Cleopatra – episode 13

Episode 13
JADA: Doc please, i’ll consider all this as ‘trash’!

DOC: I know it hærd to believe but, believe me, excuse me
(the doctor bows his hdad and left their midst)

MASON: Guys! how far? what’s wrong?
(Reign and Jada left remorsely without saying a word to Mason)
*Reign grabbed Jada’s arm while going in,side the ward where Cleo is*

REIGN: All…what we heard… don’t say a word to Cleo, please!

JADA:(nods her head with tears sliding down her cheeks) Sure! trust me for that

Reign, Mason, Jada got in,side the ward
Cleo is seen rushing her noodles with a gesture that she’s okay, tears was full across Jada’s face

CLEO:(with happiness)Hey guys, you won’t believe this, this hospital noodles tastes so yummy
(she sips it)
What? seriously guys, why the awkward moment? or is it coz i’m rushing my noodles? lol, it just tastes good

CLEO:(tears all over her face) stay strong Cleo, just know that no matter what your condition is, i’ll always be there for you, no matter who you’ll be.

JADA: No matter who you’ll be for the mean time, you’ll still be my sister.
(Cleo and Jada hugged each, but confusion was written all over her face)

CLEO: Uhnnnn, Jada, sometimes you are mysterious.

JADA: Not this time… Cleo
(Cleo withdrew from the hug and looked at Jada confusingly)

CLEO:Guys, will you just tell me what’s going

Reign ran out of the ward, got to the garage and drove-off to his house


Kylie and Mrs Allen are having wine at the bar
KYLIE:Oh mother-in-law, i think what we did isn’t enough for Cleo isn’t enough

MRS.ALLEN:Hmmi guess

Reign barged in a blazing anger

MRS.ALLEN: OMG Reign why are you shouting

KYLIE:And you just startle your unborn child, you see? my tummy is purring!

REIGN:Get lost you devil, and mom, i’ll sue you and Kylie

MRS.ALLEN:Excuse me boy, how will do that to YOUR MOTHER!

REIGN:Mother my foot! i’ll sue you for intrusion of private life without adequate endorsement, and chaos making


Days passed, finally, i later knew what’s wrong with me, my legs were severely damaged, i undergo surgeries just for my leg to be back in it’s proper mode, after 10months, i healed, i regained back my dead cells. Things have so much changed, Reign and Kylie never get married, due to Reign’s aggressiveness, mum and aunt shade relocated to Ireland, atleastg they are safe there, i’m relieved, things never went the way i wanted. Mason grew a strong affection for me, but i rejected it completely, i vowed to myself never to love again, i became pathetic in terms of love. Jada and I live together in a big lux apartment, we live like sisters, we go to work together and do all sort of things together, Reign comes often, but i never set my eyes on him, i chose to, i hid myself and avoid him as far as i could, but later on he gave up on me, i cried for weeks, he sets his own aim in life, but… here’s the thing, Kylie never caused these, it’s Reign that became sourceful

5 years later
I’m 30, Jada is 27, Mason is 33, still he won’t get married till i say yes to him, if i didn’t, he’ll live and die like that, Mom,55, old enough to be a grandmother, would come all the way from ireland just to give and councel me about my life saying:
“you this girl, when will i be grandmother, when will i know how it feels to be that, when will i see my spinster daughter be a matrimonial wife, when? why are you doing this to me, GET MARRIED CLEOPATRA”
All that has been like a poem i can memorize, i’m even sick of it… mtcheeew
Jada got a fiance, but scared to get married, how would she be scared, when she has a hot, rich, kind and loving man, she shouldn’t be scared at all
One cold saturday, i woke up, and walk towards the kitchen to get some raw coffee, Jada sat on the couch pressing her phone with her leg crossed, i moved towards her, she stood up and cried out
“Cleo help me here, Jared’s parents just texted me we should choose a day for our engagement”

“Lol Jada, that shouldn’t be a problem, you should be happy, i’d be much happy if i were you, i’d never think twice for that, that should be a good news” i said as i sat on the other couch


CLEO:Yes dear

JADA:There’s something i wanna tell you, but, i won’t coz, i don’t want to add more to your broken heart, but… it’ll be good if i tell you this

CLEO:(sighs) Jada, i can’t be heartbroken anymore, i guess that’s just my fate, never to have anyone i’ll love, besides, what’s that?

JADA:Umm… Reign is getting married

CLEO:Lol so? how’s that my business (sniffs), he should be happy with his new spouse, besides, i have got no feelings for him anymore

JADA:Shut up!

CLEO:LOL… Jada Allen, i don’t think you are drunk, why the “shut up”

JADA:Coz… you are loosing every seconds to regain back your true love

CLEO:That’s okay Jada, he’s not my true love

JADA:No! he is! all becoz you thought he’s the owner of that Kylie’s baby, haven’t
you heard the truth??


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