CHOICES – episode 6

By Tunde Oni

I sat on the floor of Muyiwa’s living room with him and we had drinks in our hands. I looked into his face and he smiled so sweetly at me. I relaxed in his arms and faced the television visibly distracted from whatever was showing by the feel of his fingers rubbing gently up and down my arm.

He turned me swiftly, took the glass gently from my hands and put it on the side table and crashed his lips to mine and my hands went round his neck pulling him down with me. All my body parts were filled with heightened pleasure and I could feel the effect of the k-ss down to my core. The k-ss kept going deeper and deeper. He moved away for a few seconds when we needed to breathe and began to k-ss my jaw down to my neckline and I could feel his hands raising up my dress and car-ssing my thighs. He brought his lips back to mine and I just could not stop myself from saying,

“Muyiwa, I want you.”

I was suddenly jolted awake by the sound of my alarm. I moved swiftly to turn it off and fell back on the bed with a frustrated gro-n. I could not believe that was a dream. It was so intense and I could still feel the effects in between my legs. I turned to my left to look at my hubby who I thought was still sleeping but he was actually staring at me.

”Bad dream?”

My heart skipped a bit. I hope I did not mention Muyiwa’s name in my sleep.

”Yes but it was not so bad. I was just startled. I am fine”.

He started rubbing his hands over my stomach and I already knew where he was heading but I just couldn’t stand another session after the intense dream I just had.

”David, stop it. I am not in the mood abeg”

”What do you mean you are not in the mood”

I quickly kicked the duvet off me and jumped off the bed.

 ”I mean I need to be at the office early today so no time for lovemaking this morning”

”Babe, not even a 5 minutes quickie? In fact just 2 minutes”.

”Nope, no time”, I said as I grabbed my dressing gown and left the bedroom to go check on Princess and start my morning routine.

I sighed quietly as I sat in my office later that morning brewing over the events of the last few days. It has been three days since I first had that dream about Muyiwa and I could not shake off the guilt I was feeling. It didn’t make it any easier that Muyiwa and I chatted and talked everyday and we were getting quite close. We had not yet seen each other and he was asking if I could come over to his house and see him. He was quick to tell me how his feelings for me had never changed and I could not shake away the feeling I kept having that maybe I was destined to marry him instead.

I could not say that things at home were bad because David was putting more effort since the last fight we had and was no longer keeping late nights. The only issue is that I have been constantly refusing to have s€× with him simply because my nights and dreams were filled with Muyiwa. It was exhausting and weighing me down.

The sound of my door opening pulled me from my thoughts. Tola came into my office smiling and immediately slid into the sofa on the side.

”What are you doing here? I didn’t know you were coming”

”Do I need an excuse to check up on my best friend?”

”Yea you do… Especially if it’s during working hours”

”Relax joor, I came to see a client on this road and decided to stop over since my meeting was pushed back for an hour”

”That’s great, how is your husband doing?”

”He is fine and how is my baby and David?”’

”Hmmmm. they are okay”.

”Teni, you don’t sound great. What is wrong?”

”Sincerely? I don’t know what I am doing Tola… I am playing with fire.”

”What happened?”

I told her all about my problems with David, my dreams of Muyiwa and our conversations and messages.

”Teni, you know better than to be doing this.”

”Tola, I get you, I am supposed to know better but it does not change how I feel, it does not change the fact that I feel like Muyiwa actually listens to me and gets me more than David does these days. I feel like Muyiwa is my soul mate that just came back into my life too late.”

”Teni. how can you say that? You and David have such a strong bond between you. How can you not see beyond this fleeting infatuation you are feeling towards Muyiwa and I can’t believe he is actually encouraging this attention knowing you are a married woman.”

”Tola you know what? Forget I said anything, you cannot understand this.’

”No problem, I hear you. Love is a choice though. You make a daily decision to love your husband and you stand by it”.

”What I am feeling for Muyiwa is not a choice, It is a force. I have no choice in the matter”.

Tola and I went back and forth on this issue and she ended up getting angry and frustrated with me and eventually left my office angry, warning me not to make a mistake.

I got back home that evening and seeing Princess run into my arms just brightened my day and made me momentarily forget the turmoil in my heart. I knew without a doubt in my mind that I love my family. David and I have been through some tough times while dating and married and I love him but I could not place what I was feeling for Muyiwa. Looking at Princess that evening, I decided to invest more time in my marriage and draw back from Muyiwa a bit to cool off my feelings for him. Little did I know life had a way of always playing a joke.

I woke up that Saturday morning to the sound of the bathroom door closing. I looked around the room and realized that David was actually just coming in. He stayed out all night again. I jumped from my bed to give him a piece of my mind in the bathroom but the sound of his voice speaking to somebody on the phone stopped me.

”Yes she is still asleep… Oh sure, I had a good time… You know how much I love spending my nights in your arms…”

I did not wait to hear the rest. I stumbled away from the door and my mouth hung open in horror. I could not process the fact that David had been cheating all these while. It was inconceivable. I didn’t bother to remove my pajamas. I just picked my phone and my car keys and left the house. I called Muyiwa as soon as I got on the road and he gave me directions to his house. I was surprised to even get there in one piece because the tears in my eyes made the wh0le journey blurry. He was waiting outside his house when I drove in and as soon as I got out of the car, he put his arms around me and I wept uncontrollably.

My phone had been ringing non stop since I started driving and I could see it was David. About an hour later, he was still calling incessantly and I decided to switch off the phone. I took my bath and changed into Muyiwa’s t shirt which was stopping at mid thigh. I had told him what happened in between my tears. He tried telling me I should have waited to confront David about it but I told him immediately I did not want to talk about my husband. We had breakfast in silence and I decided I was going to give into the pleasure I had been dreaming of and denying myself. I knew it when I was driving here and now I did not have to feel guilty about it. I did not have to wait to Muyiwa to make the first move. As soon as we settled on the sofa after breakfast, I pulled his head to me and k-ssed his lips just as I had seen in my dream.

…to be continued

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