Cleopatra – episode 11

A story by Goldie

Did she just say “mother-in-law, no, i guess i’m hearing the wrong word, and moreover who could shd be dating? Definitely it’s not Reign!

I dressed up in a white shining suit, i looked at the mirror to check out the the ‘handsome me’, Wow! you are so handsome, i stepped out of my room, Cleo must be waiting for me
“hey big bro”Jada said

“hey Punky”i said

“don’t you dare call me that, anyway, i’m not in the mood for you, where’s Cleo”she said

“um…she’s downstairs”i said

“oh…she must be lonely, you know she’s a very shy type, and why would you just leave her?”she asked

“(chuckles) leave her?, buh, i need to freshen up, and she said ‘she gets it'”i said

“hmm, whatever, but… when a girl said she gets it which means she doesn’t get it at all”she said

“oh…it’s not that way, how do you even know abt that”i asked

“coz i’m a girl!”she said and rushed downstairs
I rushed downstairs, Kylie is proposing a toast, the question is “WHAT TYPE OF TOAST?”

I don’t just know what’s wrong with me, i feel uncomfortable. Kylie continues her toast
“Once Again, This Gathering Is A Great Honor, And… Every Gathering, There’s Alway Something To Share, It’s A Great Pleasure, That… The Allens And My Family Will Soon Become One…*Perfect Silence* What I Mean Is That, Reign Allen And I…Will Be Getting Married Soon”

Oh no! this is impossible, this can never happen, no no

Everyone Gave A Loud And Cheerful Applaude
Kylie Continues Her Toast
“And By The Way, I’m Pregnant, And This Pregnancy Will Be The First Grandchild In The Allens’ Family And…My Family, Thanks”
Kylie dropped the mic as everyone claps

I began to shed tears, my heart was pounding like a quake, i couldn’t resist my heartbrake, i fell on my knees as everyone moved around cheerfully, congratulating Kylie and Reign, including their family. Reign was frozen and shocked, i could tell from the look of his face, i thought he felt like he made a big mistake, i can’t resist

I feel on my knees, all i could do is seeing people walking to and fro cheerfully, i can’t even hear a single word, it was like i’m in a high frequency wave, i held my heads with both of my hands, then i saw Jada and Mason approachin, i was abt to collapse, until they held me tightly against the floor

JADA:C’mon Cleo, everything is gonna be okay

MASON:Yeah, Cleo, everything is gonna be okay, let’s drive you home

I felt physically unconscious, Jada and Mason drove me home, they knew i wasn’t feeling okay, Jada pet me like a baby, i don’t have to cry, i won’t, i won’t, i’ll never, i love Reign, he’s such a jerk to do this to me

No this can’t be, IT’S ALL A LIE! (i yelled), Kylie approached me like a goddess
“you don’t have to worry my dear, it’s over”she said and walked away

Hmmm…finally, my Plan A, is successful, now, time for Plan B, hahahaha, I AM KYLIE, she and her family won’t stand a chance of survival

I was laying on my bed weak, i could barely hear words, but, i’il never injure myself all because of what happen, i should be blamed because i fell in love.
I woke up weakly, i walked to the sitting room and saw Jada lying on the sofa, she wasn’t completely asleep, i sat on the sofa and rested my back, i recalled what happened, i sobbed bitterly
“Don’t tell me you are crying”Jada said sitting upright resting her back

“Jada, i’m heartbroken”I said

“C’mon, Cleo, i didn’t expect you to believe all that, you should know Kylie for her attitude”she said

“No Jada, Kylie can’t lie confidently, she can’t lie right in front of your family and her family”I cried

“Oh Cleo, don’t be like that, we still need some investigation dear, i’m pretty sure it’s all FALSE”she said

“I don’t think any of these can convince me, it’s just that i’m giving up”i said

“oh c’mon, ok fine, don’t you trust Reign? that’s the question, do you trust him, answer that question before taking any steps”she said.

