Chronicle of a Teenager


“Hurry up Jill..we running late” I heard Jessie’s voice from the bathroom..
“Be out in a jiffy” I said as I turned off the tap and grabbed my towel from the line then wrapped it on my unclad body and went to my room..
I saw Jessica scanning through a beauty catalogue I got from a beauty mall..I had tons of it, I see them online and get them in malls but they never work, but I just keep buying them hoping one day it’ll work and change my facial looks..
“You got this again?” Jess asked picking up a tan lotion and I nodded..
“I saw it on the net last night and ordered it this morning..I was told it’s one of a kind” I said as I hooked my brassiere..
“But you got this exact one last week” she said confused..
“I know that..I just felt like trying again and besides I was told this is the original..I probably got the fake the last time” I reached for my pink short hand uniform and wore it.
“You can’t be so sure..scammers are all over the net don’t just buy whatever you see” she said and I shook my head..
“I know that Jessie..I’m just hoping to get the right one soon” I said..I picked up my light pink pinafore with traces of blue from the hanger and put it on..
“But Jill this so called beauty cream can also cause skin damage for all we know and they can worsen your situation” she said with concern and I smiled.
“I know that as well Jess…but everyone hate this color and besides that’s the only way to get rid of it..what can I do?” I said as I brought out the lip gloss from my makeup bag..
“You can learn to love yourself the way you are should be grateful for life because no ones gonna be with you when the consequence’s just you” Jess said and I rolled my eyes..
honestly I hate lectures about stuffs like this, they’re all malarkey..loving myself the way I am…tch, can anyone ever love him or herself this way..I’m f-cking horrific and she’s lecturing me about love freak instead of giving me some beauty tips..
“Seriously Jess you’re sounding more like my mom now and you know how much I hate it” I said facing her and she sighed then shifted close to me..
I went back to applying my make up..
“Jillian..I’m sorry if I crossed a line but I’m just being concerned for my best friend” she said placing her palm on my shoulder..
“I appreciate it Jess honestly I do..but to me there’s no such thing as love, I don’t need you to lecture me on these stuffs, I just want you to help me get out of it..that’s all I need from you please” I said and she nodded..
“I get it..but I just want you to be careful” she said and I smiled..
“I will..I will” I said packing my hair in ponytail with a fancy rubber and adding a hairpin to the few strands that fell to my face..
I took a quick glance at the mirror and matter how much makeup I apply my looks won’t just improve..but i do look different in a way..I opened my mini fridge and packed some spinach, cuc-mbers, and some tomatoes from it then packed then into my lunch box.
“Vegetables..seriously Jill..again?” Jess exclaimed with an arched eyebrow..
“Yes..again, told ya I’ll keep eating them until I fit into these bikinis” I said picking up a small designers bikini.
“But these are way too tight for you”
“That’s why I’m on diet” I said putting back the bikini in my closer.
“Too much of these stuffs and less food can be unhealthy in some ways”
“None of my probs Jess and please quit giving me ain’t my mom” I said.. more like threatened and she shrugged..
“No more buts or talks..were late for school” I said putting on my sneakers and grabbing my lunch box as we both left for the living room..
“Oh honey..good morning, just in time for breakfast” mom said and I rolled my eyes..
“Can’t have B now mom..I’m running late for school” I said..
“Oh..should I pack them for you?”
“No mom..I just told you I’m later for school” I said..
“But dear you didn’t have dinner last’s wrong to stay too long without food you might have ulcer and..
“Yada yada yada..goodbye mom” I said cutting mom off rudely as I dragged Jessica and we head outside..
“That was rude Jill..your mom was merely being concerned..she didn’t deserve that scorn” Jess said and I sighed..
“Who f-cking cares..she can feel that way, I don’t care” I said as I got into the passenger side of Jess BMW..
“She’s your mother Jill and all mothers have to feel concerned for their children especially when they’re going through puberty”
Tch..puberty indeed, more like facial looks..
“Okay Jess that’s you said she’s my mom and I’d appreciate it if you stop talking about her” I said watching as she got in..
“Your choice” she said and I smiled..
We got to school after morning assembly..Good thing we weren’t caught by the school monitor..we got to the school hallway..our lockers were opposite each other’s so we went there together..I grabbed my Geography notebook since that was what we had first and Jess did same.
“Hey babe” we heard a voice and we faced back together after properly putting our locks in the locker..
“Hey Dex..what’s up?” Jess greeted, adjusting her backpack.
“I’m good..” he said then faced me, I tried looking away because i knew what was coming next..
“Oh hey pumpkin..” he smirked and I gulped..
“That’s not her name dex” Jess said with a frown.
“But that’s what everyone calls her besides I think it fits her perfectly because she’s big and a pumpkin” Dexter said with a smirk..I felt the tears coming but I fought it back..
it’ll only make me look more fragile and weak and it’d ruin my makeup and give him more reasons to pick on me..I know I’m weak..I’m emotional but sometimes I just let somethings go no matter how hærd they were..
“Dex just stop’re hurting her” Jessica said as she wrapped her hand around me..
He scoffed.
“You know what should really think about being on diet because no ones gonna look at you this way believe me and eww! work on your s€× appeal…
“Get out of here Dexter!” Jessica exclaimed as she clung more tightly onto eyes were already misty and the tears were dragging to pour out but I gave them no chance…
“But I’m just saying the truth” he shrugged..
“You’re not..just leave here”
“Fine..I will, but Jill try to take my advice and one more thing..try to grow a teeth in that toothless’s scary and..
I couldn’t hear anymore as I felt a tear rolling down my cheek then many more..I quickly pulled Jess hand away from me and ran out before he could see them…
Jessica made to run after Jill but dex held her back and she gave him a glare..
if looks could kill dex would be six feet into the ground right now..
“I want to talk to you” he said and she scoffed then gave him a straight angry look..
“And what make you think I’d wanna talk to you after what you just did”
“I was only giving her some true harms, but she took it personal and besides don’t you think it’s a bad idea having someone so scary as a bestie?”
“No.. but I think it’s very dangerous having someone like you as a friend..
“’re cutting our friendsh¡p coz of that pumpkin?” he asked with same mocking sound..
“Yes and I’d do many more just for her” Jess said as she made to run but he held her back
“But you haven’t given me a response to my proposal” he said..
“ answer is no so stay faraway from me and anything that have to do with me” Jessica said as she pulled her hand forcefully away from his grip, eyed him and ran off to look for Jillian whom she was sure would be crying and cursing herself by now…
To be continued…
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