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🎀Codelia 🎀

(Oops $h£’s a s€× worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 47

Authoress P.o.v 💕

“Am not lie!ng” Vivian said. “keep quiet” Chad sh©vted and stood up from th£ chair.

“Am com!ng [email protected]¢k for you” Chad said and went ©vt. ” boss wh£re are you go!ng to?” John asked.

” Am go!ng to th£ house!” Chad replied. ” Alright boss” th£ driver said and ru$h£d to th£ driver seat.

John opened th£ car door for h¡m and Chad get |ns!de th£ car. ” drive f*st!” Chad ordered.

” boss!” John called. ” Did you believe that lady?” John asked. ” yes I did, any problem?” Chad asked.

” Th£re’s no problem sir” John replied. Chad phone r!ng ©vt loud and h£ brought it ©vt from h¡s bag.

” why’s rose call!ng me?” Chad asked h¡self and picked th£ call. ” Rose what happen?” Chad asked.

” wh£re are you?” rose asked. ” Am !n somewh£re important, hope no problem and is aunt alright?” Chad asked.

” Chad you need to come to th£ house now, I don’t understand Anna at all, I th!nk $h£ has started aga!n” rose said.

“don’t worry, am on my way” Chad replied. “Better” rose said and end th£ call.

” I will so deal with Anna, am gonna kill Anna for kidnapp!ng that !nnocent girl, why didn’t $h£ come for me !nstead of kidnapp!ng th£ !nnocent girl, $h£’s a coward?” Chad asked h¡self.

” I forget to give you your drugs” mike said. ” which drug, are you plann!ng to kill me?” codelia asked.

” No I can’t kill you, you need to trust me” mike said. ” I can’t trust you” codelia said. ” I understand, but th£ drug is for your h£alth” mike said.

” br!ng it, let me see what th£ drug is for” codelia said and collected th£ drug from Mike.

” good, I need water” codelia said. ” Alright, I will be right [email protected]¢k” mike said and ran ©vt.

” Don’t add anyth!ng to th£ water please I am not ready to die” codelia sh©vted.

” yeah, h£ can’t kill me as h¡s boys killed my baby, what am I go!ng to tell Jeff now?” codelia asked h£rself.

Mike came with th£ water and gave it to codelia. ” hope you didn’t add anyth!ng to th£ water?” codelia asked.

” yes I didn’t, I can taste it if you want me to” mike said. ” don’t worry, if you kill me my ghost will torment your life” codelia said and Mike burst !nto laughter.

” Stop laugh!ng it’s not funny” codelia said. ” Alright ma” mike replied. ” hmm, uncle broth£r” codelia said.

” Am mike, you can simply call me uncle mike” mike said. ” I th!nk uncle kidnapper will be better” codelia said.

” no that’s bad” mike said. ” th£ name suit you perfectly” codelia said. ” I have a request, I need to go [email protected]¢k to th£ house today my parents and love ones will be so worried ab©vt me” codelia said.

” I don’t want you to go now” mike said. ” I will sneak ©vt if you don’t allow me” codelia said.

” you can’t sneak ©vt from my house” mike said. ” I will kill myself and my ghost will kill you, if you don’t allow me to go” codelia said.

“F!ne are you ready to go now?” Mike asked. ” yeah, I am very ready” codelia replied.

” let me carry you ©vt” mike said. ” Thank you I can walk” codelia replied with an eyeroll. $h£ stood up and [email protected]|| [email protected]¢k.

” My [email protected]¢k hurt” $h£ said and Mike lift h£r up from th£ ground. h£ carried h£r ©vt of th£ room and h¡s boys open th£ir m©vth !n shocked.

” is boss ch£at!ng on h¡s wife with th¡s lady?” th£y asked th£irselves.

” h£y, f*ck!ng open th£ car for me” mike said to h¡s driver. ” Am very sorry boss” h¡s driver replied.

h£ placed codelia gently on th£ [email protected]¢k seat and h£ also enter th£ [email protected]¢kseat with h£r.

” Thank you” codelia said to h¡m. ” you’re welcome” mike replied with a smile. ” Am not smil!ng at you” codelia said with an eyeroll.

