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🎀Codelia 🎀

(Oops $h£’s a s€× worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 55

Authoress P.o.v 💕

” Am wait!ng for my driver” Mrs Leo replied. ” Alright” codelia replied.

” wh£re’s mum?” Pamela asked. ” $h£ went ©vt, but $h£ will soon come [email protected]¢k” codelia replied.

” Alright, I am farmi$h£d” Pamela said. “Oh sorry, th£re’s no food h£re except you will dr!nk water” codelia said.

“Alright I will go eat at th£ restaurant d©wΠ th£ street make sure you go visit my boss today or tommorow before h£ kill me with work” Pamela said.

“that’s what you signed for” codelia said. “Am also hungry, wait for me so we can go togeth£r” codelia said.

“I can’t wait, let’s go wh£re’s mummy workers?” Pamela asked. “th£y’re do!ng someth!ng !n th£ store room” codelia said.

“My dear, I will get go!ng take th¡s and buy food for yourself” Mrs Leo said and gave codelia some money.

“thank you very much ma” codelia said and collected th£ money from h£r. “why did you collected th£ money and wh£re did you know h£r from?” Pamela asked.

“I can never reject money, you remember th£ woman I told you ab©vt” codelia said.

“which woman?” Pamela asked. “th£ woman that slapped me, wh£n I went ©vt with Chad” codelia replied.

” oh, th£ woman that ru!ned your date?” Pamela asked. ” yeah you got it” codelia replied.

” what is $h£ do!ng h£re?” pamela asked. ” $h£ came to bought groceries” codelia replied.

” let me guess, that means $h£ brib£d you with th£ money $h£ gave you” Pamela said.

” no I don’t accept bribe” codelia said and was ab©vt to put th£ money !n h£r bag.

” if you dare put that money !n your bag” madam Ca$$ie said enter!ng th£ mall.

” th£ money is m!ne not yours” codelia said. ” wh£re did you get th£ money from cause I knew you don’t have any money with you before I left th¡s place?” madam Ca$$ie said.

” one of your customers gave me” codelia replied. ” wow th£ money is much, how much are you gonna give me” madam Ca$$ie said.

” Am not giv!ng you a d!ne from th¡s money, I have budget it” codelia said.

” Ah you have budgeted th£ money th£y gave you today” madam Ca$$ie said.

“mum am greet!ng you” Pamela said. “Pamela I will reply your greet!ng later j√$t be patient” madam Ca$$ie said and Pamela shake h£r h£ad.

“you love money Alot” Pamela said. “yeah thank you, codelia give me my share am wait!ng” madam Ca$$ie said and stretch£d ©vt h£r [email protected]

codelia share th£ money !nto two and gave madam Ca$$ie half of th£ money.

“thanks, th¡s is for your groceries, you’re go!ng [email protected]¢k to school next week” madam Ca$$ie said.

“Alright mum” codelia said. “Pamela my darl!ng how is work today?” madam Ca$$ie asked.

“so you j√$t have my time” Pamela said. “Am sorry my dear, I don’t j√$t want your sister to put th£ money !n h£r bag before giv!ng me my share” madam Ca$$ie said.

“mum we are go!ng ©vt” codelia said. “wh£re are you guys go!ng to?” madam Ca$$ie asked.

” we are go!ng to th£ restaurant d©wΠ th£ town” codelia said. ” Alright, you guys should br!ng my own food” madam Ca$$ie said.

” Alright mum” th£y replied and both went ©vt. Pamela phone r!ng ©vt loud and $h£ brought ©vt h£r phone from h£r bag.

” who’s that?” codelia asked. ” Jeff” Pamela replied and picked th£ call. ” h£llo” Pamela said.

” how are you do!ng dear?” Jeff asked. ” Am good and you” Pamela replied. ” Am go!ng, wh£re are you?” Jeff asked.

” I j√$t came [email protected]¢k from work” Pamela replied. ” Am th!nk!ng of tak!ng you ©vt for d!nner, will you be chance?” Jeff asked.

” Oh am free, but we will take codelia along with us” Pamela said. ” that’s not a big deal, I will see you later” Jeff said and end th£ call.

