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Circle, Accra Episode 8 – 9

Circle, Accra
Episode Eight
Chief’s bedroom was one to behold, Femi felt like a sheep being taken to the slaughter, she was about sleeping with her father’s age mate.
She sat on sat into one of the Chairs in the room, still clutching onto her bag, she wasn’t so sure weather she’d given to Chief.
“I see you are nervous and confuse, Shuga told me you’re old in the game but I don’t believe her. Tell me, have you done this before, work as a night stand? Chief asked
Femi: No, no Sir
Chief: Then why are you here, did Shuga send you to rob me, or strangle me to death with a pillow?
Femi: Oh never, she never told me to do any of that, I swear Sir
Chief: If you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll let my bodyguards out there, numbering about five, I’ll let them take turns in raping you till you die, and I will feed your body to my dogs, I’ve done it many times, and you can be next.
Femi: This is my first time, I swear, I didn’t even want to do this, I just want the money
Femi was almost in tears, Chief locked her up in the room and left her to cry, He went out to his bar to pour himself a glass of red wine, smiling to himself, and He felt like Femi was the best person he could use to destroy Shuga.
Back at Vienna, Tequila had just return from her run and was seized by Shuga’s bodyguards, she was taken into this dark room where Shuga uses as a torture room, Tequila was tied into a chair, and her mouth covered to prevent her from shouting.
Minutes later, Shuga stepped in, looking furious and looking straight into Tequila’s eyes, Tequila looked all confused, she was trying to know what she has done wrong, she also knew it has something to do with Femi, her mind wouldn’t betray her on this.
“Look at you, I took you off the street like a dog and gave you a life, and this is how you pay me back? Tequila? You f****ng betray the hands that feed you? You good for nothing b***h” Shuga said.
Tequila: Madam, I have done nothing wrong, please, I have been loyal and you know that, why have you brought me in here?
Shuga: You f****ng told that stupid Nigerian girl everything about me? And what I do? You told her to negotiate her commission with me? What the f**k were you thinking?
Tequila: Shuga, why would I do that, I brought you the girl, I never told her anything about you, or about the job, I wanted you to explain everything to her.
Shuga was not taking any of her explanations, she held her throat and scratched her face with her fingers, she spat into her face and instructed the guards to rape her till she passes out, the guards, well built, numbering about Seven, stood in line with their members, ready to grope Tequila.
“And hey, Bulldog, make sure you finish her off with trace” Shuga instructed
Back at Chief’s, Femi was restless, she tried calling Tequila but no answer, she tried Shuga’s line, but it was busy, she went to the door and started banging it hærd whilst begging for Chief to let her go, Chief sat in his favorite chair sipping on his drink and enjoying the wh0le show.
Shuga was greatly financed by Chief, she was taken from one horrible Lebanese man who maltreated her, Chief took her as a house help, then a s€×ual partner, she was later introduced into the game by one Liberian lady who took her to Mexico, there, in Mexico, she peddled drugs, worked as a pr-stitute before she came back to Ghana to start a night club. Chief bought the place for the club, he also furnished the club and acquired everything needed, Shuga did little in bringing up the club, but she has grown too powerful to the extent that, she had threatened Chief on numerous occasions.
The best way Shuga will get to eliminate Chief was hook him up with a girl, a girl who will gain her trust, and later eliminate him, or get eliminated she fails to carry on the plan. Shuga was grooming Femi for that, Femi was new, and she would easily get into Chief’s head, but Chief is not an easy take down, He was also planning on using Femi as a bait to bring down Shuga.
Chief had tried this many times, but the girls just fail him, Shuga too tried her best, but Chief always throw those girls to her bodyguards who devour them in turns.
After hours of sending Femi through near purgatory, Chief unlocked the door, Femi was drenched in tears and started begging Chief not to harm her, still on her knees, she crawled towards him, but she held her hands and helped her to her feet.
Chief: Look, I wouldn’t hurt you, I know you are new to this, and I wouldn’t hurt you
Femi: Then please let me go, please na!
Chief: I will let you go, but I have an offer for you, if you can do that for me, I’ll make you rich, I know that is why you came to Ghana here
Femi: Offer? What offer, yeah I came to Ghana to get a job
Chief: pr-stitution is not a decent job you know that huh, I am going to give you GHS5000 right now if you accept my offer….That is about N334,315 if am right
Femi: Whaat? You will give me all that money? Just to accept an offer
Chief: Yes, and there is more and more to come if you do things right
Femi: Tell me, what is this offer you are talking about here?
Chief: Bring down Shuga
Femi: Whaat? That woman is like some kind of witch, how on earth am I going to do that? And besides I have never done anything evil to my fellow woman
Chief: I will help you do that, you necessarily have to kill him, just prove she’s dirty, the police will grab her and that is it
Femi: Like a detective?
Chief: Exactly, look, she’s on the police radar, but there isn’t enough evidence, but I know she is dirty, I brought her from abroad and made her who she is today, she’s trying to get rid of me, but I have moles at her place who brings me Intel, I’ll take you through what you will do to get her arrested or killed
Femi: I have to think about it first
Chief: Good, go think about it
Femi left Chief’s place and went straight, Chief had given her GHS2, 000 instead if the initial amount, she went to check for Tequila, but her place was locked, it was unusual of her, Tequila should be home by now, she tried calling her but it was not reachable.