Oh gosh, i feel on top of the world now, now i must think of the success of Plan B, can’t wait.
I held a glass of wine in my hands smiling broadly, then suddenly Reign approached me with a might anger, he hurled me to the wall
“what the HELL do you think you are doing? huh?”he said furiously

“aww! Reignie, you hit me on the wall, that’s too much”i said forcing tears out of my face
Mrs.allen rushed at us
“what the hell on earth are you doing to her”mrs.allen said as i faked more tears

“Reign was forcing me to abort his baby’s pregnancy, how could i?”i said forcing more tears out of my face
Mr.Allen approached us also

“what??”Reign exclamated

“Reign why would you say that, are you out of your mind!”mrs.allen yelled

“Reign, i’m highly disappointed in you, i expect you to be happy with the pregnancy”mr.allen yelled

“Dad!”Reign yelled

“Don’t say a single word, YOU ARE GRINDED, i don’t whether you are an adult, i don’t f-cking care”mr.allen yelled.

“grinded? me? what’s all this fuss dad, i’m an adult, and you can’t do that to me all because of false case, believe me dad, i never did nor say anything, dad, mom believe me, Kylie has always find a way to track me down”Reign said

“blah blah blah, you are grinded, for a week, actually, i rest my case”mr.allen said and left with mrs.allen holding Kylie gently, as Reign kicked and punched the wall hærdly

I got to my room, then my phone rang
“hey mitch”i said
“hey Kylie, mission set, yet to be accomplished, we found the target, and your sister-in-law is with her”he said

“well…i prefer they die together, i don’t care, she chose her side, well, make it coded, the property is owned by Allens, and mrs.allen is currently interested, be fast as possible, show no mercy!”i said and hung the call, and smiled to myself placing my phone on my chest, now i’m gonnj take everyone down, including those who comes my way, i’ll be the queen of my empire, the allens are all going down.

Jada and I were having lunch, my phone rang, i clipped it, it was mom
“Hello mom!”i said
“Hey Cleo! our flight shall be landing in the next two hours, so make preparations”she said
“what? i thought you are using two weeks? how come it’s just a week?”i asked worriedly
“yeah, i know dear, i know, i have to take care of some things”she said
“oh okay, i get it”i said and ended the call

“what’s wrong?”Jada asked
“oh nothing, it’s mom, she said she’s on her way!”i said
“so what’s the deal?”Jada asked
“remember, the last we went to bar all because i was depressed?”i said
“yesss!”Jada exclamated
“we were drunk, and remember it was Mason that brought us home, and i have got no idea of where I PARKED MY CAR!”i cried
“lol, so funny, sure it will be in the bar garage”Jada said
“what? oh no!”i cried
“stop that Cleo, you can use my car, atleast she won’t get mad or what do you think?”Jada said
“yeah thanks Jada thanks, that will be a good idea, I pray she doesn’t get mad nor notice” i said.

I took my jacket, Jada picked up her car key and headed towards the car
“i’m driving!”Jada said
“ohk! no prob, just don’t drive fast”i said, i hate a very fast motion
“i knew you for that, gal”Jada said and starts the car and zooms off
“wait Jada, if mom asks you anything, tell her i’m ok”i said
“OK, no p”she said
“and don’t tell her i’ve been ditching work”i said worriedly
“ok ma’am”she said
“and don’t tell her i forgot my car at the garage”i said
“c’mon Cleo leave all that to me, i’ll be secretive”she said

We arrived the airport, mom and aunt shade are awaiting us, they look cool, whatever. Mom wasn’t pessimistic seeing Jada with me, coz she knows we are in good terms
“Hey Jada”mom greeted her
“hey Mrs.Knowles”Jada said bowing her head, helping my mom and aunt shade with their travelling luggages. I’ve been seeing white people, but Jada, seems to be different, her respective and kind attitude makes my mom and aunt shade love her, she has been a good factor to our family.

We got home, mom and aunt shade freshened up, it was 7pm already, Jada planned on leaving that night but mom insisted she stays and eat dinner
“oh thanks mrs.knowles, but i gotta go home now”Jada said smiling
“no no no no no, you must have dinner here, you must taste my Nigerian special dish, we call it Egusi soup, with assorted meats and fishes, with a soft Amala”she said
“Mom!”i winced
“shut up Cleopatra”she said jokingly, Jada was convinced and ate dinner together and she slept over
My phone rang early in the dawn around 4am
“yes mitch this is the perfect time mitch”i said and hung the call
I texted mrs.allen, and she gave me approval for my plan

Jada and I were asleep including mom and aunt shade, i had a terrible involving Kylie and mrs.Allen trying to kill my family, i woke up with a sudden fear, i was sweating profusely, then i felt some vibrations below my foot, what could this be?
“is this mild earthquake or what?”i said


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