” wh£re are you go!ng with h¡m?” codelia asked. ” h£ said h£ wanna take me ©vt for d!nner” Pamela replied.

” hope it’s not what am th!nk!ng” codelia said. ” what are you th!nk!ng?” Pamela asked.

” neverm!nd, you guys will look good togeth£r Jeff is a very good guy” codelia said.

” What are you talk!ng ab©vt?” Pamela asked. ” you will understand later” codelia said with a smile.

” we are not go!ng to th£ restaurant anym©r£” Pamela said. ” but why, am hungry I can’t wait for you to cook” codelia said.

” Jeff is tak!ng us ©vt for d!nner” Pamela said. ” wait I don’t get us or you?” codelia asked.

” you’re go!ng with me I can’t go alone” Pamela said. ” why can’t you go alone?” codelia asked.

” I don’t j√$t know” Pamela said. ” f!ne I will go with you, s!nce th£re will be free food th£re” codelia said.

” glutton!” Pamela said. ” thank you, but I wasn’t like th¡s before I [email protected] eat before” codelia said. ” let go and dressed up” Pamela said.

” Honey wh£re are you go!ng to?” Mrs Leo asked h£r husband. ” Am go!ng ©vt with Margret” Mr Leo replied.

” who’s Margret?” Mrs Leo asked. ” how do I expla!n to you” Mr Leo replied. ” expla!n anyhow you like” Mrs Leo said.

” Am tak!ng my second wife ©vt for d!nner” Mr Leo said. ” you are talk!ng h£r ©vt, that’s nice but am also go!ng with you” Mrs Leo said.

” you can’t come with me” Mr Leo said. ” I j√$t feel like go!ng with you” Mrs Leo said. ” Alright, if that’s what you want” Mr Leo said.

” Hi” codelia greet Jeff and wave h£r [email protected] at h¡m. ” How are you do!ng codelia?” Jeff asked.

” Am do!ng good and you?” codelia asked. ” Am do!ng good” Jeff replied. ” you look beautiful” Jeff said to Pamela.

” Thank you” Pamela replied with a smile. ” have your seat” Jeff said and Pamela sat d©wΠ with codelia.

” I will be right [email protected]¢k let me go and get our order” Jeff said. ” Alright” Pamela replied with a smile.

” Pamela why is that woman cry!ng?” Pamela asked po!nt!ng to Mrs Leo. ” Wait that’s th£ woman that gave me money earlier today” codelia said.

” yeah $h£’s th£ one” Pamela replied. ” what’s $h£ do!ng h£re?” codelia asked.

” I will advise you to go asked h£r” Pamela said with a smile. ” I will be right [email protected]¢k!” codelia said and stood up.

🎀Codelia 🎀

Episode 56

Authoress P.o.v 💕

money earlier today” codelia said.

” yeah $h£’s th£ one” Pamela replied. ” what’s $h£ do!ng h£re?” codelia asked.

” I will advise you to go asked h£r” Pamela said with a smile.

” I will be right [email protected]¢k!” codelia said and stood up and walked to Mrs Leo table.

“good even!ng ma” codelia greet Mrs Leo. Mrs Leo raised h£r h£ad up and saw codelia $h£ cleaned h£r face immediately with h£r palm.

“How are you do!ng my dear?” Mrs Leo asked. “Am do!ng good ma, why are you cry!ng?” Codelia asked.

“Cry!ng no am not cry!ng” Mrs Leo replied ” I knew You are cry!ng so you can talk to me am your friend” codelia said.

” Hmmm!” Mrs Leo said. “Promise you won’t judge me” Mrs Leo said. “No I won’t” codelia replied.

” good my husband got married to anoth£r woman because I didn’t give birth to a child” Mrs Leo said.

“Oh so sorry ma that’s very bad of h¡m” codelia replied. “You don’t need to pity me am a bad person” Mrs Leo said.

” No you aren’t a bad person” codelia replied. “You don’t know me!” Mrs Leo said.

“Yeah I don’t know you, but I don’t th!nk you are a bad person” codelia said. “I am not barren I have a child with my sister, but you know what I don’t even know th£ gender of my child, I ran away wh£n I gave birth to th£ child and I guess God is punish!ng me for my past” Mrs Leo said.

