Cleopatra – episode 8

“no mom, what have you done?” reign cried
“i’m fully sure she planned with that son of a bitch” mrs allen said in anger
“no mom cleo would never do that” jada said in a low tone
“don’t tell me that my dear, she took part in collision”mrs allen

I woke up early in the morning, i stretched my body, i have no idea of what the time is, i looked up to see the time, oh gosh, it’s 9:00, i’m so late for work, i sprung up my bed and went straight to the bathroom
“cleo darling, wake up, your breakfast is ready” mom said
“i’m in the bathroom!!!” i said
“you are late again, dear, your boss would be very angry, i’m sure you can’t take care of yourself” she said
“what? mom i’m 25 now, i can take care of myself” i said as i freshened up in the bathroom
“blah blah blah, you’re still my responsibility” mom said putting my breakfast on the table
We live together in a big 3-bedroom apartment at lekki, i work at a very big company where i earned much money, it’s been 10years

It been 10years i started executing my plans, i never back down of returning to london, since i the love can’t find me, then i must find my love

I got out from the bathroom, i dressed up in a haste and ate my breakfast
“bye mom, bye aunt” i said biding my mom and aunt farewell
“we love you!” they said waving at me
I got to my car, and drove away, my phone rang, oh it’s mr.mark, i picked it
“yes, yes sir, i’m on my way” i lied, i ended the call i knew he was mad
I got to the office, i ran towards mr.mark’s office, i opened the door quietly as i walked in, he was punching his computer, there’s a little frown across his face
“um… good morning sir” i said uncalmly
“morning”he cuts in, i was so scared and worried of what he might do
“have your seat”he said pulling off his eyeglasses
“sir i’m…” i stuttered
“never mind, you just got promoted by the company to work and live abroad with your family”he said
“nooo way” i said in surprise
“and i’m worried of your unpuctual attitude.

“You should always be punctual cleo” he said rubbin his forehead
“sir, i’m really really grateful, i promise when i get there i’ll be punctual” i said in zeal
“well i hope so, you’ll be going to lond..” he said as i cuts in
“london?!, wow i’m so full of happiness right now” i said happily
“well i prepared everythin order, you’ll be leavin nextweek” he said as he handed a file to me containin my passports and my mom and aunt shade’s, i was so happy and couldn’t held back the happiness
I got home, and told mom and aunt shade about it
“cleo, i don’t think it’s adviceable to go back to that country darling”mom said shaking her head, i held both of her hands and said
“mom, it’s my glory, finally, my dream has come through, all i want was to make us happy forever, and please don’t be adamant”
“cleo, the allens really drove us out and called us murderers, i can’t withstand being in those type of shoes again” she said
“mom pls, for me” i winced
“oh cleo darling, ok fine we are leaving”

I woke up every morning to remember cleo, i really really misses her, i hope fate found us one day, reign never gave up searching for cleo for ten years nor mason did, they tried all possible efforts but failed, kylie is kinda back in reign’s life but reign still gives her full resistance
My phone rang, oh it’s mr.mark from our branch at Nigeria
“hello mr.mark” i said as i sprang up my bed, pulling down my short gowny pajamas
“hey miss jada, how are you? um… our volunteer, will be moving on today, so i gave her all necessary info, so she knows what to do”he said
“ok thanks mr.mark, i appreciate that”i said and ended the call, i moved to bathroom

Mow wasn’t that satisfied for us returning to london, we packed our luggages in order, our flight would ready in meantime
“cleo”mom called me
“yes mom” i said and curved a smile
“promise me you’ll never meet with the allens”she asked with a little frown
“sure mom, reign is dead and that’s final”i replied slightly.
We boarded our flight and left Nigeria, finally we leave, i said within me, mom has a greencard which will be more beneficial, i just hope to see jada and mason, it’s been the longest time, i’d just say hi, and i’d like to pay a visit to reign’s grave

