Chronicle of a Teenager


“’s an invitation to the NAttys sleep over” one of the girls in the hall exclaimed happily when she opened her locker
“I was invited as well..oh my God!” another girl yelled happily.
“Same’s so unbelievable!” another girl said waving the envelope in the air..
“I also got the invitation letter” a guy yelled..followed by another then three more..
Jillian only shrugged as she exchanged glances with Jess..
Jessica touched her locker door knob, looked at Jillian then pushed it open..the invitation letter fell..
She looked at Jillian who nudged her to continue..
Jessica hopefully picked up the card, slowly tore the flower design and opened it before peering into it..Jillian watched as her l-ips slowly displayed a smile.
“OH MY GOD Jillian…I got it too” Jess exclaimed in ecstasy as she k-ssed the card..
Jillian smiled then sighed, she wished she also have that letter…
she wanted badly to go.
“Common Jill..check yours” Jessie tapped her lightly..Jillian smiled a little then touched the knob..she slowly twisted it with her eyes focused on it.
The locker creaked then opened, Jillian slowly pushed the door wide open and it fell..she exchanged glances with Jess then bent and picked up the card..
She tore the flower on it then peered into it.
“it’s it Jess..I got invited too!” Jillian happily exclaimed as she and Jess jumped for joy..
she couldn’t believe it, it was just so great to be was the happiest day in her life..looks like good luck finally got her today..
first the most handsome guy she’s ever seen asked to be her friend and even held her hands and now the NAttys invited her to a sleep over party..something that was very rare.
This is just so good..
The bell rang for the last period, the students who got invited to the sleep over happily packed their notes and went to class while the rest enviously followed.
Jillian went with Jess to the class..they had chemistry..Jillian mind was faraway from lectures.
she was thinking on what to wear to the sleep over tomorrow that’ll make her look really classic…how to impress Brianna and probably make friends with them…
She felt a hand shaking her lightly, she jerked then looked up at Jess..she had her backpack strapped on her back and a lunch box.
“Get up let’s go home” Jess said and she blinked..
“School’s over?” she asked.
“Of course school’s’s 3:00..jeez were you in Jills land all this while?” Jess asked surprised..
“I’ll go get my backpack” Jillian ignored her question as she went to pick her empty bag…
They went home together, discussing about the sleep over..
“I was told a bus would pick us up at school” Jess said.
“Really?” Jillian asked..
“Yeah..they said the sleep over will be in sianta, you know..I wonder why they chose sianta when we could’ve just done it in the school” Jess said..
“I prefer sianta’ll keep me away from home for a night and besides it’s not that far”
“True though..but I’m still wondering”
“Wonder girl..I’ve got to go get set” Jillian said as they reached the junction where they always separated..
“Give me a call tomorrow..we’ll go to school together..I’ll feel nervous going alone” Jess said..
“Sure best..I will”
“Okay..see you tomorrow..bye” Jess waved as they both went their separate ways..
She hurried her steps in a bid to get home and get prepared..she arrived home few minutes later, opened them door then got in.
“Welcome back was school?” Her mother said once she stepped into the house..
Jillian roller her eyes..
“T’was great..thanks” she simply answered.
“OK..I made lunch, yours is in the microwave”
“I’m not hungry mom..I’ve got stuffs do” Jillian said..she saw a look of disappointment in her mom’s eyes but she shrugged..
Who cares..?
She took two steps to her room but stopped and faced back to her mom whose eyes were on hers..
“It’s not like I need your permission or something, I just wanted you to know..I’ll be going to a girls night tomorrow at sianta with Jess and I won’t be back tomorrow so please don’t wait for me and go to bed”
“All sianta, but that place has like so many dangerous forests in’s risky and..
“Yeah..blah blah blah, I don’t need your opinion mom..
“But baby it’s not good for anyone to go there..they’re meant for can’t go there Jillian” Selene said fully concerned..
Jillian gave her a bad glare..
“I’d like to see you stop me mom..I’ve decided to go and it’s final, besides you should be grateful..I’m giving you a free night to play with those cheap assh-les you mingle around with..I’m doing you a favor you know” Jillian smirked
“Please Jillian don’t’s dangerous..I’m begging you”
“Listen’re not the boss of me, my decisions are final and if you have a problem with it then to hell with don’t have a say in my life, do you get it?” Jillian yanked then walked to her room..ignoring the gentle sobs from her mom..
Big time hypocrite..
Jillian knew she was happy deep down since she’d be all alone with her lovers..her stupid cries didn’t move her one bit..
Tch..sianta, a dangerous forest..ghosts.
.do those stuff really exist..
well she don’t care even if they do exist..she wasn’t gonna miss a lifetime opportunity because o
f some balderdash shit..
she was going and that was final.
How do you see this episode ?
To be continued. .. 
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