Choices – Episode 9

Choices – Episode 9
By Tunde Oni

It has been two years since the first time I cheated on my husband and I have finally lost count of the number of times I have been with Muyiwa. If I am being honest, I can even say Muyiwa understands my body and pleasures me much more than David has ever done. Initially, I felt so much guilt but after about 6 months, the guilt has gone and I have come to terms with my choices. The weird part is that I actually do love them both. I love my husband and my ‘boyfriend’ as I fondly call him. My daughter is now three years old and that is the only pure thing in my life since I have tainted my marriage with my actions. I have not been able to confide in my friends because I know they will never condone my actions. I finally stopped trying to break up with Muyiwa when I realized how easily he was able to get me back into bed each time. Muyiwa and I now have a routine. We meet up three times a week in his apartment during our lunch hour. David put his hands on my sides suddenly tickling me out of my reverie.

I burst into laughter, ”babe stop it joor, seriously you know I don’t like being tickled”

”Well, I did not take you away for the weekend on our anniversary only to have you get lost in thoughts. You have been out of it for over 30 minutes”

”Sorry darling, I was just wondering how Princess will be coping without us at the moment, I miss my baby”

”I am sure she is missing us but trust me she will be having the time of her life with her grand parents. You know this is the first time they are having her all to themselves”.

”Yes I know. I just miss her a bit but I am so glad we had this weekend to ourselves babe”.

”So when do we need to leave to pick her up to make it to the airport in time?”

”Well, it’s just 9am now and our flight is still for 7pm so we can still relax here till around 1pm I think?”

”Cool so that gives us another 4 hours of tremendous body discovery right?”

I burst into laughter at that. ”Seriously? Body discovery after four years of marriage? Okay lets start discovering now”

”Teni, I think it is high time you go remove your coil. Princess is already 3 years old. Don’t you think we should start trying for another baby?”

My heart stopped for a minute as I processed what David just said. I knew he was going to mention it sooner rather than later but that did not make it any better. How am I supposed to remove my coil and start trying for a baby when I am sleeping with two men. Even thinking about it just sounds all wrong. I am definitely not having the nollywood ending of not knowing who the father of my child is. So I did the only thing that could take my thoughts of it for now. I turned around and k-ssed my husband on the journey of body discovery.

Later that week I decided to bring up the issue with Muyiwa. As soon as I told him what David said, the wh0le conversation took a wrong turn.

”Muyiwa I don’t get you seriously. Am I supposed to refuse to have more kids just because I want to continue to sleep with you? You realize that Princess is 3 years old already right and sooner or later, my in laws will start wondering why another one is not forth coming.

”I am not disputing your predicament, I asked a simple question Teni, where does that put us?”

”Well I was thinking we just put off seeing each other from when I remove my coil till after I deliver my baby”.

He simply started laughing so much that I got irritated,

”Would you like to share with me what is amusing you so much?”

”Wait, so you expect me to wait for you for a wh0le year? I am also believing you expect me to be celibate in that one year right?”

”Well, I don’t know what I am expecting really. I don’t know anything Muyiwa. The only thing I know is that I am not going to let the paternity of my child be in question”

”Teni, I don’t want that either but I don’t think you realize how much I have sacrificed for this relationship”

I could not believe he just said that when I have been the one living a double life. ”You have sacrificed? Please enlighten me because I am the one currently putting my marriage in jeopardy”

”And I am the one unable to get married” he yelled!

I was stunned for a moment. ”What do you mean unable to get married?”

”I mean exactly what I said”. Muyiwa was so angry, I could feel it coming off him in waves.

”Do you know how many family meetings I have attended in the last two years with my parents questioning why their only son isn’t bringing a wife home? Do you know how many girls my sisters have tried to set me up with? Has it occurred to you that all my friends are currently married and I am stuck because my girlfriend who I am head over heels in love didn’t wait for me and is married to another man? Has any of this occurred to you Teniola?”

To say I was shocked by Muyiwa’s outburst is an understatement. I was left absolutely speechless. For what seemed like an eternity I just stared at him. I didn’t even know what to say.

”Muyiwa, I…I …I didn’t know…You never told me… I just thought you had a girlfriend somewhere and you just kept that part of your life separate from me”

”What? You think I will have a girlfriend and cheat on her? I am not that kind of man”

”Oh!!! Please enlighten me Muyiwa since I am that kind of woman”. I stared at him pointedly and I think he finally realized what he just said.

”No Teni, I didn’t mean that way, I am so sorry”

”No need to apologize Muyiwa, you have simply stated a fact. I guess that is my cue to leave, I will see you later”. I picked up my bag and walked towards the door.

”Teni, please I am sorry, I did not mean…

I did not wait to hear the rest, I walked out the  door and slammed it hard, it shook by its hinges.

…to be continued

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