Clash Of Interest

Clash Of Interest – episode 19

They opened a door that which led to a spacious and magnificent palace filled with splendor and glory, here they saw the man they were looking for as, he sat crossed leg, with eyes closed and pressed away at a piano, with a book placed on the piano. Frank looked around and saw piles of books on a book shelf and fixed his eyes at one, which says “THE CRAVINGS OF THE SUPERNATURALS” They walked closer and were stunned with what their eyes met. They stood in bewilderment and shock at the appearance of the assumed Abdulrahi the great.
They walked towards him, when they were about a yard away, Abdulrahi, suddenly opened his eyes, to view a handsome and young man. They stood in shock. His handsomeness was more of a feminine beauty. From the beginning of their assignment their expectation was to see, a middle aged man and not such a young man as them.
He smiled and sat up, equally speaking with sparkles in his eyes.
“May I be buttered and sugared for consumption if it is not the one and only Agents from the G squad.” He said with a smile.
” Cut the crap, who the hell are you?”
“Some do call me their doom, some call me the taker of life, when in it’s sweetest, some call me Mayhem. Too many names that I have lost count. He said with a smile planted on his face.
“Enough of that.” Frank said as opened fire, with his S.M.G gun on Abdulrahi, Abdulrahi only smiled as he continued walking towards Frank with the bullets bouncing off. The look on two’s faces were that of shock and confusion. Jack threw knives at him, but they were repelled as if he was wearing a rebouncing shield. He continued smiling and when he was near Frank, he got hold of Frank’s gun and kicked him. The kick was so powerful that he was sent flying mid air, while Jack was dumbfounded. Jack immediately rushed at him and made a round house kick but Abdulrahi stood still, without any show of pain or moving back an inch, he grabbed at Jack with the speed of a speed boat and raised him above his head and threw him up mid air and when he was near landing, he kicked him away, Jack flew away like a bird and rammed his back to the ceiling. They were both in pains as they were equally surprised at such display of supernatural strength, his slim and feminine feature doesn’t connote with the out of the world display of strength.
“I’m Abdulrahi, the great, no one has ever seen my face and leave to tell the tales. But since you have succeeded in unravelling that mystery that hung on for legends. Consider yourself lucky dying by my hands. ” He said and walked towards Frank and held on to his neck, he raised him up and gave him a chokeslam, which sent Frank flying as he fell on a shelf and it repelled him, sending him crashing to the ground, Jack brought out his . 45 Special and fired out the bullets hit at Abdulrahi’s back but dropped off, Abdulrahi ran towards Jack not minding the bullets, he jumped up high into the air and came with a drop kick, Jack dodged with the slightest luck, dropping the gun in the process. He picked up Jack’s gun and fired quick shots at Jack who was lying on the ground, Jack performed a circ-mvulation curve and the guns made their way pass him, without as much as touching him, Abdulrahi continued until the safety catch clicked empty and he swinged the gun at Jack, the gun moved at an alarming speed, which not be seen with the unclad eye and lugged into Jack’s face, sending Jack summersaulting mid air, upon landing he threw up lumps of blood from his mouth and weakly lay on the ground.
Abdulrahi turned towards Frank who was on the ground, he walked towards him and when he was near, he picked up Frank’s SMG which lay ownerless on the ground and said.
“I would kill you for the stupid agent that you were. There is a practice of killing known as knee capping, which centers on bursting your knee cap, before I’m done with bursting your knee, you would be pleading for me to end your miserable life. “
He pointed the gun at Frank’s knee and squeezed the trigger, Frank side stepped and the bullets whizzed past his legs, he made to fire another shot at Frank’s knee, when he felt a movement behind him and he shot out, the bullet caught the approaching Jack in the laps and he slumped down.
Jane turned from Fox and quickly activated the planB, which was calling on the G squad for reinforcement. ‘Senf a helping hand Jack and Frank have made their way in search of Abdulrahi, and the guards are still piled up here. Over!”
‘Will do over and out!!” They said from the other end.
Abdulrahi walked towards Jack and picked him up, he carried him shoulder high and threw him at a huge door, which swung open at the impact of Jack’s weight. Jack was unconscious as blood flowed ceaselessly from his wounded laps. Frank himself was not having it good as Abdulrahi approached him, Frank made to fight at him but Abdulrahi sprinted towards him and his brain became blank, as he received a kick which sent him flying into the already opened entrance. He crashed in and was a knee of surprised to see that the place was a laboratory, without all sorts of chemical properties around. Abdulrahi gallivanted in and smiled saying.
“I’m a demi-god among humans, indestructible and all powerful. Be happy to die by my hands. ” He said and approached, Frank in a bid to silence him forever.
” Wait! Wait! I have a question.”
“What question? ” Abdulrahi asked.
” What can then kill you? I know to all your powerfulness there must be a looph0le.” Frank asked.
“Hahaha!! That’s quite a crucial question, but since that’s your last wish, I shall answer that. “He said and paused. ” The secret to my weakness is all present for you all to see, but mortals are too naive and hot blooded to notice. I’m a man who has the Monopoly against all instrument of violence. Only the adamantine sword can kill me , because that is my source of strength. ” He said laughing maniac manner.
” So that is it.” Frank said he as he smiled in regrets
” Yes” he said and approached Frank for the kill, when a voice shot out.
“Yes you are a man who has the Monopoly against the instrument of violence, and your only weakness the adamantine sword, but don’t you think that even at the absence of your weakness you can still be killed through other means available. ” Jack who was believed to be unconscious spoke out. Abdulrahi turned towards him, with his eyes burning in anger and made for Jack. Jack signalled Frank. He himself Jack immediately picked a bottle from a table and threw it at Abdulrahi, Frank immediatly threw out a dagger, the dagger and the bottle clashed in front of Abdulrahi and the content spilled on Abdulrahi. Abdulrahi paused as he felt the liquid splash all over him. In no distant time the acid in the bottle set to work in Abdulrahi’s body, as his flesh burnt and corroded away in the same manner with acidic flames. He felt no pain as his skin burnt away. Frank quickly picked a bottle and flinged it towards Abdulrahi. Jack with his last strength threw out a knife and the bottle and knife equally clashed in front of Abdulrahi, as the flame was re-ignited ten folds. Abdulrahi knelt down not minding the pains, he was continued laughing.
“Do you think you would make it alive here? Hahaha!! This building is set on self destruction, immediately I’m dead it would start it’s count down of five minutes. ” He said still laughing. ” We all shall die here. ” He said and killed himself.
Frank was dumbstruck as he understood the full implication of what Abdulrahi said. The building was going kaboom!!!! In the next five minutes and Abdulrahi was already dead. How can he escape with the already half dead Jack. He walked towards the agonized Jack and said.
“Jack please endure for a while, we shall make it out alive. ” Frank said and made to carry Jack.
” No need bro, I heard it all, leave without me so that you can make your way out easily. I only ask for one favor, take care of Jane for me. ” He said with a pain filled smile.
” No Jack don’t say that, we are making our way out. I can’t leave without you, what do you expect me to tell Jane? “
” We all know that we shall die for a particular course, just go.” Jack said, with the wh0le place filled with his blood.
” Noooo!!!, I’m not leaving without you.” Frank said as he, looked at the count down which only had thirty seconds left.
Jane was outside the base, when she had a loud explosion and saw as flames went up like a volcano. And that was the building Jack and Frank went into. She tried connecting them but no reply . She knelt down to the ground as tears filled her eyes.


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