Conflict – episode 4

CONFLICT Episode 4

By Amah

“I have something i want to discus with you”

Says Ajah as he sat Lili down that night

“me too… I also have something i want to suggest… But go first, I’m listening

“no tell me yours first, you know the general saying “women first” so you go first then i will tell you mine later..

“Ajah, if you don’t want to talk, you tell me, I have things to do, but I’m not telling you first, is either you say that thing you called me for or i go back to what i was doing”

Ajah and Lili dragged on and on who will say it first, when Lili wanted to stand up he spoke up

“you don’t appreciate me in this house, you complains over everything i do, if i take small money from you. You will complain, if I stay home and watch television, eat and sleep you will still complain same way if i go out and come back drunk or late at night, your complain is driving me nut, you forgot that I’m still the head of this house, I’m a man Lili, I can choose to do whatever i so desires to do, your duty is to take care of me as your king and husband that i am, respect me and support me but your constant complain over me not working when i have already told you that i want to be my own boss, I can’t work for anybody… You are so annoying and tiring, I’m so sick and tired of all your complains so Lili I have decided to switch seat with Laju my friend, let him face what I’m facing and see that I’m actually a strong man to have condole your nonsense behaviour… Me, Laju and Frank has already discussed it, Laju will husband you for a week or two, nothing intimate, no intimacy involve, no s€×, k-ssing and the likes, just house mates, let even see who the real husband is because i know within two days you will see Laju call me to come and carry you…because I’m the only one that can tolerate you….so that’s what i want to tell you… I don’t want you to start complaining or arguing with me over my decision Because mind is made up…”

Ajah knew within him that his wife, Lili will argue with him and will rather go to another place instead of being with another man under a roof because she can’t do without him…he was happy within him to punish her that way but was surprise when she said..

“I’m in, fantastic idea, I’m in Ajah.

Ajah opened his mouth not knowing how to react to such quick agreement from Lili, he asked her to tell him what she wanted to tell him before

“you said it all Ajah is as if you took the word from my mouth… That’s what i wanted to tell you”

Ajah doubted her because he knew she’s not strong enough to make such decision but not knowing he has pushed her to that extent, after Ajah thought for a while he let it go and stand on his decision of Lili going over to Laju and Mali coming down to his, depending on what they agreed over there.

Over at Laju and Mali’s house, Mali was busy carrying face and keeping malice with Laju who was asking her what he did this time but she keep sighing and murmuring to herself, she didn’t answer Laju,

Laju left her alone, when she saw that Laju has stop asking her what that’s making her sad she approached him with vextation, boiling like hot water and said

“you are so uncaring, you are not even a man, a real man will want to know why his woman is sad, if is money or something else that is making her sad, but you just ask me like 2times and you didn’t ask again, you just gave up…i don’t blame you Laju, is it not because you see me everyday that’s why you don’t appreciate me, you complain of me being at home and doing nothing, if you ever spend the kind of time i spend at home and understand what it is like then you will respect me, you will even be buying me gift everyday, but in your own case is totally different, so i have decided to do something, which is to leave the house…yes i will leave… And my leaving is just a week or two I will be away from all this your over perfectness, me, Lili and Cassy were discussing it and Lili has has agreed to exchange with me for that period of time, and withing that period nothing intimate will happen, she will just be housemate with you same with me, maybe with that you men will come to realize how important your wife is…. You will see that I’m truly a gold and Diamond i suppose to be pampered, cared for and respected, if i ask for anything you suppose to it without thinking twice because I’m your wife and many men are dying to have me and cherish me….so that’s it, my mind is made up…you can’t change it and don’t beg me because you will be wasting your time doing that”

Laju wanted to laugh out loud because this is exactly what he has being wanting to tell her but he didn’t know how to go about it, he just said with a smile surprising Mali who was waiting for him to beg her and tell her not to go anywhere because he can’t do without her but he just said

“is fine by me, wanted to discus something like that with you too but I’m glad you brought it up, cool idea, even better because we are in it together, maybe from next week we will proceed, first of all we will have to take the kids out, before you go over to Ajah and before Lili comes over everything need to be in place, nothing intimate just in-house mates,i get it, is cool, Ajah, Frank and i already discussed it so our spirits are walking hand in hand, I’m in.”

Mali was surprise to hear him say all that but she left him angrily and went in,side to draw out her plan on how to proceed to Lili house while Lili to hers.


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