Clash Of Interest

Clash Of Interest – Final Episode


She totally lost concentration and all her toughness vanished into the thin air, how do she cope with this? No! No! That’s impossible, Frank and Jack do perform miracles in matters like this at the eleventh hour. She was lost in the world of her own that she failed to notice some guards sneaking up behind her, and equally guards approached in their twenties from different directions and angles, two made to shoot at her, when an explosion occurred. Jane turned immediately and heard the boozing of a helicopter, she turned and saw, three helicopters with there respective pilots in it and equally three different agents, one for each helicopter. She smiled and got up, she moved away a bit as the sound of bazooka continued it’s assault on all the guards, it could lay its bloody hands on, sending explosions of high velocity and tearing the bodies of the men into different segments.
           The helicopter landed when they were through with the guards and felt that the coast was clear. She sallied forth towards them and had a hand shake with them in turns.
“What is the situation out there?” Agent Xerxes who handled the the bazooka asked.
“The condition Frank and Jack are in is still in question, heard an explosion from the building that they went into and that was the last i heard from them, i tried connecting them through the ear pod, but it eas unreachable, that shows that even if they are alive, they are in a sort of quagmire.” As she was still speaking, she saw Agent Xerxes mouth coil up in a smile, she turned around and saw, Frank in a distant carrying Jack across his shoulders staggering forward, with his face ashen. She lost all decorum and ran towards Frank with the speed of light, Frank on seeing her, totally lost all his forbearance and fell with Jack to the ground. She arrived and saw that Frank still had a bit of consciousness but Jack had totally lost conscious and was in a state of coma. She was in a state of fright and said immediately.
“Agent Xerxes and league there is a situation here, please hurry up and help out.” She called on to the already approaching Agents, they rushed down with two stretchers and conveyed Frank and Jack into the different helicopters and some precautionary treetment were meted out to two to still keep them going for the time being.
       The helicopters levitated as it swung its metallic blades in a circular motion and maintained a constant hooming sound as, they sailed of towards home. When they were about twenty kilometers away, Jane pressed a button and the buildings in,side the basement, made way in an explosion as they were razed to the ground, with no sign of accommodation but wreckage.
                       TWO WEEKS LATER
Two weeks later, Jack and Frank were now in a better position, Frank could move around and club with friends which was his normal routine, but Jack still had a bandage slung over his th-gh as a result of the wound from the gun shot, but that didn’t deter his movement. They were giving a two months of leave to get themselves to their peak. They now look more refreshed and more gentle manly in their looks and no more blood lust, as associated with killers.
“No! No! Im not leaving without you.” Frank said and made for Jack, he carried the already unconscious Jack over his back in a desperate manner and as luck would have it, Frank saw a button lying beside the almost cremated Abdulrahi, he was too desperate to care and made for the button like device and pressed it. The button made a beeping sound and the ground made way, throwing both Frank and Jack into the ground beneath. Immediately they fell into a tunnel like place underneath, the explosion occurred, they nearly went deaf from the explosion, the impact shook Frank’s wh0le being, not minding that it was an after effect of the detonation. He had braced himself up and carried Jack through the tunnel to the point, that he had met Jane.
“So that was how it came about.” Jane said out aloud.
“Yes that was how we narrowly escaped.” Frank said.
        GUESS WHAT?
Frank and Eva are now together, their love play started when she visited Frank in the hospital and as if by orchestration their love soared, they are already seriously engaged. Do you think that Frank is capable of appreciating her and won’t flirt around? Well let’s leave that to fate.
Jack and Jane are getting married in two months time, im inviting you. R.S.V.P, Rice and stew, very plenty, Lol.
The trio, Jack, Jane and Frank were recognized by the president of the country and he had them conferred with the honorary award of MFR, an acronym for, Member of the Order of Niger and equally with the prize of ten million naira each and the title of Friends to the President was giving to them.
The G squad in recognition of the popularity and national recognition they gained through the activities of the trio, in agreement from the hierarchy of the org-nization, promoted them to the post of Super Agents.

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