Chronicle of a Teenager


Jillian and Jess kept running, carefully kicking away tho-ny stems and muttering slight prayers..Jess clung tightly on Jillian afraid of slipping any moment.
They made a u-turn and came in contact with a zombie..they both yelled in horror and separated, running into different directions..
Jillian kept running as she felt the zombie following her, she kept running not relenting on her speed or stopping to face back..her leg caught a thorn and it pricked her, sending her to them floor..
Jillian gasped as she saw the zombie floating toward her, she moved on her butt backwards as she held onto her bleeding legs..
“Please..leave me alone” She muttered but it only growled and kept coming toward her, Jillian tried not to cry but save herself..
She heard a sound, it was not a was like a song playing from her phone…she quickly touched her pocket and felt her phone, she sighed in relief as she removed the hand that was on her leg and used it to support her butt as she pushed backward..
She slowly reached for her phone with the other free hand in her Jean pocket, she pulled it out..the flashlight blinked as the phone kept ringing, the light illuminated as she stretched it on her palm..
The zombie suddenly started growling in pain, she pointed the flashlight towards it and her eyes w¡dened as she saw it shaking and grumbling then slowly vanished into the air..
the phone stopped ringing and the flashlight was out, she slowly smiled as she thankfully stared at the phone…
“Light!” she exclaimed happily.
Brianna stopped as she walked slowly, cursing under her breath and impatiently kicking the leaves that obstructed her ways..
She sighed..this wasn’t what she wanted, she didn’t want to be here..she wished she could get home and have a warm comfortable bath then change into clean clothes..these ones were itchy..she wished she could call her daddy, she wished she could see him and hug him..she haven’t even seen Fiona and Diana, she had to look for them so they could go home together..
She saw something laying on the floor, it looked like a body and with the much hair on her head she was certain it was a female..she walked toward it and her face met it’s.
she gasped and slowly shifted away..
“Fiona..oh my God!” she exclaimed as she saw the big h0le in her chest and her dried body, the teeth h0le in her neck with drips of dried blood and the tiny h0le in her belly button.
“Fiona!!!” She yelled as she collapsed on the floor..
She heard a growl behind her and she slowly stood up, she slowly walked away from the body holding the urge to puke and glancing back severally with tears in her eyes.
She walked for a minute as tears poured on her face..she had to look for Diana fast so they could leave here..
She took a step and stumbled on something which made her fall..
“F-ck!” she cursed as she held her legs gro-ning in pain..
She looked over at what she had hit.
“Arrrgh..oh my God” She exclaimed as she shifted away..
It was Diana, lying as lifeless as Fiona with same h0le on her chest, a deep slash on her head and a teeth bite on her neck..she also look so dried and pale.
Brianna heart shattered, she was helpless and lonely..her friends, her only best friends are both gone because of her, because of her envy and hatred..
Why didn’t she let Jeremy be since they had both separated, why did she have to embark on this life s-cking journey even when she knew it was dangerous..why did she have to be so envious..
she sat on the s₱0t crying her eyes out and regretting ever thinking of this in the first place.
she had lost her friends..they were gone..gone for good..
She had killed them.
She felt a strange presence and she slowly looked up..her mouth slightly hanged when saw the zombie, right in front of her.
She slowly shifted backward, with her eyes still focused on the being..her back hit a slope ground and she stumbled continuously until she landed in a big dirty river, she tried diving out but failed since she wasn’t a good swimmer..her stomach took most of the dirty water making her weight heavy on her and slowly drowning her..minutes later she gave up after much struggle.
Jessica crawled slowly to a tree, breathing hærd and holding her chest..her eyes scanned fast around as her heart hit hærd against her chest, she could almost hear it..she rested her head on the tree and held onto her leg which had a slight scratch that she got while running.
She shouldn’t have agreed to this in the first place, she was tricked and deceived at the expense of her friends life..she was gonna end up this way, something deep within her told her so and she just wished it wasn’t true..there are still so many things she wanted to do with life..especially now that she’s still young, she so much wanted to live.
She heard a gentle growl before her, she looked up and met with the bodiless scary thing..she almost jumped out of her skin as she yelled, stood up and took to her heels..
She hid behind a tree, making sure to keep her breath steady so the zombie won’t notice her, she faced back and saw Diana’s scary lifeless body..she held her mouth tightly with her palm, squeezing in the scre-m that was about to escape..many tears fell from her eyes as she slowly bent down and looked at her face..the big slash in her forehead, the huge h0le in her heart and the teeth bite and torn flesh almost made it impossible for her to be recognized if not for her necklace and hair..
