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Clash Of Interest – episode 15

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. . . The three made their way as planned, Jane pitched her tent in a very tall tree near the base while Frank and Jane made to scale through the wall. “Take out the guards.” Frank said. “Roger that.” Jane said as she viewed past the guards to ascertain their number. She was alarmed when she saw that the number had increased exponentially fifteen thirty. “It seems the news spread too fast, the number has increased a double fold.” Jane said. ” As expected, that’s just show off.” Because they might still be in confusion, on what happened.” Jack said. Jane fixed a silencer to her as she shot out in quick clean shots, and all a well calculated headshot, that within a period of two minutes the whole thirty guards were all dead. “Executed, you can make your way in.” Jane said. “Nice job.” They said as they made their way into the base. Immediatlely they were in, they ducked at an area, as Jack brought out a minipod and they viewed the inner part of the building with the minipod they saw, five guards Manning, the entrance from the West and equally from all angles. ” I think, we separate ways here but adhere to the instructions and Agent K2, change your position.” Jack instructed. “I got that.” Frank and Jane said. Jack moved West while Frank moved east and Jane equally had a change in position. . . .

Jack moved in a quiet and cat like manner towards the other entrance of the building. He saw a man standing a few metres from him and crept up behind the man, he threw a knife at the man and he fell noiselessly, he jumped over the man’s corpse and made to proceed, when two guards, stumbled upon him, his reaction at first was that of shock, but regained his composture. The guards braced up and attacked him, the first guard made to shoot him but Jack held firmly unto the butt of the gun and they struggled for the gun. The second guard stood in confusion not wanting to mistakenly shoot him. The man clicked at the trigger and the bullet splashed into the wall, the man continued until the magazines were spent. Jack gave him a headbutt and he lost his balance, the other guard dropped his gun and ran towards Jack, when he was close by, Jack side stepped and clubbed him with the other man’s gun, on the neck making him to hit the back of his head to the hard surface as the sound of broken a bone skull could be heard, killing the guard instantly. Jack turned towards the other man and saw him about to press a button and threw a knife at him, the guard paused as the knife hit him in the back, and fell on the button and hell was let loose as the whirling of alarm sound could be heard, which signifies danger whirled sending reverberations through the whole base. ” fvck we are done for.” Jack muttered under his breath as he realized what happened. The alarm from the button alerted the other guards and the whole base that they were under attack and they started to troo out in torrent’s to know the cause. . . .

Frank pulled out a dagger and flinged it at an approaching guard, he didn’t bother hiding as he made his way forward, he threw out two daggers at once as it hit two guards, he drawed his sword and swinged it at an approaching guard, cutting off the guards gun wielding hand, the guard cried out tragically. Frank quickly rolled away as a man suddenly opened fire from behind, Frank hid behind a tank stuffed to the brim with sand. He was still hiding behind the tank and the guards piled up in number as they were attracted by the gunshots and the sounds made. They were still firing at the tank were Fank was hiding, when they heard the sound of the whirling alarm and they all stood on guard. Frank himself was surprised and sent across a message. “Agent Fury what is the situation over there?” Frank inquired. “The situation here is dire. They have been alerted of our presence.” Jack said. “shit.” Frank spit out I’m despair. “Terminate all threat and make your way into the building as fast as possible. I repeat terminate all threat and make your way in as fast as possible.” Jack voiced out. “Will do that.” Frank said. Frank immediately flashed out from the tank and the guards opened fire on him. He drew his sword and used it to wade off the bullets as the sparks from the collision of metal could be heard as clang!!! clang!!! sound filled the air. . . . .

Jane silenced all the guards she could have her sight on from her position. She noticed that the guards were now in a state of confusion as they were running around and taking cover unlike before. “What’s the situation there?” She inquired from Jack. “The situation here is quite near the breaking down zone, they are now informed of our intrusion.” Jack said. “That confirms my earlier suspicion as I saw the whole place in pandemonium.” Jane said. “Yea, that’s the current situation we are in. pipe low for a moment, will get back to you.” “No problem.” Jane said. . . .


