Clash Of Interest

Clash Of Interest – episode 12



The next morning in an unknown area and location. The three woke up in the early hours of the morning, as they set to motion in their preparation for the upcoming mission. They had earlier texted the General, their location and informed him of their present position. He had told them that the helicopter would be there in the next six hours from the moment the call ended. They quickly had a quick shower and got dressed in a black and black attire, with the inscription of a sabre toothed tiger drawn at the back of their uniform, and a black jungle booth to match, they looked quite gorgeous in their attire. Jack brought out a brief case and sprayed its content on the terrace floor as knives and darts, ranging from flicking knives to pen knives of different sizes, he ins**ted countless number of knives into a knife chamber that was glued to his cloth, he equally placed some in the space made for knives in his penciled trousers. He wore a watch he picked from the G squad armory, and twisted it as it which gaseous fumes that expanded across from the wrist watch. “I good condition.” He said as he brought out his .45 special and squeezed the trigger as it radiated across the mannequin, blasting off its arm. He smiled and put it back into the backpack and closed it. As for Jane she was going through her sniper rifle to make sure it was in a perfect order, when she was through she brought out her bow and pulled its string and it was firm, she nodded and dropped it.. “Good to go.” She said and twisted the bezel of the ring in her hands and an explosion was heard. She turned the M9 rifle and clicked its safety catch, she turned and fired at a shooting gallery in distance, as it struck the s₱0t that she needed. Frank was swinging his sword, quite skillful as he replayed his feinting skills to its extreme as, Woo!! Woo!! Sound could be heard in the air in any swipe of his sword. Two sword were fixed at his back, placed in a scabbard at his back and they formed an X axis in his back, he brought out an SMG and placed it in his backpack with daggers coloring all the hidden parts in his macho body. He brought out different instrument for his espionage activities and placed all in his pack. They all picked a red jacket and a red baseball cap as they simultaneously carried their weapons to the awaiting helicopter. They neatly filed into the helicopter as he blade of the chopper spunned in an enigmatic manner and took off in the air.

“We are 220 kilometres from the designated s₱0t, hope all ways are cleared? Over!!” Frank who acted as the pilot of the helicopter shouted into the line. “All ways cleared, waiting for your signal of arrival. Over!!” The computer operator said from the other end. “Moving at the speed of 80 kilometres an hour, we would be there in two hours, and with our current speed, we might fly over the exact s₱0t. Over!!” Frank said. “No qualms we would be in tune for the signal. Over and out!!” The operator said and the line went off. They all kept mute as each and everyone kept their distance, thought raced as they were all occupied with their differed thoughts but all in the same direction. Moments later they arrived at the boundary, where they met an agent of the G squad, who helped clear them out and they were giving the permission to cross the border. The agent took over the piloting of the chopper, since the helicopters use has come to an end. Suddenly the line went on as the voice said.
 “All cleared and dusted. Wish you comrades goodluck. If you need any help, you know how to contact us. Over and out!!” The helicopter stood directly above “THE CAPE OF DEATH FOREST” spinning its blade ferociously as i on a war of dominance.


The agent by name Kelly turned to the trio and smiled quite sadly, before he pressed a button and a ladder made from hærd fabrics tunnelled down. “Here we come to the end of the road, help do us proud, remember, if you need additional, hand in the cause of your mission, do not hesitate to call on us for help.” Agent Kelly said. “Thanks comrade, we would do and as for the additional help, that remains pending.” Jack said as they all gave agent Kelly a side hug and carried their backpack and went down the ladder. They climbed down and turned entering into the forest. The helicopter suddenly trembled as the fan started circulating and voom it went off leaving them to their fate. Suddenly Jane felt a red light flash over, being a sniper, she had an eye for sniper and could detect one easily. She came out of view and stood her ground as she felt the red light from the sniper move from her forehead down to her wa-ist side, she suddenly dived away in a diving crotch as a pew!! Sound of a sniper silencer gun sound hit a nearby tree, as the bark of the tree scattered. She cuddled behind a tree and spoke through her earpod. “Be careful a sniper man is mapped on guard at a place be rest assured i will take him down.” Before she had already spoken Jack and Frank had already hidden, because a visible enemy is better than an enemy you cannot see. They only nodded and said nothing in response. She came out of view and waved her hands in the air and the red light flashed at her, she rolled away as the man fired another shot and brought out a bow and ins**ted an arrow and shot it straight at a tall tree in a section of the forest, she watched as the sniper fell from the tree and crashed to the ground and heaved a sigh of relief. “All over you can make your way out.” She spoke out. “Roger that, but since there is a sniper, then there must be others manning the coast, we got to thread carefully and with caution. As Jack was still speaking, they heard a low shuffle in the forest and they quickly took cover. They were still in hiding when they saw about, nine tough looking men, with a rifle in hand stroll into the place. “I heard a noise here.” One of the guards spoke in an Arabic intonation. “O yes, i heard it too, and the man up there said he saw a movement here.” He said referring to the already dead sniper, who’s death they were oblivious of. After making sure that no one was there, they all turned an left the part of the forest. As one of them was walking away, he saw Jack’s exposed part of his shoe and made to investigate closely. When Jack saw the man, he became tensed up as he saw the approaching man. He picked up a stone and threw it at a corner and man’s attention from Jack’s s₱0t was severed and he looked away and started walking towards the corner, where he heard the sound, he looked around and saw nothing, he made to turn but Jack was fast enough to snap his neck, the man lay lifeless as Jack dragged the dead man’s corpse and hid him at a corner. Jack whistled out and Frank and Jane came out from their hideout and hurried towards him. “We got to be on our way now, from the look of it you can even see that even the external part of the forest is fraught with dangers.” “We need a safe area in the forest to pitch our tent and prepare our next move and the place got to be around a stream, i badly need a bath, i feel suffocated.” Frank said. “Ok!! Jack said and brought the map and a compass given to them, we have a place a bit far from their target and quite a serene Area, with a flowing stream, it is located south, lets be on our way. They all followed the southern part of the forest and with the direction provided by the compass, they moved deeper into the forest, filled with danger and uncertainty.


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