Jessica slowly stood up and tiptoed away, she had moved just few inches when she came across Fiona’s body..she fell to the ground then stood up almost immediately, the sight was too horrible..her chest also had a h0le, same h0le with Diana’s and a teeth bite was on her neck..she also looked so dried and lifeless..Jess held her mouth more tightly, almost injuring her tender l-ips..she whimpered silently as the sweat stuck her hair to her face giving her heavy goose bumps..
She heard the growl again..she faced back and saw the zombie she stood up, fearfully found her
feet and limped away trying to steady her numb legs..she ran for few minutes, looking back at intervals..
She heard the growl I’m front of her and scre-med as she saw the zombie in her front, she made to turn back but she stumbled and fell..the zombie swiftly got on her and bit her neck, she yelled and tried to push it off but she got weak as it had s-cked some of her blood.
Jillian slowly left Brianna’s swollen body alone, she had seen her floating in the river..her stomach was big and her body parts we’re swollen…obviously she had had too much drink..
Jillian heard a voice from one direction, she swiftly stood up.
“Jess!” she exclaimed with wide eye as she ran to the direction, praying silently that Jess was OK.
She finally found her on the ground and the zombie on her, slowly squeezing life out of her..she reached for her phone in her Jean pocket and switched on the flashlight then pointed it toward the zombie..
It slowly vanished away after letting out a gro-n..Jillian ran to Jess and held her hand..
She was gasping for breath, the h0le on her neck was really deep and big that Jillian was almost sure she wouldn’t survive..
“je…Jess” she called in tears, taking her hand in hers.
“J-ji-ji-” she said with difficulty in her voice..
“I-i’m so sorry, ji-jillian” she muttered almost inaudible…
“Jess..we’ll get out of this soon, I promise I’ll find help” she said almost not believing her own lie.
Jessica stretched her weak hand and touched Jillian’s cheek, she slowly rubbed them with her index finger, wiping her tears.. then smiled weakly.
“It’s too late..ji-jill..I-i-i won’t sur…vive” she stammered slowly and Jillian shook her head.
“ Jess, you will I won’t let you go just yet Jess..I want to save you” she said and touched Jess hand on her cheek.
“I’m sorry Jill..I-I don’t de-deserve your tears..I don- I don’t deserve you either..ah..I’m not…a, a good friend Jill…” She paused trying to catch enough air
“What are you saying’re my best friend and I love you so much..please don’t leave me” Jillian cried slowly car-ssing Jess hand on her cheeks..a tear dropped on Jess palm.
“It’s all over Jill..ev-everything th-that’s happening is all my, my fault…I can’t ma..make nec-necklace..I want you t-t-to have it…remember me even tho.. i-i’m not someone t-to be remembered” she stammered.
Jillian saw a zombie coming close she flashed her light toward it and it vanished.
“’ll make it, I assure you..just save you breath..
“Do it for me..for us, for everything we shared together..please” Jillian cried.
“You’re a go-good friend Jill..yo-you have to live, you can’t die here..Fiona and Diana are both’re both dead and very soon I-I’ll join them…yo.
“What..Fiona and Diana are dead” Jillian asked unbelievably and Jess nodded slightly..
“Ah!” Jess gro-ned painfully and Jillian held her hand slowly squeezing it.
“ have to live..yo-you..” her voice trailed off as her breath became even..slowly fading.
“Live..Jill..l..” her voice went down as her hand slide down Jillian cheeks and fell to the ground.
“Jess!” Jillian exclaimed shaking her gently..but she didn’t stir.
“Jessica” she called shaking her more violently but nothing..
“je..Jess” she muttered gently kneeling beside her.
“Nooooooo!!!” she yelled trembling..her voice echoed..
she plunked to the floor, crying her eyes out.. she cried more for what could be mistaken as hours..
She looked up, the moon was slowly fading..she was the only human in the forest now..her friends are gone.
She slowly lifted Jess head and took of the necklace, she squeezed it in her palm and stood up..she walked away, slowly tucking her phone in her pocket..she glanced at Jess once more, whimpered and walked away..
She walked to a log of fallen wood and sat on it..reminiscing on the past event.
She’s all alone here..not sure if she’d survive or not…not sure if there’s hope for her or not.
She doesn’t even know her way.
She faced back and saw a zombie trying to come to her..she quickly flashed her light towards it and it disappeared.
She stood up and started matter what she has to get out of and fast.
She stopped swiftly when she saw two zombies floating towards her, she turned back to run but saw three more also floating towards her.. she took her phone and searched for the flashlight, her trembling hands swiping swiftly..
the phone dropped from her hand and fell down a slope after fruitless effort to get it..her heart rate increased..
She looked behind her and saw the zombie approaching..she faced front and also saw the zombie who were now five also approaching her..almost so close to her..
A tear she squeezed the necklace that still laid on her palm.
She’s gonna die
No doubt.
How’d you see this episode? 
To be continued… 
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