Clash Of Interest

Clash of Interest – episode 5

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General Kelly, was a man in his early fifties, he served as a soldier, not until, he served in the post of a General, before he decided to retire and set up an espionage org-nisation, which do help him garner information from different sources. He is a man in the dirty side of baldness and was a big man, but had no pound of flesh, his muscles bulged in his every movement,

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 “sir, Agent Rugged is here”. Came the voice of the secretary. ” Let him in please”. He interjected. He rushed in immediately and was surprised to see Jack and Jane. “Wow!! The house is already full”. He whispered. “Why are you late Agent Rugged?” came the baritone voice of General Kelly. “Sir, i was delayed in a traffic jam, on my way from the mechanics” he replied hastily. “Okay, pardoned. But be always make time your priority.” he advised. “hi Jack, wow!! Mrs. Jack is also here, things must really be getting serious.” He said mischievously. Because he knows he normally gets in a stumble whenever he tease Jane about their relationsh¡p “you son of a gun!! Can’t you see we are in for something serious, won’t you just for once shut the hell up.” Jack countered. “Hi Frank,” she replied Frank with a sweet smile. “Hi Jane” he said and turned towards Jack and said. ” hey johnny. Why don’t you just let me land before butchering me?”
That you are one of my best agents doesn’t imply you being stupid and callous, i don’t tolerate vulgarity of any order here. Its high time you get that into your head and i don’t tolerate any sentiments here, your respective offices and house can serve that purpose” General thundered. “i sincerely sorry sir.” Jack apologised. “im sorry sir. We all do make mistakes Frank replied.
 With a smile known only to him. Meet:


 ” you guys better be.” but courtesy demands that you should behave politely, when in a formal gathering”. General advised in a mellowed voice, which was in sharp contrast with his initial start. General Kelly adjusted in his swivel chair, “you know every of my summons usually are so brief and i don’t send for more than two of my agents in any assignment, but in this case i will be needing the three of you for this assignment, so that you can make a very strong and formidable team.

 As information gotten from very vital source, which all of you must have gotten wind of. The mafia lord who had been on the run from the watchful eyes of the CIA, CID, KBS and from the watchful eyes of the government”. He paused and glanced at each and every one of them as if ascertaining their moods and continued. ” and to make matters worst, came to reside in a forest near Nigeria with his packs of hoodlums and criminals but highly trained dogs of war, with his lieutenant overseeing their affairs, where he had built his base, and most of the org-nisation that tried nabbing them, had in a way or the other lost fine agents if not the best of their agent to this course, with a h0le on their fore head and an adamantine sword which is their symbol death.” “you know why i summoned you, so would like you to give it a try. On going out my secretary will fill you on the necessary data for the mission and remember be careful because i don’t have agents to waste. Im engaging you on the task because if any immediate action is not taking, he would pose a problem not only to Nigeria but to the world at large” noted?” he ended up asking. “Yes sir!! They all chorused “when are we starting?” sir Jane asked. “you start now and make the necessary plans and counter plans. “yes sir”. “you may go now”. He said with a tone that showed he was done with them.

Jack stood fifteen metres from the shooting gallery, with an headset slung over his head, as he shot sporadically at the gallery aiming at the bull’s eyes, which he shot out with amazing reflexes, despite the distance, he managed to get it in neat shots. 
“wow!!” He exclaimed under labouring breath. “So im still quite good with my shooting skills, not minding that guns are not my fort.” He smiled and swapped his weapon to a flick knife, which he flinged carelessly and watched as it its target perfectly. Covered with sweat, He turned around to take a breath, and immediately ducked and flipped as myriads of arrows flew past his previous position, he was on, he turned around and was a bit shaken because, he couldn’t find the archer who did it. He stood transfixed and was lost in thought and was standing in a sentry manner thinking. “Who was playing such an expensive joke on him? He suddenly had a brainwave. 
“That should be no other than an arrow shooter.” He muttered to him self and the only arrow user was Jane, he smiled and was already on the look out for her. As he turning to a corner, his ear stood up in a wolfish fashion as he detected a sound of a sling pull and grinned as he did a backward roll as arrows, whooshed!! Past him and embedded firmly on the wooden door adjacent to him. “Jane, i assume that’s enough.” He said as he huddled towards a corner.
 “No, sweetheart, i love it when you are out of your wits.” She replied in a voice filled with amusement. 
“Okay, enough while don’t we trash it out with our fist?” Jack shouted. “Sure you are so thick skinned.” She laughed amidst speech. “A male trying to fight a lady, didn’t they teach you respect for women?” 
“Okay, then.” Jack muttered and charged out like a wild bull. And ran towards Jane’s hideout. She was jolted out of her speech as she saw Jack running towards her and she dropped her bow and rolled away from, the charging Jack and stood on her feet smiling.

 “You are such a baddass Jack.” i knew were just looking for a slip on my part to make your move and when you felt i was occupied with my ranting, you went in for the kill.” She laughed. Flashing her crystalline set of teeth. “You know this is supposed to be a sort of training and you are making it look this serious, if i had not turned swiftly, i would have been a long forgotten figur.” He said angrily. “Enough, if you don’t face dangers as serious as this during tutorials, then how are you to cope in the real face of danger.” “Im already cool, but still pissed off at you at you sneaking up on me, what insolence!!” he gasped. 
“That’s an element of surprise, attacking your enemy when he least expects, remember the words of your instructor.” Shred said. “yea, i have that over a million times from that old monster.” He replied. “Enough of the talk, lets get down to business.” She said running towards him and leaped up in the air as she delivered a drop kick with her two legs, which he dodged with a barrel roll on the ground and the training continued.

To be continued

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