Conflict – Episode 1

CONFLICT Episode 1

By Amah

Three different families, please let’s meet the first family Mr &Mrs Ojah.

They have being married for 8years with two kids, Ojah and his wife Lili, they are not your ideal perfect couple, Lili, Ojah’s wife is a teacher and also have a small shop in front of their house she uses to support the family, she employ Kuma, their neighbor’s daughter, who just finished high school but couldn’t further because of cash, she was happy when Lili asked her to manage the shop since theirs nobody to do that for her, they agreed on a certain amount as salary.

Ojah read pharmacy in school but he has refused to work, he told his wife he can never work for anybody, he wants to be his own boss, no matter how many times Lili plead with him to get something doing so that he can assist her with the family expenses which was too much for her, Ojah never listen to every word spoken from his wife, her encouragement for him to get a job fell on deaf ears,

He told his wife that he want to get a shop and open a big pharmacy,he want her to collect loan anywhere she can he will pay back, Lili agreed and collected a loan with the intention of getting the money from him ones his business is set up, she was happy that her husband finally wants to do something, she encouraged the more.

Ojah, after collecting the money will leaves home everyday and comes home late at night drunk, one day his wife asked him how far he has gone in setting up the pharmacy, he told her he was still working on it,

Ojah now has alot of friends he buys drink for at the bar, he will tell them to drink or eat whatever they want, there’s money his a rich man, they hail him, give him big title, he was swelling with pride as is friends keep hailing him,

sometimes he goes to the brothel with his so called friends to check out pr-stitute, his life style became unbearable his wife talk everyday but nothing was done instead he becomes worse, she remind him of the huge loan she collected and how he promised her he will give her back ones he set up his business, he ignored the wife and continue living his crazy life until all the money finished, his so called friends abandoned him, they all left him, they denied knowing him, he went back to his wife and told her how he misplaced the money, he lied and told her that he was robbed and all the money was gone, Lili shouted, cried and told him how he has warned him about the life style he suddenly took up, he never bought anything for her or the children, he has squandered the wh0le money and comes back to tell her c*cked up lies as if she’s stupid, Ojah warned her not to disrespect him because he’s her husband and the head of the house, he told her that many women are doing even more for their husbands, why is she complaining because of the small money she borrowed and gave him, which wasn’t even enough to get a big shop like he has wanted, Ojah told her to be happy because she even have a husband, many ladies are out there looking for a man to marry and she’s taking him for granted.

Lili started paying back the loan little by little, she divide her salary every month and use half to be paying loan, she Carter for the children, feeding and also her husband, it wasn’t easy at all for her, she begged Ojah again to start up something, go out and look for job, make an effort, start from somewhere, one day you will be your own boss, Ojah never listened, he stays home everyday, watching TV or sleeping, he never wash the dishes or cloths or even sweep the house he believe it was a woman duty, Lili comes home tired everyday and start up with house work, she took up extra lesson in school to be able to get more money, she asked the husband to be staying in the shop so that Kuma the sales girl will get something else doing and the little money she pays her will go into other important things

Still Ojah refused he accused her of trying to turn him into her sales boy, they started quarrelling she leads to a fight that left bruises on Lili.

He warned her never to send him any kind of message because his a man and he is the head of the house not the other way round,

Lili is tired, she doesn’t know what to do any more…


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