Complicated Abomination

Complicated Abomination episode 2



Agbele ran to her friend faith house, she couldn’t find anyone. She stood there tired. She was totally confused. She just put her hands on head crying, talking to herself. I am finish. Wt will I tell my mummy, how will my mummy believe me. Haa!! My Daddy I am dead already. Oh God why?

Agbele was there talking to herself when Mama Ajala their faith neighbor came back from the market. She knows Agbele as faith best friend. Agbele wt happen? Agbele quickly wiped her tears. Ma nothing I just came to check on my friend. Agbele is that why u are crying. Ma am not crying.

Anyway faith and her parents are no more living in this village. Her Dad got promotion last week, don’t tell me she didn’t tell u. Ma I was not around, for the past two weeks,my grandma died and we travel to her village. Agbele sorry oooo. Agbele couldn’t wait again. Throughout that day Agbele did not come back home. Her

mom was boiled with anger waiting for her. Even her Dad and her two elder brothers were also waiting for her to come back. Agbele slept in an uncompleted building close their house. She don’t even remember anything hunger again. The next day, she managed to come back home but she couldn’t enter their compound. Immediately Agbele saw her Daddy she almost collapse. Agbele come back here. Daddy pls forgive me is not my fault. Her Daddy held her hand and took her in,side.

Immediately her mom saw her, She started beating her mercilessly. Agbele who got u pregnant? Mummy I don’t know. Agbele u said Wt? Mummy I swear to God I don’t know the person. Agbele u are mad. Agbele u will die today. The beating was terrible. Agbele laying down on the floor with her face on the ground. Her Dad asked.

Woman please calm down let us know who impregnated her first before anything. Honey I can never allowed this girl to bring shame to this family. Woman let me ask her first. Agbele look at me, am ur Daddy and u know me very well. The only thing I need from u is the truth. Now tell me who impregnated u? Daddy u know I can never lie to you. I swear to God I don’t know the person. See hot slap from her mother from behind. The sound of the slap was like someone who jump from high up to the river. Agbele eyes red immediately. Woman no ooo take it easy.

Honey can’t u hear her. Woman u should know me, I just want to get the fact first before any action. Agbele I am asking u for the last time. Who got u pregnant? Daddy wt I could remember was last month Faith birthday, we went to Alor river. Wt? Why? Daddy we went there to celebrate her birthday when two guys raped us. Honey I can’t believe her. This girl is lying. How can someone just raped u like that.

Daddy I swear to God and am not lying. Daddy Please forgive me, am very sorry for not telling u all these while. Agbele I don’t believe you and I won’t beat u but if u don’t want me to buried u alive, go and look for that idiot that impregnated you. Tell him ur Daddy want to see him. Daddy I don’t know him. Agbele Start going now I mean now. Daddy please i don’t know him and i don’t even know where to find him. Agbele leave my sight now. The man shouted.

Agbele quickly managed stood up. Not even enough energy on her again. She knows her Dad well. Anything he said is final. Agbele became weak and frustrated. 15 years old girl for that matter. She managed to trek to the river where she was raped. She broke down in tears.

U hærdly see people around the river especially day time. The river was not that big. Agbele just managed swim, cross the river. Bush are everywhere. She became tired. She was just going when she saw something like a falling tree on the road, Agbele laying down on it to relax not knowing it was a big Anaconda snake. Agbele slept off on the snake there.

To be continue

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