Clash Of Interest

Clash of Interest – episode 18

Jane gave Fox a knee to head kick and she slammed to the ground. She
kicked Fox on her belly furiously and Fox spilled blood from her mouth,
she held onto her stomach. Fox slowly got up to her feet as she was
highly enervated.
“Enough!!!” She yelled and made for Jane, she flinged her finger and
needles numbering in tens went for Jane. Jane seeing the upcoming
threat twirled around mid air as she manoeuvred her way past the
needles. Fox threw another set, which had multiplied by two to her and
equally attacked. Jane constricted her eyes, as she saw the threat she
was facing, it was better to receive a kick from Fox than have those
needles touch her, because they are highly toxic and poisonous. She took
a dangerous dive and upon landing, did a forward roll and front flipped
in like manner, she landed in front of the approaching Fox, she whirled
downwards to avert the flying kick, poised by the approaching Fox and
suddenly cleaved upwards with a bicycle kick, which caught the airborne
Fox at the head section, making her loose momentum mid air and fell in
a heap.
“Fox you are getting weak.” Jane said smiling and picked up her bow
and ins**ted an arrow into it and said.
” From childhood, we had been great companions , we were best of
friends and grew to pursue the same goal of being a recognized figure,
but you chose to betray me because of Jack . yea, you first saw him, but
love doesn’t emanate from, who first saw but what the heart tells. You
tried all you could to garner his attention, you thought that beauty could
buy you all things, but that proved wrong in Jack’s scope. We
surprisingly fell in love at first sight, you pretended all was well,without
knowing that you were a devil reincarnate. You swept all the secrets,
love, affection, we had under the carpet. and abandoned me in a tight
corner at the “MISSION FOR REVOLUTION” in France, when I was heavily
injured to fight common enemy in their hundreds. If not for the shelling
of the F.B.I I would have been dead. To make matters worst you joined
a group of recidivists to torment your own country, a country that fed
you, watched you grow and gave you hope.” Jane said looking at the
heavily injured Fox, who sprawled on the ground as blood spewed from
her mouth. Fox only smiled and said.
“If you can’t beat them you join them. Do you know, what it took for them
to make me agree? I am a walking corpse with a bomb implanted at my
spinal cord, if in anyway i try to betray them, I would be blown to
pieces.” Fox said.
“I know you too well, whatever you are not bent on doing, no Jupiter
would make you succ-mb to that. So that showed you willingly signed
up for it. For betraying me I might forgive, but for the thousands of soul,
you guys killed, and are crying unto heaven for retribution I forgive not.
For my fellow comrades who died in the course of this mission, I forgive
not.” She said and fired an arrow straight at Fox neck. Fox was too weak
to react as the arrow penetrated her neck. Jane shot out another and it
rammed into her forehead, she finished it up with a shot at one of her
eyes. Fox lay motionless as what remained of her was a bloody corpse.
Frank landed heavily with his back to the wall, as he got up very weak,
holding unto his already bleeding arm. Roy gave him a flying kick, he
saw the kick coming but his legs were too weak to react as he was sent
flying about a yard away. Frank managed to stand up and smiled. Since
his days as an agent, he had never been cornered to such a person, as
he placed in pedestal in the espionage world. Even Jack had not
managed to beat him to such an extent.
Roy paced up to him and thr-st his sabre forward, Frank rolled to the
left, while Roy followed up with a high kick, knocking the sword away
from Franks hand. Frank stood up. They battled as the the fight became
a one sided fight, with Frank fighting empty handed against the sabre
wielding Roy. Frank received another cut on his th-gh, which sent him
limping in pains, Roy thr-st forward again and it narrowly missed
Frank’s neck. Frank quickly utilised that moment of Roy not being on
guard to stab him with a short knife that he hid behind, that he his on
his bayonet. Roy staggered backwards as the burning pain surged
through his body, he held onto his bleeding stomach Frank ran and
skyrocketed himself up and gave him a tornado kick knocking him to the
terrace floor. Frank not minding that he himself was wounded,
straightened himself up mid air and delivered a spear, which sent Roy
tumbling mid air.
“Don’t you think it is pay back time?” Frank said as he himself knelt
down and blood spewed from his mouth. He went for his sword and
picked it up, he approached the kneeling Roy who was already battered
in blood, with head faced downwards.
“I hate to say this but you are simply too strong, your type deserves
death.” He said and decapitated his head. Roy’s beheaded head rolled on
the ground, with his eyes wide open.
Frank took one last look at him and turned to restore himself to his
Poison choked Jack mid air, if that was fourteen years ago it would have
been different, but the present Jack had grown both in strength and
knowledge over the years unlike street times, he instinctively kicked
Poison on the groin, Poison grunted not minding the heavy pain still
gave Jack a chokeslam before kneeling down. Jack landed heavily
against these he felt hid brain, tingling and millions of unorg-nized lyrics
sang out in his brain. He got up, looking at Poison and said.
“Even at hundred a fool is always a fool, you might be all bodily huge,
but brain and knowledge reigns supreme.” He said knowing that his full
aim was to infuriate Poison and make him act without caution.
Poison yelled and ran towards Jack, with full speed, Jack immediately
slid down as his two feet knocked at the running Poison’s two legs,
sending him flying without control and he landed heavily. He got up his
wh0le face colored in anger, he ran towards Jack again. Jack only shook
his head at the sheer stupidity of Poison attacking without calculations,
he equally ran forward and leaped up in the air, he landed on poisons
shoulder with his two knees and rammed the back of his arm and
slammed it at Poisons head, he jumped away from the falling Poison ,
who crashed to the ground. Seeing that Poison was on his last leg, he
walked towards him and said.
“For the pain you caused me in the street take this.” He said and threw a
knife at Poison which plunged into his chest.
“For those you extorted without cause take this.” He said and threw a
knife at that very point he previously threw a knife at on his neck.
Poison looked at him with anger and hatred.
” ohh!! you even have the nerve to look at me in such a manner.” Jack
said and threw two knives which pierced into his two eyes. Jack pulled
his .45 specialized and fired sporadic shots at poison.
Poison’s body convulsed at the IMPAC of the gun a and crutched onto
his already blind eyes.

“I don’t kill my enemies with mercy” Jack said and moved forward.


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