Conflict – episode 3

CONFLICT Episode 3

By Amah

Lili, Ojah’s wife, Mali, Laju’s wife and Cassy Frank’s wife who will we will not focus so much on because there’s no much conflict in their life’s,

three of them happens to be friends, because Lili takes their children on extra lesson so they happen to connect, they gathered that day to talk about their families and life,

“My husband complains over everything, he comes home and if the dishes are not done or the laundry he will complain, I wish he stays at home and see what it is like to be a stay at home mom, I envy you Lili, your husband stays at home at least he understands you more than my husband”. Mali complained.

Lili laughed hærd and then said

“you suppose not to even complain, look at you, you are the luckiest woman, your husband leaves everyday for work, he still helps you out with the house chores, why are you complaining, you don’t even have anything to worry about you are blessed with a good man”

Cassy the third woman was just looking at them with a smile as they narrate their ordeal with their spouses she then later said,

“me and Frank aren’t perfect we sometimes have clash, misunderstanding is bound to happen in every marriage or relationsh¡p, like you both know we have being married for 8years just like you too, and we are blessed with 2kids for now, Frank and I work, we both takes care of our home, sometime i will be in the kitchen while he is getting the kids ready or taking care of the laundry, we work as a team because one person doesn’t make up a home, I’m not trying to paint it to your faces that i don’t have any problems, I do have is just that with the help of Frank, we tackle it together…maybe you too can do exchange of husband..hahahaha”

Immediately Cassy said that she laughed hoping Lili and Mali will join her but when she saw that she wasn’t funny to them she quickly apologized for throwing such a dry joke at them.

“You maybe right Cassy, probably if I’m away for sometime Laju will learn to appreciate my presence but i don’t know what Lili thinks about that, nothing intimate will happen just housemate for probably a week or two” Mali said looking at Lili.

“I’m so in, because already it seems i don’t even have a husband, nothing intimate yeah, just housemate, I’m in, but will the men agree to this crazy idea”? Lili said looking confused.

The men who already are friends sat with bottles beer to discus their own predicaments,

“my wife never appreciate me, she knows I’m not working yet if i ask her for money she will be acting up, just a little money i collected from her one time like that with the idea to set up something but it wasn’t enough to set up anything, I don’t even know how the wh0le money got missing she started shouting at me that i don’t know how to make money but i know how to squander it, she said I don’t assist her with anything in the house, I don’t know if she want to turn me into a woman, she forgot that I’m still the head of the house and that men are scarce, she suppose to worsh¡p me everyday for having me because alot of ladies are even looking for a stay at home husband, they just want to answer Mrs and yet my wife takes me for granted. Maybe if I’m away she appreciates me more”

“Ajah my man, you don’t even have anything to complain about your wife, she works and still manage the home with the little time she have, while my wife does the opposite, she destroy every little effort i make towards a better home, she does nothing and yet she complains, still asking for a house help, I’m so in debt because of her, she appreciate nothing I do for her, seriously I’m tired, probably if I’m away she will sit up and do her wife duty”

“well, my wife is my soul supporter, Said Frank as he drank from the bottle of beer, “any heavy expenses I can’t handle personally she will bring 30 percent while i bring 70, we don’t rub shoulders, she manages our business and also the home, I assist her in every way i can because that’s the way it suppose to be, we work as a team to make our home a better place, she isn’t perfect, we have misunderstanding ones in a while but is quickly resolved”

“Laju what do you think we switch seat for a week or two, you have my wife for little period, nothing intimate, just in-house mates, then I will have yours, at least your wife never complains like mine, my complains just too much about my joblessness, her complain will probably drive you crazy, even if i go out and come back drunk she will still complain, nothing ever satisfy her, she will learn to appreciate me more if I’m away from her ”

“yeah” if you think is a good idea, then I’m in, but don’t complain to me if she breaks your head with one of those her heel shoes, a week or two, we will find ways to handle the kids or they will go on holiday, don’t want my kids to get confuse over this our crazy ideas, Mali will sure make you to run back to your wife quicker than the agreed time but we will complete the agreed time before returning to our spouses” hahahaha…”

Frank was just listening without a word, he laughed at their crazy idea and he later said

“are you both sure this is a good idea? Nobody should come crying to me that their spouse has refused to return o”

They all laughed and reassured him that it was the best idea,

They started thinking of how to tell their wives about their idea not knowing that the women were thinking alike


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