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Clash Of Interest – episode 14



Frank sprinted towards the base of Abdulrahi’s hideout. On his way he saw one of the patrolling vehicle speed pass him and he hid away. Considering the distance and the want of time he had to find a means to be at the base in no distant time. As if by miracle a truck probably heading towards the cave drove by as the truck emitted gaseous content. The truck was carrying some things masked with a tarpurlin. He hopped in immediately the vehicle made to speed pass him. He hid under the tarpurlin used in masking the various things they carried. He opened a section of the tarpurlin and saw various guns, both dynamites, bombs, and others too numerous to mention. Frank only nodded, because he had an inkling about the wh0le affair, when he saw the appearance of the truck. When the base was in sight, Frank got ready to exit the vehicle as he could tell from the high wall that was in front of them, that could even challenge the walls of Jericho, he crept down and hid behind a towering tree. “Whats the situation at the entrance of the base?” Frank asked Jane through the earpod. “Fifteen guards mapped on guard with a layer of twenty yards separating each.” She replied. “How adept are their vigilance and surveillance power?” He asked. “Some are halfway through wonderland and some might barely be said to be considered alert.” “Roger that.” Frank said and equally called on Jack. “Agent Fury as you can hear from our discussion, im at the entrance to the base, about to make my way in.” “I got that.” Jack said.

Frank ran two steps to the right and five to the left and rocketed himself into The air, he pulled out what could be likened to a gun and mid air, he pressed on the trigger and tiny, but very strong rope wrapped around mid air as it circled firmly and held tightly unto an object in,side the building, with the help of the rope, Frank ran on the wall, reaching the end of the wall, he front flipped and landed gently in,side the base. He looked around an could make out various buildings scattered around the huge base. He looked around and saw the situation and guard in like manners as Agent K2 told him. Then suddenly a voice resounded in his ears. “Agent Rugged, follow the northern part of the wall.” “Got it.” He said under his breath. He turned and followed the direction indicated by Jane, alias K2, he would hide or duck behind, whenever he sees a guard. He walked a bit and deviated to the southern part, he brought out a tracker, a bug, a tiny one at that, and planted it at the ends of the wall..

He hid behind a wall as he saw three guards on duty and they were wide awake Not knowing how to by pass the guards, without drawing their attention, so he picked up a rock and threw it at the western part of the wall, The stone made a slight noise, but the vigilant guards picked up the sound and two of them went to check on what caused the noise, left with one person to tend to, he gently sneaked pass him into the building with his face masked. He entered the first room and it was an office filled with files, he planted the bugs in strategic places and left the room for another, dodging at intervals if he, he found any guards checked in. He had planted all the rooms including the computer room that they operate from with the bugs. He made for the section where the toilet was in, he slipped into the toilet and planted the bug on the ceiling and made to turn, when his eyes came into a direct eye contact with a guard, the guard stood in shock as he couldn’t even raise raise his gun to fire or raise an alarm, as Frank chose that moment to take action, Frank arrowed himself in the air as hi fist came crashing at the neck region of the guard completely severing the vocal cord of the guard, the guard slumped to the ground dead straight into the floor. Frank felt nauseated as he hated killing in such a manner as it was bloody and a dirty style of killing, but he wa out of option as that was the fastest mode of silencing, the guard forever. He looked at his fist as blood tickled from his hand glove. He cleaned it on his cloth as he dragged the dead guard to a place in the building, where he felt it was hærd to find out and made his way out of the building for another. When he was through with his mission for the night. He scaled through the wall through the help of the rope, without the notice of the guards, because he chose the place where the guard was low to land on. His figure faded into the night as he made his way for their tent, for the next strike.


Jane was all along on the tree, viewing the wh0le happenings in the exterior part of the base, with her sniper enhanced lens. she viewed the first guard, who stood weary with signs of sleepiness on his face. She viewed past the fifteen guards and saw the retreating figure of Frank, as she trained her eyes at him, she viewed back to the guards and suddenly felt the urge to kill them all, she felt a jolt of anger and unhappiness that nearly made her feel woozy untop the tree. She controlled herself, but the intent to kill was still there. She removed her mind from such a thought as that would jeopardize their mission here and it would sure have a backlash on them. she saw Frank leap over the huge wall. She knew her own side of the mission was already through for the night, and she climbed down the tree. And made her way out in the dark.

