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🎀Codelia 🎀

(Oops $h£’s a s€× worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 59

Authoress P.o.v 💕

” It was my friend that I told you ab©vt” Priscilla replied.

” Priscilla you made a very big mistake by br!ng!ng your friend to th¡s house I am not !nterested !n your friend” Jeff said.

” you must be !nterested” Priscilla replied. ” go and marry h£r yourself” Jeff said and walked to th£ house.

” Good even!ng dear” Priscilla friend greet with a smile. ” Good even!ng young lady, I guess you’re Priscilla friend?” Chad replied and sat near h£r. ” yes” Th£ lady replied with a smile.

” what’s your name?” Jeff asked. ” Stephanie” th£ lady replied with a smile.

” Did you know you’re beautiful?” Jeff asked and th£ lady blu$h£d [email protected] ” Thank you very much” Stephanie replied with a smile.

” you’re beautiful, so you don’t have to force yourself on a man, I have a girlfriend you and I can’t work, don’t m!nd my sister am sure $h£ would have told you many th!ngs ab©vt me, k!ndly forgive h£r because $h£ doesn’t know what $h£’s do!ng, am !n a relationship okay” Jeff Said and stood up.

” Priscilla, but you told me your broth£r is s!ngle, how could you lie to me?” Stephanie asked.

” Stephanie am very sorry, am not sure h£’s !n a relationship, I guess h£ doesn’t like you, am sorry for giv!ng you false hope” Priscilla said.

” Thank you for everyth!ng” Stephanie said and carry h£r bag from th£ table. ” Am sorry, you can’t go [email protected]¢k to your house now because it’s late” Priscilla said.

” And I can’t stay !n th¡s house with you, because you deceived me” Stephanie said.

” I am very sorry okay” Priscilla said. ” I have forgiven you, I j√$t have to go [email protected]¢k to my house” Stephanie said.

” Alright let me drop you off” Priscilla said. ” Don’t worry, I will call my driver” Stephanie replied.

” Are you still angry?” Priscilla asked. “no I am not angry anym©r£, I j√$t have to go [email protected]¢k to th£ house” Stephanie said.

“I am very sorry, and I will talk to my broth£r” Priscilla said. “Spare me that talk, I don’t want you to talk to your broth£r anym©r£” Stephanie said and went ©vt.

“Wait for me, let me see you off” Priscilla said and ran after h£r.

“Broth£r, is it true that you now have a girlfriend?” Priscilla asked. “yeah, any problem with that?” Jeff asked and brought ©vt some files from h¡s drawer.

“but I thought, you haven’t gotten over codelia” Priscilla said. “who told you that?” Jeff asked.

“I j√$t said I thought” Priscilla replied. “stop thought!ng th£n, am !n a relationship” Jeff replied.

“who’s th£ lucky girl?” Priscilla asked. “is someone that you knew” Jeff said. “hope it’s not codelia?” Priscilla asked.

“no no no, I will tell you th£ person wh£n th£ time comes” Jeff said. “why can’t you tell me now?” Priscilla asked. ” I can’t tell you now because of security purpose” Jeff replied.

” Broth£r!” rose called. ” Am listen!ng!” Chad replied. ” Am listen!ng” rose mimick.

” rose I want to sleep” Chad said. “I have someth!ng to ask you” rose said. “go ah£ad and ask am listen!ng” Chad replied.

“Why are you destroy!ng your room th£ oth£r time?” rose asked. “Are you sure you wanna know?” Chad asked.

“yes I want to know, I am th£ only one you have so feel free to share your problem with me” rose said.

“I am !n love” Chad said. “Wow that’s a good th!ng, congratulations at last” rose said.

“Am not happy” Chad said. ” Why are you not happy?” rose asked. ” How will you feel, wh£n th£ person you love doesn’t love you [email protected]¢k?” Chad asked.

” I will be hurt” rose replied. “That’s it, th£ person I love doesn’t love me [email protected]¢k, I don’t know that th¡s is how love is” Chad said.

“Who are you !n love with, tell me I can h£lp you talk to th£ person” rose said.

“you talk!ng to th£ person will make it look like am forc!ng th£ person, I want th£ feel!ng to be mutual not one sided love, and I don’t want h£r to date me ©vt of pity” Chad said.

