Cold episode 11

Cold episode 11
The man fell before Joseph could ready his hand to pull the trigger. All their gazes turned in the direction of the gunshots, they each had their last looks before falling after each other. Everywhere became silent again after the last of the guard had been killed. Spencer snuck gently to the car while others followed behind.
“Joseph” he called and Joseph faced him, still clutching his pistol.
“Spencer, damn, impeccable timing” Joseph said through clenched teeth. Spencer grabbed his door and jacked it open while Lugo jumped off the other side.
“You are bleeding” Spencer said observing Joseph’s laps soaked in blood.
“Yes, I was hit” he said limping to the ground.
“We should get you out of here” Lugo said.
“No, we are here already, I want to see Frederick’s obituary in the papers tomorrow”
“So where is he?” Spencer asked looking around the compound and the dead bodies.
“He ran in,side the house, let’s get him” Joseph replied and led the front, dragging his right leg while others followed behind. Stepping into the front door that led into the house, the came into a big lavishly furnished sitting room, at the extreme end was a stylish step that curved up to meet a balcony.
“Spencer, 3 of you should look up this floor while we check out upstairs” Joseph whispered and Spencer nodded. They parted, Spencer and his team combing the down floor while Joseph and Lugo climbed the stairs. Slowly, they came to a closed door facing the balcony. With their backs on the wall, they crept closer to the door, Joseph slowly turned the door knob and banged it open, he followed up immediately and pointed his gun in the direction of the open door. He was met by a dark corridor which had 3 rooms facing each other. He walked in stealthily with Lugo on his trail.
“Check this door, while I check the other ” he whispered and they both took to either side of the corridor, on his count, they gently opened each door and found each room empty. The wardrobes were ajar and clothes littered the entire room. Leaving the doors open, they moved on to the second door and it was equally empty. Moving on to the last door, Joseph grabbed the knob and heaved on it, the door scarcely moved. Lugo grabbed his and it gave way. Joseph smiled and pointed his gun at the door.
“Locked” he whispered and Lugo nodded.
“I would have kicked it open but I’m a little bit kind of one legged at the moment ” he said smiling and throwing Lugo a suggestive look. Lugo smiled and moved back a little, raising his feet, he kicked hærd at the door and it gave way. The shrill cry of a woman rented the air as Joseph and Lugo hid at either side of the door. The cry ended abruptly. Joseph took a peek in,side the room, staring back at him was Frederick with his gun pointed in his direction, he quickly withdrew his head as hot bullets raced after it only missing him by an inch. Joseph crouched lower and swerved into the open door firing at the point Frederick once stood, the shrill cry came up again and Joseph saw a little too late, Jacquie fall on the ground, her hands on her bleeding stomach.
“Shit” Joseph yelled and limped into the room, walking over the dead woman, he moved to the window which had its glass broken. He looked down at the ground only to dodge shots from Frederick who stood waiting for him to show up.
“Bleep” he muttered and took cover against the wall, motioning Lugo to stand where he was.
“Spencer, go out the front, he is headed there!” He yelled and was replied by the sound of running feet below them. Frederick broke into a run, making for a car parked in the compound, he got to it in time before Spencer and the others got out. In a frenzy, he ignited the engine and did a mad reverse, aiming for Spencer and missing. Pushing the gas to the floor, he headed for the gate which was locked, doubling his speed, he rammed the car into the gate crashing it open, the car skidded to a stop on impact with the it. Spencer ran with the others towards the car with their fingers on the trigger, Joseph and Lugo came out the front door and moved in the direction of the car.
in,side the car, Frederick made efforts to reignite the engine and failed, frustrated, he banged his fists on the steering, kicking and swearing at his fate.
“Frederick, come down man” Joseph said staring at him through the window with a triumphant grin on his face. Frederick took a look around the car and knew the game was up, slowly he opened the door and came out, his hands in the air.
“You thought you were going to get away with the murder of my parents?” Joseph asked looking him in the face. Frederick smiled at him, infuriated, Joseph threw him a punch on his stomach, he crouched from the pain and he landed him another blow on the back with the butt of his gun, he staggered and crashed to the ground, his back against the car. Joseph cringed and came face to face with him.
“Why did you kill my parents? What was in it for you?”
“You Could have asked your brother that ” he replied smiling into his face. Joseph gave him a stunned look and squeezed his face.
” My brother? ”
” Yes, Williams, your brother”
“You are a pathetic liar, you shouldn’t have called his name” Joseph said and stood up and directed his gun on Frederick’s head.
“One last chance to come clean”
“You think I’m kidding? Williams…… ”
Joseph couldn’t wait to hear more, he squeezed the trigger and Frederick’s brain matter splashed all over the body of the car.
In the distance, police siren wailed and the men exchanged looks.
” We should leave here” Lugo said and Joseph nodded. They picked another car from the compound. Got it working and drove off the compound into the tarred streets.

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