Cold episode 7

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Cold episode 7
Th£ fifth Avenue was anoth£r tomb |ns!de st Math£ws. Made up of low cost and dilapidated houses, th£ decapitations were not caused by elements of nature or old age, it rath£r was a result of frequent fire fights and thug wars from rival gangs !n th£ hood.
Gangs !n th£ fifth Avenue was like a part of th£ social amenities found !n th£re. It was very necessary for survival !n a place like that. A family could merge up all its boys and form a gang of th£ir own, kill!ng whoever dared th£m to make name for th£mselves. That was wh£re th£ Donati maternal root came from.
Th£ir moth£r was equally from a well recognised and respected family and everyone !n th£re, no matter how notorious accorded th£m th£ir respect and dues. Joseph and what was left of th£ Donati’s m©v£d !nto th£ir moth£rs family house which had been long abandoned.
Every one from th£ir moth£rs side was dead leav!ng th£ house bare. Th£ house was cleaned up and converted !nto a home aga!n !n no time with th£ perfect fem!n!ne touch from Maria.
On th£ even!ng of th£ day th£y m©v£d !n, Joseph had 0rg*nized gangs that were loyal to th£ Bourne family, that was h¡s moth£r’s family. A meet!ng took place, wh£re th£y planned a visit to Roland, all h£ needed was five men from th£m. Everyone was eager to go, !n St Math£ws, th£ only th!ng that tasted better than money was th£ blood of a rival.
Joseph got th£ perfect five men h£ needed. With h¡m and Lugo mak!ng th£m seven. Th£y planned an attack on one of th£ most protected gang leader !n st Math£ws, Joseph was significant with impossible missions, Lugo was a royal friend and th£ oth£rs were pla!n tasty for blood. All th£ sch£m!ng was done ©vt of th£ house and from th£ sight and knowledge of Maria. $h£ simply hated th£ type of life $h£ had to put up with everyday and Joseph didn’t want h£r upset.
Th£y waited until 2pm th£ next day before th£y set ©vt for st Gregory park, th£ home to Roland and many of h¡s royalists. Th£y went !n a blue ford van and a t!nted black Mercedes 180. Three of th£ guys occupied th£ Van while Joseph rode with Lugo and two oth£rs !n th£ Mercedes.
Th£y ride to st Gregory took th£m only 10 m!nutes. Th£y drove s1©wly through th£ park !n a convoy. Th£ van tak!ng th£ lead while Joseph followed beh!nd. Appreh£nsive looks trailed th£m as th£y m©v£d, everyone with h¡s [email protected] ready on h¡s gun, wait!ng for any wrong m©v£ from th£ convoy to b!0w it open.
Joseph cleared by th£ side of th£ road while th£ van m©v£d furth£r up and parked !n th£ middle of th£ road, directly opposite a bungalow, Roland’s house. For a few seconds everyone watch£d, Joseph and h¡s companions waited patiently for th£ir role, th£ men !n th£ van load!ng th£ir a$$ault rifles, unperturb£d that th£ wh0l£ street had th£ir eyes on th£m, th£ b©dy guards !n th£ house watch£d with curiosity, th£ir [email protected] rest!ng on th£ir weapons, ready to draw th£m ©vt.
Joseph made a h£ad count of th£ guards !n front of th£ house, ab©vt eight of th£m and th£ street littered with a couple of oth£rs, ab©vt thirty !n number. h£ made ©vt th£ garage belong!ng to th£ house and th£ car parked !n it, h£ nodded and ignited th£ eng!ne to h¡s car and left it runn!ng.
Th£ b©dy guards got tired of watch!ng, three of th£m came ©vt !n th£ open, and m©v£d to approach th£ car with th£ir guns [email protected] !n a flash, th£ door to th£ van slid open and before th£y could make ©vt th£ men !n th£ car, th£y h£ard saw th£ yellow flash and th£ sound followed.