“you’re right, but can you tell me who you’re !n love with?” rose asked. “Hmm, am !n love with codelia” Chad replied.

“You mean th£ same codelia that I knew?” Chad asked. “I th!nk th£ feel!ng is mutual” rose said with a smile.

“How did you know th£ feel!ng is mutual?” Chad asked. “you can’t understand” rose said.

“Anyway I will h£lp you talk to h£r” rose said. “I don’t need your h£lp, $h£ rejected me today, I had to lied to h£r that I was jok!ng” Chad said.

“Two confused soul” rose said and burst !nto laughter. “What did you mean by that?” Chad asked.

“Goodnight lover boy” rose said and b!0w h¡m a klzz. ” come [email protected]¢k h£re” Chad said. ” Goodnight Mr lover boy” rose said and ran to get room.

” Why’s Pamela not [email protected]¢k from work, hope $h£ hasn’t forgotten our agreement” codelia said look!ng at th£ wall clock. ” Codelia!” madam Ca$$ie called. ” yes mum” codelia replied.

” my distributor Is wait!ng for me at th£ mall, go th£re and h£lp me attend to th£m” madam Ca$$ie said.

” mum have you forgotten today is Chad birthday” codelia said. ” I know, go and come [email protected]¢k earlier and m©r£over you haven’t buy th£ cake, th¡s is an opportunity to buy th£ cake” madam Ca$$ie said.

” I don’t have any money with me I was wait!ng for Pamela to come give me my money” codelia said.

“don’t worry, I will give you my credit card, but don’t spend m©r£ than th£ cake money” madam Ca$$ie said. “thanks mum” codelia said and hugged madam Ca$$ie happily.

🎀Codelia 🎀

(Oops $h£’s a s€× worker)

Episode 60

Authoress P.o.v 💕

“don’t worry, I will give you my credit card, but don’t spend m©r£ than th£ cake money” madam Ca$$ie said.

“thanks mum” codelia said and hugged madam Ca$$ie happily. “h£y be f*st don’t keep my distributor wait!ng” madam Ca$$ie said.

“thank you mum” codelia said and b!0w madam Ca$$ie a klzz. “wh£re’s your credit card?” codelia asked.

“is |ns!de my room and th£ pa$$word is pamcode” madam Ca$$ie said. “which one is pamcode aga!n?” codelia asked.

“That’s th£ comb!nation of your name and your sister name dummy” madam Ca$$ie said. ” oh now I get” codelia said and ran to th£ room.

” Good even!ng young lady” Mrs Leo greet. ” even!ng ma” madam Ca$$ie cashier replied politely.

” please am h£re to see th£ cashier” Mrs Leo said. ” I am th£ cashier ma, how may I h£lp you?” th£ cashier asked.

” no you aren’t th£ one am look!ng for” Mrs Leo said. “what’s th£ name of th£ lady you’re Look!ng for?” th£ cashier asked.

“I don’t really remember h£r name but I guess h£r name is codelia” Mrs Leo said.

“oh, codelia is th£ daughter of th£ owner of th¡s place” th£ cashier replied. “really?” Mrs Leo asked.

“yes” th£ cashier replied. “I thought $h£ works h£re” Mrs Leo said. “no ma, why did you want to see h£r?” th£ cashier asked.

“$h£’s my friend I j√$t wanna say hi to h£r” Mrs Leo said. ” oh you can wait for h£r, $h£ will soon be h£re” th£ cashier said.

” Alright my dear” th£ cashier replied. Codelia enter th£ mall and was surprised to see Mrs Leo wait!ng for h£r.

“Good even!ng Mrs Leo” codelia greet. “even!ng my dear” Mrs Leo replied. “nice to see you !n our mall aga!n, what did you wanna buy from us?” codelia asked.

“Am not buy!ng anyth!ng today, Am pa$$!ng by so I decided to say hi to you” Mrs Leo said.

“that’s very nice of you” codelia said. “And thanks to th£ advice you gave me th£ oth£r day” Mrs Leo said.

“you’re welcome, have you f!nd th£ child?” codelia asked and m©v£d closer to h£r, no I am try!ng all my possible best to f!nd h£r” Mrs Leo said.

” Alright that’s good” codelia said. ” Ma i will see you some oth£r time, I came to attend to someone” codelia said.

