Conflict – Episode 2

CONFLICT Episode 2


Please meet the second family, Mr and Mrs Laju.

They have being married for 8years and blessed with 2kids, Mr Laju’s wife, Mali is a stay at home Mom,

Laju works and takes care of his family the best way he can, sometimes the burden is too much, he pays the children school fees, feeding, rents and gives his wife money for up keep, his salary isn’t much to take all the expenses he wished his wife can assist in any little way she can, but anytime he brings it up she will flare up, for peace to reign he has stopped mentioning it to her,

He opened a shop which was not too far from the house and put a sales boy, he wanted to open it for his wife but she told him she can’t do such work, he got a sales boy and they agreed on the salary.

He asked his wife what exactly she want to do so that he will support her, Mali told him to give her time let her think about it, he waited and asked her again and she said she wanted to be selling Brazilian hair and going to Dubai to buy lace material, Laju told her he doesn’t have that kind of money, but he will get a loan for her to at least start, maybe as the business grows they will be able to pay back the loan, he was happy that at least his wife has agreed to do something,

He was able to get the loan and gave the money to his wife,

Mali took the money with full smile, Laju waited for days that turn into weeks for his wife to come and give him update when she didn’t he decided to ask her, she told him she was still working on it

Laju came back from work one-day and saw new cloths, Brazilian and Peruvian hair, shoes, makeups and jeweleries, he asked Mali if this was part of the things she want to be selling?

she told him no, that they were all for her, that she bought them for her personal use, that she used the remaining money to put in a pozim scheme, like all this money doublers, she met them where she went to buy her makeups and they said they will double the money for her, so if they double the money she buy a car for herself because most of her friends has car and they are always looking good, that she also need all that luxury “after all is the way you dress you will be addressed”

Laju scre-med, shouted, why will she do such, that it was a borrowed money that they both agreed to pay back ones her business start Yelling profit, he was shouting at same time Mali was shouting,

“don’t you admire other women with cars and good looks, why are you shouting, I can count all the human hair and shoes i have, is not even enough, I stay at home and care for the house and also the kids, do you think is easy, I mentioned to you about getting a house help but you waved it off, I can’t be spoiling my manicured hands and my fixed nails just because I’m married when you are not the only man in the world,”

if you can’t do it, alot of men are so willing to do it, remember I’m a woman and I’m meant to be cared for, pampered and praised, every time you will asking me what i want to do, do you want me to be stressed out and start looking haggard, what kind of man are you, you are so wicked, I was looking more beautiful when you met me and married me, now you want to turn me into an old woman.

After the quarrel Laju have to find a way to start paying the loan, he divide his salary into two and use one set to be paying for the debt pending when he will pay it off,

with the help of his shop business he was able to manage his expenses.

Mali went to meet the money doublers but find out they were fake, they duped her.

She wasn’t so move, she continued living her extravagant life style, she hærdly do house chores because of the long nails she usually fix,

Laju sometime comes back and will meet alot of dirty dishes and cloths littered ever where, he will be the one to wash and clean up,

It becomes too much for him he confronted Mali again, she lashed out at him, insulting him,

” so many men are dying to have me and instead of you to improve your game you are here complaining of dirty dishes or dirty laundry, you did not marry a house help, I can only do what i can, I won’t kill myself because this life we only got one to live so i will make good use of it by looking good and healthy, I won’t become a house girl because i married a lazy man that can’t work hærd and take care of his wife needs.

Laju is tired and confuse, he don’t know what to do anymore.


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