Chronicle of a Teenager



Jessie walked to the abandoned classroom, the only place she expected to see Jill in situations like this and true to her thought Jill was there.. sobbing and stuffing spinach in her mouth, she chew with difficulty refusing to gulp one down before taking another..
she chewed so much as tears strolled down and fell to the ground, her shoulders were shaking and her mouth was moving..Jessica felt her pains and wished Jillian would let her fight for her since she was too weak to do so, she wished Jillian could fight back whenever she was being intimidated, she wished Jill could be more like her..
she walked up to her and grabbed the bunch of spinach from her hand, Jillian struggled fruitlessly to get them back but Jessica refused to give it to her..she gave up and made her face fall in her palm then continued crying with so much grief in her heart..Jess kept the spinach away from her, shifted close to her and patted her back..
“Jill..” she called trying to get her to look up but she didn’t so she went on..
“Don’t be like this…your makeup is all over your face” she said softly as she drew her closer to her..
“Why does it always have to be me Jess..why can’t anything work for me, why am I the only one suffering..
“Don’t talk like that Jill..anything can work for you if you set your heart to it and ignore other people’s just have to be your choice” Jess said patting her and Jillian raised her head up at her..
“But it’s not easy’s not, no matter how hærd I try it just doesn’t work..
“We can make it work…it’s not that hærd”
Jillian laughed sadly then frowned..
“’s that easy for you because you’re beautiful, you have friends…rich parents, model shape and a happy life but me it never life is just cursed” Jill said.
“it’s easy for everyone if you just focus on your heart and ignore whatever anyone else thinks” Jess paused “I’m here for you because I care about you a lot..just let me help you”
Jillian scoffed..
“With creams, fashions, slim tea, a tooth..just name it Jess coz that’s all I need”
“No don’t need any of that, I want to help you overcome your fears..I want to see you happy because I’m your best friend and i want what’s best for you” Jess said..
“Thanks’s only you, no one else but you”
“You’re stop crying” Jessie smiled as she wiped they tears from her face.
Jess helped Jill with her uniform and make up then led her to the class..they both apologized to the teacher as they took their seat close to each others..Jill tried to focus and ignore the scorns from her friends and with the help of Jess she did..
“Good day class..” the teacher said as she packed her notes and left..they were supposed to have physics next
They both packed their notes and left the class, heading to the locker to pick their physics note..once they got to their lockers, lots of eyes were fixed on them, so were giggling, many were whispering while the rest were desperately looking at them..
Jess patted Jill’s shoulder as she gave the mockers a deadly reduced some eyes as some went back to what they were doing while some just kept staring..
Jillian felt humiliated but didn’t show it, she had vowed not to shed anymore tears today..her make up is too expensive to get ruined so she just kept her gaze to her locker..
she picked up her physics note and closed her locker..
“The NAttys!” she heard a girl scre-m and she swiftly turned..expecting to see just three people..she gasped as she saw them, they were dressed in the same expensive designers top and a little bum shot..their make up were dashing and their bloody l-ips glistened in the sun as their heels moved accordingly.
Everyone left what they were doing as they admired the new outfits and looks..
The NAttys comprises of the three most beautiful girls in Smith Academy…
Brianna, who happens to be the founder, she was the most beautiful of them all..she was the daughter of the proprietor, long curly dyed purple hair, slender and straight legs, light fair skin and the richest among all..
Fiona…the daughter of a rich politician, black straight hair, slender legs and a dark tanned skin and also very beautiful..
Diana..the daughter of a fashion designer, brown chestnut hair, light tanned skin and also beautiful..
They were admired by all student, mostly boys who wished they could have a chance with them..they got everyone’s attention with their presence and turn down most guys that are brave enough to approach them, humiliating and openly disgracing them..
they were known to always walk together in the latest outfit in town..they were hot, rich, classic, beautiful, slim, and so smart..
The NAttys was the name given to them by a student because they were attractive,fashionable and neat, it also had to do with their names which also ends with the same last two letters ‘NA’ which adds more meaning to the name..
Jillian watched them just like everyone, she admired their outfits and she knew it’ll be the talk of the school once they left..she had always wished to be like them, they were her role models right from early grade especially Brianna…Jilli
an has always wished to get noticed by them..she wanted to know what they used to get this beautiful because she knew it wasn’t ordinary..
the NAttys walked past, bouncing their hairs and heels accordingly..their slender legs moving beautifully..
once they were away everyone gathered in twos and trios discussing about the new designers..Jill
ian faced Jessie who kept staring at empty space she smiled..
that is the NAttys for you, they get people staring anywhere they go..Jillian had been a victim so many times so she wasn’t surprised at Jess expression..she shook her gently and Jess jerked almost falling..
“They’re angelic right” Jill said putting the lock on her locker Jess sighed obviously in relief seeing Jess..
“And so arrogant” Jess added pouting..
“ were drooling seconds ago..stop the pretense Jess” Jill said with a smirk..
“, I wasn’t drooling at them..I was simply admiring Jenny’s Smiley’s quite pretty” Jess stammered referring to another girl..
“I know know what Jess” Jillian said clinging to her notebook.
“I think you deserve an award” Jillian said and Jessie eyed her.
“Why do I deserve an award?”
“For being Smith academy’s biggest and sure do deserve something great”
“You’re crazy..Jill”
she rolled her eyes
“I know that”
“But honestly I wasn’t lying”
“Yeah..true,it’s all over your face” Jillian said.
“Whatever” Jessica said as they both head to the class.
To be continued… 
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