” Am sorry, you have to forgive th¡s foolish uncle of yours” mike said. ” h£re we are” codelia said and th£ driver packed th£ car.

Mike h£lp codelia ©vt of th£ car and th£y walked to th£ house. Codelia place a knock at th£ door.

“Who’s th£re?” Pamela asked and open th£ door immediately. “Codelia is th¡s you” Pamela said and hug codelia happily.

Mike m©v£ closer to th£m and separate codelia from h£r. “$h£’s not that strong” mike said.

“Thank you very much sir, for br!ng!ng h£r [email protected]¢k to th£ house” Pamela said and codelia scoffed.

“babe, we have been search!ng for you” Pamela said. “Wh£re’s Mum?” codelia asked.

“$h£’s at Chad place, I came to th£ house to get someth!ng for h£r” Pamela said happily.

“Alright, let go and jo!n h£r th£re” codelia said. ” Am very happy you’re [email protected]¢k, how dif it happen, who kidnapped you?” Pamela asked.

“I will expla!ned to you, wh£n we get to Chad house” codelia said. “Alright, am so happy you’re [email protected]¢k, am sure mum will stop cry!ng once $h£ sees you” Pamela said. ” yeah am happy to see you aga!n” codelia said with a smile.

“Can you walk or I should carry you?” Mike asked. “Carry me, after all you and your boys are th£ ones that makes me like th¡s” codelia said.

“learn to forgive and forget” mike said. “I can never forgive you for what you did to my baby” codelia said.

Mike driver drive !nto Chad compound while Chad driver also drive !nto th£ compound at th£ same time.

Pamela open th£ car door and codelia came d©wΠ gently from th£ car. Chad came d©wΠ from h¡s car and h£ was surprised and happy to see codelia.

h£ ru$h£d to codelia and hugged h£r happily. ” mum codelia is [email protected]¢k” Pamela sh©vted.

Madam Ca$$ie, Nancy rose and doctor Steve ru$h£d ©vt of th£ house. ” wh£re’s my daughter?” madam Ca$$ie asked.

“Mike what are you do!ng h£re, don’t tell me you’re th£ one that brought my daughter, how did you know $h£’s your niece?” doctor Steve asked.

” Mike, Chad said and dis£ngage from th£ hug immediately and madam Ca$$ie ru$h£d to hug codelia.

“Mike, what th£ f*ck are you do!ng !n my house?” Chad asked and brought ©vt h¡s gun from h¡s [email protected]¢k pocket.

Episode 48

Authoress P.o.v 💕

” Mike, Chad said and dis£ngage from th£ hug immediately and madam Ca$$ie ru$h£d to hug codelia.

“Mike, what th£ f*ck are you do!ng !n my house?” Chad asked and brought ©vt h¡s gun from h¡s [email protected]¢k pocket.

“Relax, am not h£re for trouble” mike said. “shut up” Chad yelled. ” I have been look!ng for you all th¡s while, and you’re dead now that you came !nto my house” Chad said and was ab©vt to ₱v|| th£ trigger.

codelia ru$h£d to h¡m and hug h¡m from beh!nd. rose m©v£ to mike front and block Chad from shoot!ng h¡m.

” codelia leave me alone let me kill th¡s f*ol” Chad yelled. ” no I won’t allow you to kill h¡m” codelia said.

” broth£r you’re gonna kill me with h¡m” rose said. ” Dad what are you do!ng h£re, aren’t you afraid of chad?” rose asked.

” Am happy you still love me, m©v£ away let Chad kill me I deserve it” mike said.

” Am lost can someone tell me what’s go!ng on h£re” doctor Steve said. ” Chad h£ has many th!ngs to tell you, don’t kill h¡m h£ar h¡m ©vt first” codelia said.

” h£ doesn’t have anyth!ng to say, h£ is h£re for my properties” Chad said. ” no h£ is now a change person” codelia said.

” let go !n, wh£re’s Anna?” Chad asked. ” we have locked h£r !n h£r room” rose replied.

” Are you sure $h£ hasn’t escaped?” Chad asked. ” no h£ can’t escape” rose replied.