“Oh that’s very bad of you” codelia said. “Yeah, I know it was peer pressure that made me do it, and am really regrett!ng it now” Mrs Leo said.

“What you did was very bad, how could you abandoned your child, you aren’t a good moth£r at all” codelia said.

“Yeah I know and that’s why I told you not to judge me earlier” Mrs Leo said. “Make sure you f!nd your child, but I don’t th!nk I can forgive you if I happened to be !n your child shoe” codelia said.

codelia phone rang ©vt loud and $h£ brought it ©vt from h£r bag. “Excuse me!” Codelia said and picked th£ call.

“h£llo mum” codelia said. “Codelia wh£re th£ h£ll are you” madam Ca$$ie sh©vted and codelia shift th£ phone away from h£r ear.

“Wh£re’s your sister, wh£re did $h£ put h£r phone I have been call!ng h£r number s!nce” madam Ca$$ie and.

“Mum which of your questions did you want me to answer first?” Codelia asked.

“You aren’t serious answer my dawn question now” madam Ca$$ie said.

“Mum we went ©vt with Jeff” codelia said. “Which Jeff?” Madam Ca$$ie asked. “Th£ same Jeff you knew” codelia replied.

“Chad is h£re wait!ng for you” madam Ca$$ie said. “Tell h¡m I will see h¡m later” codelia said.

“Alright h£ can h£ar you” madam Ca$$ie said. “Bye mum I love you” codelia said.

“I love you m©r£ my baby make sure you come [email protected]¢k early with your sister” madam Ca$$ie said.

“Wow am jealous of you and your moth£r” Mrs Leo said. “Yeah we really love each oth£r!” Codelia replied.

“So is that th£ reason why you are cry!ng earlier?” Codelia asked.

“My husband left me h£re and went to dance with h¡s new wife” Mrs Leo said.

“Oh so sorry why did h£ brought you h£re wh£n h£ knew h£ is gonna go dance with h¡s new wife” codelia said.

“It wasn’t h¡s fault, I came h£re because I wanna know h¡s wife, did you know that h¡s new wedded wife is one of my friends, I didn’t see h£r face well !n th£ picture I saw” Mrs Leo said.

“Oh so sorry, you don’t have to both£r yourself with th£m, all you need to do is f!nd your daughter” codelia said.

“yeah thank you very much dear am try!ng all my possible best to f!nd h£r and I hope to see h£r soon and I also pray $h£ and my sister can forgive me” Mrs Leo said.

“You are welcome, $h£ might forgive you j√$t make sure you f!nd h£r and asked of h£r forgiveness” codelia replied. ” your story is somehow relate to m!ne, but it’s not th£ same” codelia said.

“Codelia!” Pamela called. “I will get go!ng ma, make sure you take ¢ar£ of yourself” codelia said and stood up.

” Ma’am codelia said $h£ went ©vt with Jeff right?” Chad asked. “Yes any problem” madam Ca$$ie asked.

“th£re’s no problem” chad replied and left ©vt a fake smile. “I will get go!ng!” Chad said.

“I can see through your smile, you aren’t happy what happen?” Madam Ca$$ie asked.

“Th£re’s noth!ng ma!” Chad replied. “If you say so” madam Ca$$ie replied.

“Goodnight ma’am” chad replied and went ©vt. “What’s wrong with h¡m?” Madam Ca$$ie asked h£rself.

” Welcome broth£r” rose greet with a smile. Chad ignored h£r greet!ng and walked to h¡s room angrily.

“What’s wrong with h¡m?” rose asked h£rself and ran after h¡m. Chad walked !nto h¡s room and slam th£ door [email protected], h£ locked th£ door and throw th£ key across th£ room.

h£ opened h¡s drawer and brought ©vt a packet of cigarette. h£ light it and put it !n h¡s m©vth.

“Why will $h£ go ©vt with Jeff, does that means $h£ love h¡m?” Chad asked h¡self.

h£ stood up from th£ ground and started destroy!ng th!ngs !n h¡s room. “Broth£r open th£ door” rose sh©vted and knocked h¡s door.


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