 * * * * *
 The three assembled together as they digested all the information that Frank delivered, Especially on the truck filled weapons and the notion of him killing a guard. “As it is now what do you suggest we do?” Jack asked no one in particular. “The dice is cast and we really need to act fast, because in no distance time news will reach the upper echelon of the base about the guards unknown source of murder and who killed him and you know what that means? It means the news the security Will get tighter coupled with the unlimited weopon supply accrued to them.” Frank said. “Yes, u think that’s the way out, because before tomorrow, the news of the guards death would be news head in the base.” Jane said. “Hmm!! I thought so, I never imagined, this wh0le thing going like this and this wh0le impromptu affair will likely affect our led down plans,but in all. we strike tomorrow morning.” Jack said. “That’s great.” Jane said. “Okay by me.” Frank supported. “Then we adhere to the plans again, do not shift from the plans, unless situation forces you to have a change in action. got that?” Jack asked. “With all pleasure.” The duo echoed in unison. “Then so be it.” “Jane your attack mostly will stem from afar, because you are more adept in distance range attack, you will have to help I and Frank make our way into the building and when you feel the coast is clear, you can make your way in. we need your barrage of attacks to make our way in there.” He said looking at Jane. “About entering the underground, where Abdulrahi, is that would be determined by sheer luck because the wh0le event concerning this man is what I can’t make a head or tail about, but if we can strike a major blow on his man power cane arms power, that would be enough to put him and his men in check, for a while.” Jack explained. Frank looked at Jack wistfully and said. “You know that the wh0le mission revolves around you and there are many hidden enemies who you have stepped on their toes and are ready to have their own pound of flesh.” Jack sighed and said. “Something must kill a man, even if I die in the course of this mission, have done a merriteous service to my country, even if I die in my twenties or hundred years of age, it doesn’t make a difference. It only bothers me on those i might leave behind.” He said looking at Frank and Jane. The two looked away as emotions hanged up in the air. “I will be outside, if you need anything, check me out.” Jack said and left the tent. Jack sat on a rock atop the stream throwing pebbles into the running stream. His face a shadow of pain and sadness. His thought went far as his mind flew in different directions, thinking out the possibility of him having anything to do with this Mr. P, having Roy as an enemy is normal and he could at least a way of dealing with him, but this Mr. P, was someone he couldn’t just lay his hands on. He continued throwing the pebbles into the stream as he was lost in the world of his own. He continued without knowing when he slept off.

 *. *. *. *. *
The next Morning the three gathered as they were already prepared for the battle ahead, they were all clad in their normal attire, of black and black all through. They held hands as fighting spirit could be seen in their speech and actions, totally forgetting the war that awaits them. “The presumed day is here and we all are gathered, to wipe evil from the earth, we gather to protect our country from the hands of desperado’s. Even if we perish in the course of this mission, we sacrifice to protect the millions of lives and property, we sacrifice to make our country the all man’s land. If there be any one of us who returns alive, let him or her make sure our respect, we deserve is meted out to us. We all should stand firm and lift the banner high and please try staying alive for a living mouse is better than a dead lion.” Jack said out with his eyes firm and undaunted. “We are the squad and we fight for justice.” They echoed. “The good always over comes evil in all ways, with oneness we conquer all.” Frank said as he strapped his backpack to his back. Jack looked at Jane and walked towards her and said. “No matter what happens always know that after God you are next to my heart. No matter if I return or you yourself returns the few moments we spent still rings a bell in me.” Jane only smiled sadly and nearly broke down in tears as they hugged each other. Jack pulled and said. “Remember when things turns chaotic, you know what to do right? Jane nodded and the three walked out into the awaiting hands of uncertainty.


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