I woke up early, only to find someone resting on my chest, what? kylie? what have we done again?, i moved aside and stood up, she woke up also
“hey honeyy sweetie! you are awake”she said
“don’t you ever call me that again, and how do you get in here” i asked furiously
“oh, you were drunk last night and was having high temperature, so i decided to be your warmth”she said, i remembered i was very drunk last night all because of what happened btw me and mason, i was a little bit scared waking up beside kylie
“oh you must thinking otherwise, well… we didnt do much, just hugs and k-sses that’s all”she said smirking, i could remember all, i hit my hærd, i must be really drunk for k-ssing a devil, i walked out in anger.
We arrived at our destination, london, it’s good to be here again, i took the address of where our new house would be, after few mins of faring a taxi, we found our new home, it’s a luxurious bungalow, it’s 3-bedroom flat anyway, i love it in here, we arranged all other sort of items, then my phone rang, it was mr.mark
“helo sir”i said
“hey gal, how was your journey”he asked
“fine sir”i replied
“anyway, just try to submit the file at the company today, ok?”he said
“yes sir”i smiled, and ended the call, i took a cab down to the company, it is the biggest in europe, i walked in, i moved strangely as i bow to everyone, i approached the secretary, she knew who i am already from mr.mark, she directed me to the office of whom am to meet, oh this person looks so much like jada, she stood up schedule counter
“hey cleo” she said with a beautiful smile
“JADA?”i gasped in shock
“JADA!”i said in shock and surprise
“cleo, i’ve missed you like ever”she said movin closer to me, i hugged her tightly in amusement like she’s gonna disappear into thin air
“oh jada, i miss you, i miss you alot dear”i said hugging her, we both released ourselves from hugging, tears slid down my cheek remembering the past
“it’s okay cleo, everything is very fine”she said cleaning my face with a mini-towel
“i’m so sorry jada, i’m sorry”i cried, then she hugged me again
“i see no reason for you crying cleo”she said tapping my back, I never knew what she really meant
“look cleo, we are more than okay”she said hugging me tightly, I wiped my tears still confused, I withdrew from the hug
“what of mason?”i asked
“he’s pretty fine, and… there’s someone i need you to meet”jada said as she signed out ready to leave the office, she took her bag and said “come with me”, I wonder where she’s off to
“um jada, we have alot to do”i said wiping off my tears
“well, i just want you to meet someone”
I wonder where we heading to now
“i really want you to meet someone”she said starting her can, i shrugged, we pulled in the driveway, I found out we are heading to the allens’ residence, my eyes w¡dened, why has she brought me here again?
“jada, what heck are you doing?”i asked rasing up my fingers
“hmm, something important to you”she said as she moved in the compound, she parked, and we both get off the car, my heart was p-nting in fear
“jada, i’m not sure this is the right thing to do”i said looking straight into her eye as grabbed my fist in

We got in, everything has changed from ten years ago, jada ordered me to come up with a smile, my mind wasn’t at rest anyway, i was still haunted by what happened 10years ago
We got to a particular study, where i saw two hot looking guys, i couldn’t tell exactly who they are, there was also a lady flirting with one of those guys
“heyy!! guys i’m home”jada said with a broad smile
“guess who’s here? surprise!”she said happily
“OMG! Reign”i said.
“OMG! reign!” i said thoughtfully, no no, it can’t be, i shook my head to come to my right senses
“guess who’s this!”jada said as they all looked through me
“cleo?” reign and mason said, i was completely shocked when i saw reign was alive, could this be a dream. I felt dizzy and fell unconscious

I moved away from kylie who was flirting with me, i rushed down to cleo to prevent her from falling, but unfortunately mason got her
“cleo! cleo! cleo! wake up” mason said
“get me a spoon”i yelled, i did that to prevent her teeth from touching each other, jada arrived with the spoon, i placed it in btw her teeth
“call the doc”i cried

I woke up, but my eyes wasn’t open, i could feel i was very weak, i could feel a heart-warming hand in my hand, i opened my eyes to saw it was reign, i gasped, am i dead or what? why am i seeing a ghost
“cleo, i’m alive”he said
Tears slid down my cheeks as i closed my eyes, i could remember how he was shot, i could recall  everything


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