“Alright let go to th£ house, cause I can’t wait to ₱v|| a Bullet !n your bra!n” Chad said.

” I don’t deserve to go !nto your house with you, let discuss h£re” mike said.

” f!ne, rose go |ns!de and br!ng chair for Aunt” Chad said. ” Alright bro” rose replied and ran off.

codelia wanted to ran after rose but Chad dragged h£r [email protected]¢k. ” seat d©wΠ h£re” Chad said. ” No, I am not your slaves so you can’t command me” codelia said.

” I didn’t command yoi” Chad replied. ” you commanded me” codelia replied.

” f!ne am sorry for that” Chad said. rose brought th£ chairs and th£y all say d©wΠ.

” Am listen!ng talk f*st because I have many th!ngs to attend to” Chad said and Mike clear h¡s throat, h£ expla!ned everyth!ng to Chad and Chad m!nd soft!ng a little.

“Is that all?” Chad asked and Mike nod h¡s h£ad. “I never see anyth!ng wrong !n what my fath£r did to you, h£ only gave you a bus!ness idea” Chad said.

“yeah, why did h£ gave me th£ ideal wh£n h£ knows h£’s not gonna !nvest, h£ even told me that those people are trustworthy, and we are friends we have to get each oth£r [email protected]¢k, but your fath£r didn’t have my [email protected]¢k” mike said.

“so you killed your best friend because of money” Chad said. “no I didn’t killed owen your moth£r did” mike said.

“I am th£ one that h£lped you escaped from my friend” mike said. ” I thought as much” Chad said to h¡self.

” That doesn’t mean I have forgiven you really hurt I and my sister you made us fath£rless” Chad said.

” Mr Mark didn’t hurt me, !nfact h£ was like a fath£r that I never had. Anna is th£ only one that hurt me” rose said.

” Chad rose you guys have to forgive me” mike said. ” common I have forgiven you a long time ago” rose said.

” I can never forgive you” Chad said. ” but why?” Mike asked. ” that’s because I don’t trust you” Chad replied.

” it’s normal, but you have to forgive me” mike said. ” I will th!nk ab©vt it” Chad said.

” And I also want you guys to forgive your moth£r” mike said. ” never, I can never forgive that beast” rose said.

” yeah, $h£’s a beast $h£ made me lose my baby” codelia said. ” you mean you lost th£ baby?” Chad asked.

” yes” codelia replied and tears dropped from h£r eyes. ” Am very sorry, it was my fault” Chad said.

” oh am very sorry my baby” madam Ca$$ie said and m©v£d closer to codelia Nancy also m©v£ closer to h£r.

” Sorry my dear, I believe God understand why you lost th£ pregnancy” Nancy said.

” what am I gonna tell Jeff, h£ will feel bad” codelia said. ” Don’t worry ab©vt Jeff I will talk to h¡m” Chad said.

” Mike, I am very dissapo!nted !n you I Advised you not to do it th£n, but you didn’t listen to me” doctor Steve said.

” I am sorry broth£r” mike said and stood up from th£ chair. ” don’t near me, can you see what you did to my daughter” doctor Steve said.

” Am very sorry bro, you have to forgive th¡s foolish broth£r of yours” mike said. ” Honey you have to forgive your broth£r” Nancy said.

” I am angry that h£ doesn’t listen to me” doctor Steve said. ” h£ is sorry” Nancy replied.

” we will discuss better !n th£ house” doctor Steve said. ” codelia that’s enough!” Chad said and placed h£r h£ad on h¡s lap.

h£ brought ©vt h¡s phone and dial one of h¡s boys number. ” h£llo untie th£m and give th£m food, make sure th£y eat well I will soon be th£re” Chad said.

” Alright boss!” th£ guy replied and Chad end th£ call. Anna came ©vt with a gun on h£r [email protected] and burst !nto laughter.

“I am gonna kill you all and collect th£ properties. ” Mike, I trusted and love you, but you betray me” Anna said.

” Anna I didn’t betray you, you have to stop all th¡s madness and apologize to your children” mike said.

” over my dead b©dy” Anna said and spate on th£ floor. ” I will start from you” Anna said and po!nt h£r gun at mike and Chad stood up from th£ chair.


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