When Jack was through speaking with Jane, he came out from his hideout and the men started shooting at him. He rolled away as he used the wall as a shield, even at his bid to escape, he still killed some of the guards with darts and knives. He launched two darts towards two advancing guards and it carried them clean off the ground, with their forehead stuck with the darts, they lay motionless. The men continued their fire on but all to no avail as none touched him as he came diving jumping and ducking in all acrobatic forms necessary to dodge the bullet. Seeing an opening he attacked the men suddenly, he lunged a hook punch at the nearest guard and followed it up with a right jab to the chin and the guard bent double, he used the guard as a pivot, and marched on his back and leaped up high in the air and delivered a drop kick, with his two legs wide spread at two guards, he quickly intercepted a kick as he rammed his fist into the guards mouth as blood and teeth flew out of his mouth. He threw a knife at a man trying to sneak up behind him. Seeing he was wasting time, he twisted the bezel of his watch and gasses spewed out, filling the place with gaseous smokes. when the smoke was cleared Jack was long gone. Jack ran into the first building as he quickly eliminated the threats at the entrance and made his way in. He paused when he heard a gentle but swift movement behind him, he turned immediately but he was too late as he felt the weight of a gun pressed to his back and quickly freezed. “You son of a bitch, why don’t you turn round as the gentle man you are and remember no funny play or.” He left the threat hanging midair, still placing the gun on Jack’s back. Jack turned slowly as he faced the man and from the man’s appearance he could tell that the man was one of Abdulrahi’s lieutenants. “Answer my question correctly and I would prolong your death a bit.” The man by name Agent Lucas said, with the smile of a successful hunter. Jack raised his two hands in the air after he dropped the two knives he was holding to the ground. “And what is that ?” Jack asked nonchalantly and with a wide grin. Jack knew Agent Lucas long ago, he is an American, an American Yankee precisely, that could be seen DA he prefers Tommy guns.. Jack came across him once in the “COUNTESS MIRIAM” mission in Canada, to retrieve the packs of stolen diamond from the “COUNTESS GANG”. He is an agent under the C.I.D. “I need information pertaining on why you are here.” He asked. “Hahahaha!! do you really wish to know?”Jack said in a laughter filled with mockery. Unknowingly to the agent, Jack had formed a ring with his left hand’s, head finger and fourth finger , still maintaining his upraised hands and directly forming the ring at the man’s forehead. “I can see you are tired of living.” The man said and made to shoot Jack, but Jack said immediately. “How would you feel having a bullet lunged into your brain?” Jack asked. “That’s quite impossible.” The man said laughing aloud. “Then you asked for it.” Jack wasn’t through with his speech, when a bullet from an unknown source rammed into the man’s forehead through the opening in Jack’s hands knocking Agent Lucas dead. “Ouch!!! that hurts.” He said as he looked at the distant Jane and smiled as he flinged his finger due to the force and the frequency the bullet used in passing through his fingers. . . .

Jane was doing her job of killing all the guards she could set her eyes on, when she saw the danger signal from Jack, she quickly searched for him at the western side of the building and saw him in the inner part of the building, the image she could see from the wall was quite blurry as she could only see their skeleton. She saw a skeletal hand upraised and a skeletal hands pointing a gun like figure at the former. She could tell that the man raising his hands was Jack. she saw the opening he made with his finger and she set her sniper view at the ring, Jack formed , she saw Jack nod and she quickly pulled the trigger and watched as it went past Jack’s finger and rammed into the man’s forehead killing him instantly. “Thanks for coming to my aid.” She heard Jack say from her ear pod. “All for you Agent Fury.” She replied. “I think you should be making your way up here.” Jack said. “I will be there in a nano seconds.” Jane replied.

Frank repelled the bullets shot at him as sparks from the clash of metals radiated across. He moved forward as he knocked the bullets away. He front flipped mid air and booted one of the guards in the chest. He did a backward roll as he felt a sweep kick come his way. He stood up and the guards circled him, not wanting to waste much of his time, he threw his sub machine gun, as the light sound of a clattering SMG could be heard as he sprayed the bullets at the guards, he rotated mid air and spun the gun in all directions as the slug hammered into the chest and bellies of the guards and they lay dead. Certain that all the guards were dead, he made to leave but his eyes caught a movement at a corner, he brought out a dagger and threw it high air, when the dagger was about to land, he swiftly kicked the holding point of the dagger, the dagger rotated as it cut through the air and landed at the corner, that he felt the movement, a figure crashed out as he cried in horror and pain, the endless pain of having a dagger stuck in his eyes, accompanied with the unbearable pain drove him gaga. Seeing the pain the guard was passing through, Frank being a professional Agent decided to use the euthanasia method.

NOTE: Euthanasia method is a way of reducing pain or trying to kill a person in a painless manner to reduce suffering. Frank pulled his gun and fired a shot straight to the man’s skull and the man straightened up immediately, there was no need to confirm that the man was already dead. Frank immediately made his way to join Jack inside for them to make their way in in search of the main base Abdulrahi resides.


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