Clash Of Interest

Clash of interest – episode 16


She took one last view through her sniper and made her way down, she packed her weapons into her backpack, and brought out her bow and arrow, with her M9 rifle, she made her way into the base. The route was clear as she could see occasional bodies of the dead guards in different positions, with some parts of their body missing. There was lesser dangers lurking around unlike before, she sprinted forward and suddenly paused as she detected a sound, she could tell that five men were approaching from the sound of the foot step.
“Not much to worry about.” She said and continued walking forward. When she was close to them, she hid away and placed an arrow to her bow and shot it out, it struck the first guard on the neck, she ins**ted two arrows and both out killing the two guards. The remaining two paused as they saw their comrades drop dead without telling where the assault came from.
“Confused?” They heard a female voice and turned to behold Jane with her bow in hand.
“Without waiting for a response, she shot the remaining two dead with her gun and made her way in.
She walked a little distance and made to take a staircase that located downwards, but paused when she, haia feeling of deja Vu and turned around to meet her worst nightmare.
“K2 we meet again, it has really been a while, we both crossed each other’s path. Truly enemies do cross each other’s path.” The new comer said with a smile that radiated across her beautiful face, that can make kingdoms and make a nation bleed, her beauty could be, one that even the most faithful husband can’t resist, just with a blink of an eye a newly married man would hand back his marriage ring their at the altar to the priest because of her beauty.
Jane said nothing as anger and indignation brewed in her.
“Of a truth we meet again Fox, but you might not be as lucky as the previous time.” Jane said as hatred clothed her voice.
“I knew you would be here.” The lady known as Fox said.
“Thanks for knowing but it all ends here.” Jane said and attacked the lady.
Frank made his way over to where Jack was. They looked at each other and smiled.
“We are progressing.” Frank said
“Yea, so far, it seems easy, I can’t tell for the rest.” Jack said.
“Man be optimistic, not being a pessimist.” Frank reposed.
“The last time I checked there is a clear difference between being pessimistic and being cautious, I’m only being cautious, that’s all.” Jack defended.
“If you say so.” Frank said.
They turned and hurried down the staircase that went downwards. They walked for long and couldn’t see a thing as they could only see lines of wall around, with no door. They walked for a long distance and saw nothing precisely.
They continued searching until Jack out of frustration hit his foot on the ground and they had a slight noise made underneath the ground, which signified a space under the ground.
Frank and Jack looked at each other and they knelt on all fours and were giving a light knock on the ground, they continued for a period of time, until Frank hit at a s₱0t, that made a little quaking and he immediately pulled the tiles like object out to review a secret passage way underneath.
“I think I have found the way.” Frank said. Jack came forward and saw the trap door that led to the secret passage.
They made their way in, when they came in they saw that it was a tunnel and the place was void of light, they pulled a torch light from their backpack, they traversed across the tunnel.
When they walked for a while, they saw a ray of light upwards and slowly made their way out.
They hid behind as they saw men mapped in strategic points on all sides, with wicked looking guns.
“This is not a matter of sneaking in or hiding, we kill our way in and mind you they are well trained than the other guards out there, so be careful.” Frank said
Frank moved away without replying Jack and moved to a corner away from Jack and whistled.
The whistle caught the attention of a guard and he moved to know the cause, when he was near Frank quickly grabbed at him and knocked him unconscious. Jack threw two knives at a time and two guards dropped dead.
“Just the appetizer let’s strike.” Frank said and they pulled their guns and they started with their massive killing.
They both backed each other as their guns blazed, many of the guards dropped dead, on the combined attack of the duo.
A guard threw a grenade at them, immediately it hit the ground Jack knocked it away with the butt of his gun, the grenade blowed up mid air, sending Waves of dust towards Jack and Frank, they used their hands to cover their face as they continued firing.
When most of the guards were dead, they moved forward.
They came to a building a building made of stone and no doo, they couldn’t make their way into the building. They placed their hands on all part of the wall but no sign of the entrance.
The went into hiding when they heard the shuffle of a feet approaching.
A guy came forward and looked around to know the if there was anyone around but found none, he went and pressed a secret button that couldn’t be seen with the unclad eye, immediately an entrance formed from the brick wall and it opened.
The guard made to enter but Jack quickly approached the guard, the guard saw him and was shaking.
“Who are you?” The guard asked Jack in terror.
“I’m Jack the ripper.” Jack said and immediately snapped his neck. He signalled Frank and and they made their way in. They stepped on an elevator and it carried them down to the down floor. Jack immediately sent a message across to Jane.
“Maintain your stand anywhere you are, don’t bother, coming along, we have mad our way in, activate planB immediately.
“I’m in a serious situation here, I would do that when I sort things out.” Jane replied from the other end.
“Ok, be careful.” Jack said and concentrated towards the lowering elevator. The elevator finally reached it’s destination and they alighted.
Immediately they alighted, they heard a soft clap from behind as it created an echo that resounded through.
“Wow!!! What do we have here? Jack? You know it’s been a long time you know.” The voice sounded through. Jack turned to know, who it was it was and saw two men, one was an agent who he could irrefutably recognize no matter the situation, it was agent Roy, but the other gorilla like man at Roy’s side, he couldn’t tell, is that the Mr. P? Jack thought. Jack suddenly had a sense of deja Vu, when he saw a wicked looking scar run across the man’s neck region as recollections hit him”Is it really him? No!!! He is long dead.” Jack thought as his mind whirled. But all the man’s features merged with that of the man in his street days, though not looking younger, but still energetic.
“Poison?” Jack asked to confirm.
“Yes but Mr. P now. Surprised? I expected that. You should see the look on your face.” He said.
“How come?” Jack asked.
“Quite a long story but I’m here to kill you, I have dreamt of it all year long on how best to kill you.” He said flexing his muscular biceps.
Jack only watched as he saw the deep scar running down poison’s neck as thought filled his mind.
“So that was the so called Mr. P he offended. A man he had racked his brain to know, was this Poison standing here. That he enervated his mind all because of someone he thought to be already dead.
Agent Roy looked at Frank and said, Rugged it seems, we are the ones left, let’s determine who leaves here alive, but mind you even if you succeed in killing me, you are still gonna die, because my boss is invincible.” Riy said and threw his sabre.
“We shall see about that at the appropriate, now is our time.” Frank said and threw his two swords.


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