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Clash Of Interest
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That was all then, Jack smiled, the man really changed him for real and for good, making him the dream of all women and the envy of all men. His name rang bell in the ears of all that heard it in the jungle world and sent fear running down the spines of those who had witnessed his prowess. Harry, now general Harry, helped Jack into the world of action and where strength and talent, brings one to limelight. Jack was giving an opportunity by general Harry to go back to his parents, but he rejected, with a firm resolution to run back to the street, if he was taken back to his parents, with the excuse that he preferred being in the street than staying with such unruly parents. Harry thought him several skills and moves, that Jack could learn at his tender age, making Jack a phoenix among his age mates. At eighteen (18) years of age, Jack was flied to Russia to enhance his taekwando skills and build his mind for the work of an agent, he had wished to be right from the day, he saw Harry defeat Poison’s group. He had been on his best right from the moment he stepped his foot on the martial art academy, making a name for himself. He had learnt feinting and the use of guns at all levels, but his obsession with knives and it being the first weapon he used in taking a life, made the knife his fort and companion weapon and his main combat power. He was quite good in the others, but for knifery, “permit me to use that word” but he was an overlord in it.

“Hey man what are you thinking?” we have real business here and you have nothing doing than whiling away your time in wonderland.” Frank rebuked Jack. “Sorry man. Just a kind of reflective that’s all.” Jack apologised. “Whether being reflective or not i Don’t give a hoot, just be in your best behavior, the secretary is on his way here.” “Sorry i forgot.” Jack said smiling stupidly. The door opened, revealing a lanky man with a very neat appearance. “Good afternoon Mr. Mike.” They greeted in unison. “Away with the formalities.” He replied casually but full of smiles. “You know your main mission here, but i would like to throw more pointers here, because it mighty come in handy in your assignment. This is not the worst or the most critical assignment you have been involved in, but this particular job requires critical thinking, because you are a team and each everyone of you have their personal differences.” He looked around his eyes moving from each one of them to make sure that it was sinking before, he proceeded. “That is all procedures, the main reason you are called is to tell you a few things, about the organisation and how they operate. It might surprise you that the place of refuge of this men are well built houses, surprisingly for a house built in the middle of a forest. The walls are high and can’t be infiltrated or easily scaled across without accurate targeting, im just saying in passing. He brought out a sword, which can only be perfectly recognised by an agent with years of experiences. That is their symbol of death and a bullet hole in the forehead to show their prowess. Take note it will really be very important and pivotal to your mission ahead, because they might be used as an ambush.” The buildings are all secured with numerous trained armed men, the main building is situated under the ground.” he illustrated pointing down the sword “And that’s were Abdulrahi himself resides.” he said. As he was speaking he got a signal from the ear pod that was fixed firmly in his ear. He rushed over to a laptop and pressed a few button and his expression changed and the video played out in the full view of Jack and his comrades. Shocking the daylight out of them.


Mr. Mike clicked on the icon and a voice resounded in his ear, from the earpod. “its one of the news sourced out pertaining to the mission at hand, and the perpetrator has sent the news viral for the masses consumption.” the computer operator said. In the video played from the footage sent. A lady was tied upside down as she was placed between heaven and earth, with two chains tied across her leg, making her hang loosely in the air. A wild bull was unlocked from its cage, it twirled around in anger, sniffing the air violently as it emerged, upon the lady the wild bull went berserk and rushed at the lady, that was hanging mid air. The lady shrieked in fright as the bull rushed at her, she tried spring out of arms length, with the chain that was on her leg, but it seemed mission impossible, as she still hung loosely in the air with only her hand shaking. The bull rushed at her and plunged its thick horn into her chest, the splatter of blood could be seen as it covered the screen of the laptop in a dramatic manner, the lady gave a choking cry as blood rained in torrents from her chest, the bull moved back a little and rushed at her again and gored at her belly, it continued with its assault, until the lady was a bloody mess hanging helplessly and lifeless in the air, with pain radiating across her already cold face. A man came out to the view of the screen. Jack felt a jolt when he saw the man, but couldn’t make out his face because he covered it with a mask. The man let out a maniac laugh and brought out a saber and flinged it, and watched as it cut through the rope and the lady fell in a heap. The man came out in view and pointed a gun at the lady’s forehead and released a clean shot, that lunged deep into her skull, but she did not make, as much as a finger since she was long dead. The man began. “To the people of Nigeria, this is just the beginning, we will rain havoc and cause disarray, in this country of yours. This is just the prologue, why don’t you also have a view of this.” He raised his hands and a man whose face was concealed by a handkerchief folded in a triangle manner, tied across the bridge of his nose down to his jaw region, dragged in one of their captive and exited. The former man continued as he got hold of the man that was brought to him and said. “Call us militants, we are not one, call us sadists we don’t give a damn.” He said as he fished a knife from his bayonet that hung loosely on his waist and held it at the man’s throat. The man in question was already too weak to resist and just stared helplessly. He slashed at the man’s throat, he continued with the slaughtering, until he cut through the man’s until the man was decapitated. . The murderer continued smiling until the footage was cut short. Jack and his companions were still watching in shock and disbelief at the level of impulsiveness and wickedness exhibited by Abdulrahi’s men. “Whew!!” Jack sighed. “This organisation really needs to be demolished the ground, war is brewing and the country will suffer heavy losses if nothing urgent is done to remedy the situation.” Jack emphasized. “This is just a tip of the iceberg, many act of wickedness and cruelty, here have long been their mode of operation. You guys got to be careful and mind you, he recruited most agents, who are in the same line as yours, and it might be agent you have had a life and death battle with during your previous missions.

That reminds me, it is rumoured that Abdulrahi has three dwarves, who are in his pay roll and they work for him, one is a necromancer, the other is a wizard, while the last, is a seer. They are from Ghana and Cameroon respectively and they are quite powerful in their respect. Abdulrahi himself is adept at occultism and mysticism, although his name s a house hold name, his real face had never been seen, since all this quagmire all activities are performed by his deputies, as he is into seclusion, for years. Mr. Mike explained. The three agents were still absorbing every bit of his words and trying their best to digest all.. “You know all this spiritual activities are not recognised by the force as they view it as non- existent, but hey i tell you comrades they exist, so do be careful on your plans and take safety precautions. Thanks guys i will take my leave. And don’t forget to go to the armory for your different weapons of choices. Mr. Mike said as he exited the waiting room.


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