Th£ two approach!ng b©dy guards were shattered by th£ a$$ault riffles as th£ three men !n th£ van fired !ndiscrim!nately !nto th£ house, th£ rest took cover beh!nd pillars support!ng th£ roofs of th£ house. Th£y sat t!ght beh!nd th£ pillars with th£ir teeth clench£d as th£ bullets tore off bits and pieces of th£ wall, pulveriz!ng th£m.
Th£ men !n th£ Mercedes waited patiently as th£ir companions ra!ned h£ll on th£ house, th£ men !n th£ streets took cover wait!ng for th£m to expend th£ir bullets before mov!ng !n on th£m. For a while, it seemed like th£y weren’t go!ng to stop and th£n like on commands, th£ir cl¡ps went empty.
Th£y shut th£ door close immediately, th£ men under cover came ©vt with th£ir guns c*cked, each aim!ng at th£ van from afar as th£y weren’t ready to get closer.
“clang!!” th£ first sh°t from th£m hit th£ car and th£ bullet got deflected., subsequent sh°ts followed as th£y fired at every part of th£ car, tear!ng th£ metal apart and shatter!ng gla$$es. Th£y stopped wh£n th£y felt th£y had done enough damage.
An unusual silence followed for some seconds, s1©wly th£y approach£d th£ car with th£ir guns still ready for action. Th£y stopped at a little distance from th£ car and peeped through th£ h0l£s made by th£ir bullets.
Th£ three shooters s1©wly got up from th£ floor of th£ car wh£re th£y had taken cover and dusted th£mselves. From |ns!de, th£y watch£d as th£ guards advanced toward th£m, th£y decided th£ men were ©vt enough, th£y kicked th£ door already weakened by bullets, it dropped effortlessly and th£y came face to face with th£ stunned men, th£y were f*ster and m©r£ prepared, th£ir rifles went up !n unison and th£y triggered it, it was m©r£ like a fir!ng squad than a firefight.
Th£ir b©dy shook as th£y fires ceaselessly at th£ men who’s guards were d©wΠ. Th£y fell after each oth£r until th£y were all dead. Th£ three of th£m jumped d©wΠ !nto th£ street and engaged th£ men th£re, tak!ng cover by th£ car. Th£y had superior weapons and had cover. Th£y took th£m ©vt one after th£ oth£r as th£ir own bullets kept hitt!ng th£ car.
!n all th£ commotion, Joseph could make ©vt Roland as h£ ran to h¡s car from th£ [email protected]¢k of th£ house, h£ was with two oth£r men. That was all h£ needed. h£ stepped on th£ [email protected] and th£ eng!ne revved, ready for take off. Th£y waited for th£ car to ₱v|| ©vt and th£y went after th£m leav!ng th£ oth£r three beh!nd to complete what th£y started.
Roland sped off as Joseph followed h¡s trail at an equal speed.
“I th!nk someone’s follow!ng us” One of h¡s companions said and Roland looked at th£ rear view mirror and noticed th£ Mercedes for th£ first time.
“fv¢k, that’s Joseph” h£ said as h£ !ncreased h¡s speed.
“Yes, fv¢k!ng Joseph Donati, b!0w th£m ©vt”.
Th£ man !n th£ front seat beside Roland picked h¡s gun and wound d©wΠ h¡s w!ndow, a th!ng Joseph observed and sped up h¡s car, Lugo picked h¡s sawed off, c*cked it and went up th£ sun roof. h£ aimed at th£ man at th£ [email protected]¢k of th£ car and after a few seconds of try!ng to steady h¡mself, h£ fired at h¡m and th£ man dropped h¡s h£ad at th£ [email protected]¢k of Rolands seat, blood dripp!ng from h¡s m©vth and h¡s h£ad shattered, th£ impact shattered th£ gla$$ of th£ car and s£nt pellets fly!ng all over th£ car.
Th£ car swerved and Lost ¢©Πtr0| as it tried to avoid an oncom!ng trailer unsuccessfvlly. Th£y bru$h£d th£ side of th£ trailer and went on to [email protected]|| !nto a ditch by th£ side of th£ road. Th£ car sommersaulted three times and came to a crash!ng stop.

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