way. I don’t want us to part on a bad note. You know I did not mean it like that”.

”Okay true, don’t worry I was just being naughty. Anyway, I have to go now. Princess will soon go to sleep and I want to tuck her in”

”Okay love, see you when we see then. Maybe in a decade,” he said laughing

”Alright Muyiwa, take care and be good to your girlfriend”.

”I promise to be”.

I ended the call and smiled at how easy talking to Muyiwa always was. I was grateful we had finally ended the wh0le affair. Now that I am pregnant, it was definitely a good time to rebuild with David.

I picked my bag and walked into the house with a smile on my face. I tried opening the door and was surprised it was locked and so I opened it with my key. I did not expect the house to be quiet at this time and all the lights were on. I checked the bedrooms and kitchen and I could not see either the nanny or David and Princess so I went into the bedroom and sat down to call him. I was wondering where they could go to at past 8 in the night.

After calling David’s line so many times and being unable to reach him, I tried the nanny as well and kept getting a dialling tone. As a looked around the room exasperated and confused, my eyes fell on an envelope addressed to me on the side table.


I am sure you must have tried calling me so many times but don’t bother my love. You will not get through. Let me go straight to the point. I have left you and taken my daughter with me. Make no mistake, our marriage is over. However, I will not give you the satisfaction of granting you a divorce. I have simply gone.

Now the question is why? Also why now? I am sure you know the answer already. Teniola, I knew.
I knew that you were cheating on me. I knew that you have been cheating for two years. I knew from the very first day you started. I knew from the moment you started having the conversations and the moment you started sleeping with him. I will not bore you with the details of how I found out but you should have known you did not marry a foolish man. That you will sleep with another man for two years and think I will not know? You must have considered me stupid.

The best part is that I waited. Initially I was angry, then I was hurt, then I felt betrayed, then I became hopeful that you will stop and then finally I was disappointed. Night after night, day after day, you jumped from his bed to mine and you never felt dirty? I know that he was not a fling and that you loved him but you forgot our marriage and everything we stood for. Did you even stop to think of your daughter? and the kind of mother you needed to be for her?

Our last wedding anniversary vacation was my send forth gift to you. I needed you to get pregnant so I could leave you with a companion. Isn’t that noble of me? I could not risk you having that child though since I can never trust that the child is truly mine. Don’t worry, even if you claim he/she is mine, keep the child and train the child. I will find you when he/she is an adult and we can do a DNA test to check. If that child is mine, tell him/her why I left and tell him/her about Princess. I will always be grateful for the gift you gave me in Princess. Our beautiful daughter, who is now mine to care for without the influence of a promiscuous mother.

Don’t bother to find us Teniola, you will never know where we are. You will never know if we remained in this country or have left to another country. You will never know how your daughter grew up. That is what you sacrificed for two years of opening your legs for another man. I feel bad that I could never get some answers to questions that plagued my mind. Was it the s€×? Was it the companionsh¡p? Was it money? Was it love or care? How was he a better man for you? What did he give you more that was worth throwing it all away?

You might think I am callous and wicked. I think I am a wise and patient man. I have never for one day cheated on you in all our years of marriage or dating. I was patient to wait for you for two years. I was even willing to forgive you the first 3 months but here we are. You made your choices and I made mine Teniola, live with them.

As per our parents, I have explained everything to all of them today. I did not tell them I was leaving though. I leave you to deal with whatever comes out of it. Have a great life with your baby and your boyfriend.

Yours truly,
David (your husband)


Thanks to Tunde Oni for sharing this story with us and Thanks to all the readers too. Make sure you drop your comments to appreciate the writer and also share the lessons you learnt from the story, let’s turn it into a discussion.

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