Chronicle of a Teenager


They walked farther into the forest, Jessica’s heart was beating fast against her chest and she felt so uneasy..they were going deeper into the forest and strange sounds were coming from unknown directions..she was getting scared, she never expected it to get to this extent..they were going way too deep in the forest and the howls were getting nearer..
She should’ve never agreed to this in the first place.
Jillian on the other hand was having extreme fun, walking with the NAttys was a very rare opportunity and since she was opportuned to go on this ride she was gonna enjoy it while it lasts…
They were talking like friends and she was enjoying Every bit.
“…So you mom got us the alligator” Diana continued as they walked farther.
“Really..I mean weren’t you scared?” Jillian asked.
“Not even one bit..I mean, I was at first but with time I loved’s skin was what I admired most”
“So your mom reared an alligator right in your house?” she asked and Diana chuckled..
“Not really..we had a pond where we kept was surrounded with transparent nets, so we saw it through the nets..”
“Aren’t we there yet Brie?” Jessica who’s been quiet all this while said.
“Oh..we’re almost there, I just want to have a look at the pond over there?” Brianna said pointing to an invisible pond and giving Jessica a glare..
“But we’ve been walking for two hours now and it’s really late” Jessica said..her voice breaking making it sound so uneasy..
“But it’s just over there…we’ll go after looking at it” Brianna said..
“Common Jess are you scared?” Brianna asked in a voice that clearly sounded like a mock.
“No..I’m not’s just that I’m really sleepy” she said stifling a fake yawn.
“Sleepy head..we’ll go back soon” Jillian said but Jessica still didn’t like the idea..
somehow she felt that there was more to this..she felt the NAttys has something else up their sleeves and her instinct told her it wasn’t something good..
she wish she hadn’t listen to them in the first place..
she wished she had just turned her back on them and stick to her ‘no’ when there was still time..
but it’s too late..she’s right in it already..the prizes weren’t tempting anymore..
she just wanted to get out of here..her mind just didn’t approve it.
She was interrupted by a loud growl..they all stopped and exchanged glances, Jessica muttered a word of prayer as she fearfully held Jillian’s hand.
“What was that?” Jessica asked within heavy breathes..
“It sounded like a wolf” Jillian said grabbing Jess hand tightly.
Diana exchanged secret glances with Brianna and Fiona..they both nodded their head..signalling that it was time for them to go..
“Look..!!” Jillian yelled and they all faced to the direction her index finger pointed to..
Their eyes and mouth flew opened at the sight..
They saw a small cottage it looks more like a casket, different scary looking being were coming out from it..
Their hair were pulling out from it’s scalp, making them almost bald..
their hand were soft, wrinkled and old..
their nails were long and sharp..
their eyes were red like blood and it glistened.
their teeth were long, sharp and edgy..
The rest of their body were like dark smoke, unseen..only their faces and fingers were seen..
They looked more like zombies..
Jillian heart hit hand against her flesh as she felt her salivary gland drying up..she gulped, suddenly feeling thirsty..
The zombies were coming toward them it was like they were floating in the air and they all seem to be transfixed..obviously too shocked..
“RUN!!” Diana scre-med when the zombies were close to them..
They all took to their heels as the zombies went with them..
they ran accordingly..following same route..
Fiona leg got stuck to a tree stump, the girls went back to her and tried to untie the rope from her legs..they successfully did and they continued their journey..
They got to a place surrounded with dry raffia leaves..They stepped on it and fell..
The leaves gave way and they all went deep into the ground..
scre-ming, yelling and gro-ning as they kept falling in what seem like a tunnel..
Finally they got to the end then looked was a h0le, a big wide h0le..
Jessica felt the tears on her cheek and she wiped them..
She knew something was gonna happen..why didn’t she just listen to her heart..
all this happened because of her greed..she shouldn’t have taught of it in the first place..
it was too late..they were already here..
in a big mess that she didn’t know how to solve..
she looked at Jillian who gave her a small smile and they clutched their hands together..
is her life gonna end this way..she thought..
she betrayed her best friend for a prize and now this happens..
oh lord!
how do you see this episode ?
To be continued… 
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