” alright dear, I wish to talk to you because I need someone to talk to” Mrs Leo said.

” really?” codelia asked. ” yes dear, but don’t worry I will come [email protected]¢k tommorow I hope you will be available” Mrs Leo replied.

” sure I will” codelia replied. ” Alright, bye my dear” Mrs Leo said and went ©vt of th£ mall.

” wh£re’s th£ distributor?” codelia asked. ” h£’s wait!ng for you !n th£ store room ma” th£ cashier replied and ran off.

” h£llo dear” mike said from th£ oth£r end of th£ call. ” how are you do!ng today?” Mike asked.

” Am good, guess what?” rose asked. ” what’s it dear?” Mike asked. ” today is Chad birthday and th£ woman h£ loves is celebrat!ng h¡s birthday for h¡m today” rose said.

” Is it a surprise birthday?” Mike asked. ” yes it’s and we want you to be th£re” rose said.

” And are you sure Chad will like th£ surprise, because Chad doesn’t like to celebrate h¡s birthday” mike said.

” Am sure h£ will like it because it’s com!ng from th£ woman h£ loves” rose replied.

” I pray h£ like it, I will be th£re” mike said. ” Alright thanks Dad” rose said. ” you’re welcome pr!ncess” mike replied.

“F!nally you’re [email protected]¢k” codelia said with an eyeroll. “I am very sorry, I have a very h£ctic day today, Chad has been unleash!ng all h¡s anger on me” Pamela said.

“Anyway call h¡m now” codelia said. “have you bought th£ cake?” Pamela asked. “yes and I and mum have decorated my room” codelia replied.

“that’s nice let me call h¡m” Pamela said and brought ©vt h£r phone. “What’s it?” Chad asked from th£ oth£r end of th£ call.

“Sir codelia… codelia” Pamela said and burst !nto tears. “f*ck!ng talk to me what happened to codelia” Chad asked.

“codelia collapsed and $h£’s not breath!ng aga!n, I need to ru$h£d h£r to th£ hospital and th£re’s no one h£re with me” Pamela said.

“what, wh£re are you?” Chad asked. “Am !n th£ house” Pamela said and burst !nto tears.

“I will be right th£re, noth!ng must happen to h£r” Chad said and end th£ call. h£ picked h¡s phone and ran ©vt of h¡s office.

Mr Leo used h¡s car to double cross Mrs Leo car and $h£ come d©wΠ Angrily from h£r car.

” why did you blocked my car?” Mrs Leo asked. ” Amelia, I said am sorry did you have to parked ©vt of th£ house” Mr Leo said.

” Leo I can’t come [email protected]¢k to th£ house, s!nce you choose to disgrace Me !n ₱vblic” Mrs Leo said.

” Am very sorry, I talk ©vt of anger” Mr Leo said. ” I can’t share you with my friend, I wouldn’t have parked ©vt if it’s someone else” Mrs Leo said.

” Am sorry, I didn’t know $h£’s your friend” Mr Leo said. ” Are th¡s people cr*zy why did th£y blocked th£ road.

“Chad said and came d©wΠ from h¡s car angrily. ” you people should f*ck!ng take your toys ©vt of th£ way” Chad sh©vted.

” I am very sorry” Mrs Leo said and went |ns!de h£r car. ” Get ©vt of th£ road Leo” Mrs Leo sh©vted.

” Am not leav!ng h£re until you forgive me” Mr Leo said. ” Are you crazy Mr, does th¡s place look like court to you” Chad said Angrily.

” No one is leav!ng th¡s place, do your worst” Mr Leo said and Mrs Leo came d©wΠ from h£r car.

” Leo, if you value your life k!ndly m©v£ your car away from th£ road” Mrs Leo said.

” h£ can’t do anyth!ng to me” Mr Leo said. ” I don’t have time for th¡s rubbish but I have mark your face” Chad said and left h¡s car at th£ scene, h£ ran to th£ nearest junction and take a cab.


” Wh£re’s $h£?” Chad asked. ” $h£’s !n h£r room” Pamela replied and Chad ran !nto codelia room. Pamela on th£ light and codelia sh©vted “Happy birthday” “what’s th£ mean!ng of th¡s rubbish?” Chad asked.

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