“Maybe she’s still in the bushes”, with this, she went into her room to get some sleep
Chapter 9
It was noon when Femi woke up from sleep, she stayed on the mattress with her eyes fixed to the ceiling and trying to reminisce what had happened at Chief’s place, she remembered the cash in her purse and quickly checked on it, she wasn’t taking any chances now, you don’t know who wants to rob you, even her family witches in Warri can steal the cash in an interested way.
Checking on her phone, she didn’t get any call from Tequila, and she became disturbed, she called Tequila’s phone but the number was still not reachable after the third try, she put on her robe and went to check her kiosk space and it was still locked, she went to ask one of Tequila’s friend Blakk, who almost knew every move of Tequila if she’s not at Vienna.
Blakk: Omo Naija, you look prettier in your raw face.
Femi: Look Blakk, abeg not now, you see Tequila anyway, adey search her since last night but she never dey pick up her calls
Blakk: Oh never ooo, she didn’t come back from work last night, maybe she went to visit her mother or something
Femi: Mother? Tequila has a mother?
Blakk: Yeah, her Mother stays in Lapaz, but she wouldn’t tell you, like it’s for her mother’s safety, especially from Shuga or whatever
Femi: Oh okay, she never told me about her, but try calling her yourself, she might pick up
Blakk: Oh, but yesterday, a gentleman came to look for you ooo
Femi: You mean the guys who own the Restaurant back there?
Blakk: Yes
Femi: I’ll get in touch with him later
Blakk: And hey, I like your English, how are you able to switch from Naija pidgin to English without much traces of the Nigerian accent?
Femi: Hahaaa, you are funny, I’ve got to go
Tequila was raped till she passed out, she was lying unclad on the bare floor with bruises all over her body, from where she was, nobody could hear her scre-m, locked in a dark cold room, sore body and bloodshot eyes, she lay there, waiting for the rounds of bullets to penetrate her near dead body.
Bulldog is Shuga’s most trusted bodyguard, she would do everything for her, He has killed many people, gone to jail countless times, pushed drugs for Shuga, but he kept something from the prying eyes of Shuga, his secret affair with Tequila. Killing Tequila as Shuga has instructed him to do was too difficult a task for him to execute, he watched the other guards rape Tequila, he administered to punches just to make sure no one suspects anything, but then he told them to lock her up, he will come clean the mess up when the club is des**ted, he wouldn’t carry a dead body out when people are around. When the place was empty, Bulldog emerged from the dark room with the supposed dead body of Tequila wrapped in a bed sheets stained with blood, he threw the body in the booth of the car and sped off to where only heavens knows.
Few minutes after Bulldog had left, Shuga pulled up at the car park, she asked the guards outside
“Have you cleaned up the dirt”?
Guard 1: Yes Ma’am
Shuga: You sure? Where is she?
Guard 1: Bulldog cleaned it up, he’s gone to dispose off the dirt
Shuga: Alright
It was getting to sundown and Tequila was not yet back, Femi had tried her best but to no avail, he went back to Blakk to see if she can at least ask for Tequila’s Mum’s contact, just to be sure, maybe she went home to her mother
”Errrm, Blakk, where did you say Tequila’s Mum stays? Femi asked
Blakk: Look, I promised and swore to her never to say anything, like never…
Femi: Look, I have not heard from her the wh0le of today, and it’s strange, her phone is off and I don’t know, what if something happened to her?, you have to help me find her Blakk.
Blakk: You know the work she dey do, she be ashawo, maybe she dey some customer body dey enjoy…
Femi: Look, Tequila wouldn’t do that, there are somethings I can’t tell you for now ok, just tell me where I can get in touch with her Mum.
Blakk: See you ooo, you sabi say know Tequila pass me? Abi you too you be Ashawo, so you for barb the job well, relax okay, she go come home.
Femi was now helpless, Blakk was not going to sell out Tequila and share with her where ti find Tequila’s Mum, then she thought again, what if she’s not at her Mum’s place?, or she’s really in bed with a customer as Blakk has told her…Maybe yes he’s right, He knows Tequila better than she does.
But why did Blakk refer to her as an “Ashawo”?, for Christ sake she has not laid any man yet, and people in the ghetto have already tagged her an Ashawo?, is it because she’s close to Tequila, or because she visits the club every night?…And was she ready to accept the fact and live with it for the rest of her life, in Ghana.
She went back into her room to take a short nap, but it was disturbed by a call from an unknown number, she wondered who it could be, she does not have friends, and only Tequila, Shuga and maybe Chief were those who dah her number, she picked up anyway
“Hello beautiful”, came the male voice over the phone
Femi: Yes, helooo
Voice: Sorry to interrupt, I have been trying to get in touch with you, but sorry I had to get your number through an illegal way
Femi: Get in touch with me, sorry, but who am I speaking with, am not really used to people trying to get in touch with me using illegal means, you know it’s illegal
Voice: Sorry, I’m the guy who came over to your place yesterday, Blakk might have told you I came over your place
Femi: Yeah he did, and you are the guy in charge of the Bar right?
Voice: Yes, call me Nedd
Femi: How did you get illegally get my number, and why have you been looking for me?
Nedd: I got it from Tequila, and I just want to be a friend, just that
Femi: Tequila never told me she had given my
number to you, and I will have to think about it, the friends thingy…
Nedd: Ok, why don’t you come over to the Bar, we could grab a couple of drinks. Deal?
Femi: Mmmm, call me tomorrow morning to confirm
Nedd: Alright, stay safe
Femi fell back into her bed, she sighed and shut her eyes tight
“I can’t find my friend, and someone is trying me to get into my p-nts? God Ghana!
To be continued……..

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