Conflict – episode 5

CONFLICT Episode 5

Mali moved in with Ajah and Lili moved in with Mali’s husband Laju, since they agreed on spending two weeks, so the first day was introduction, the women were getting to know their new environment, and unpacking their stuffs in their different rooms.

“where should i keep my shoes and jewelries”

Mali asked Ajah, who was looking less concerned at her questions, she repeated it, shouting it loud so that even if Ajah was deaf he will hear her

” Mali, you are using the spare room, I don’t know where stuff like that are kept, check very well in your room and put your stuff were you want, I’m not a woman, make yourselves comfortable because I don’t have time to make it for you..”

“you are so pathetic Ajah , the visitor’s room i will be using is so stuffy, the air condition isn’t cooling well and the Waldrop is too small for my stuff…you live in this house, you should be able to know how things are kept and how things are done..”

“you sound so bitter for a woman, what type of woman are you, Lili will never speak to me in that manner, is it not just two weeks you will be staying and you suppose to come with small stuff or did you pack all your wh0le cloths , because I’m wondering how that big waldrop will be too small for your cloths and shoes, do you want to sell them, Lili doesn’t have that much stuff and I saw her cleaning that room and changing the bed spray and everything in it why will you still say is stuffy…i don’t understand you Mali, this is the first day and we are already quarreling, what will happen at two weeks…do you want Laju and Lili to laugh at house? eeeh…try to manage what we have in two weeks time you will be going back to your luxury home…please… i don’t want us to start having misunderstanding…is too early… Let’s teach those two, Laju and Lili, that we can live without them… So that they can value us more…remember that’s the main reason for this..”

“Ajah , I like my space, and Laju always make sure i have it, even if i don’t use all but I just want to be seeing my Brazilian hair, my gold jewelries, my shoes and wears… I just like my space and the room i was given doesn’t speak of my personality, you should move into the visitor’s room and i will move into the master bedroom you and Lili shares, you stay there while I manage your matrimonial bedroom, which i know won’t be up to my taste… I want to be comfortable, I like my comfort, and i always get what i ask for because my husband makes sure of that…Laju tries to give me what’s i demand for no matter the cause.. So right now i demand to move into the master bedroom that you share with Lili, I will manage it, and you should move to the spare room i was giving.. ”

“hahahahahaha…Mali, you are too funny o, I should leave my bedroom for you because you are who exactly… Now I can see you are wearing foolishness and stupidness as a cloth, because is only a fool or a stupid person that will demand such…do i look like Laju to you…look at me very well, do i look like your husband….let me tell you…i don’t tolerate nonsense from women…you would have asked Lili who i am before coming down… if you think you are very important and your room space is not enough maybe you should buy the wh0le state….with that you will be able to have enough space to display your stupid achievement…nonsense…if you don’t want the room that you were given you leave my house, don’t come here and give me headache…

” you are very useless, Laju is far better of than you… And which house are you claiming…is it not Lili that pays the rent here…that’s how useless you are…i wonder what qualifies you to be called a man… So when real men comes out you will join them…hahahaha… You are a comedian, how can a woman be paying rent and you are there claiming to be a man…you are obviously a useless man”

“I don’t blame you Mali, is because Laju does everything for you…what do you know queen of Brazilian hair…you forget that Lili is my wife and her stuff is equally mine because I’m the head of the house unlike Laju who you have turn into tail of the house… If she pays the rent and so what? rubbish, I don’t have your strength…please leave me alone and use the room you were giving… I’m not going to start exchange words with you because I’m not a woman and I’m not Laju I’m Ajah…so deal with it…

“you think you are a man, you are a useless man, I wonder how Lili cope with you, I can’t even live with your type for a day…if not for this so called mix match I won’t be close to you for anything you are useless to me…rubbish”

“if i was Laju I would have tear that your mouth you are using to talk rubbish…I wonder how he cope with you…kudos to him, he is really trying…i can’t, I will just give you the seat you deserve….

“hahaha, look at the person calling himself a man, you said you won’t reply me because you are man but here you are opening same mouth to talk trash…and you call yourself a man… Yes Laju is trying because he is a real man and you can never be like him, you are pathetic….Lili is obviously trying, she deserve the award for the patient woman of the year.. Seriously…i will give her a long hug when next i see her…she deserves it….

Ajah, in other not to reply her again block his ear with his ear piece and loud the music as Mali later left him to the visitor’s room she will be using,

Ajah was already regretting while he even agreed to such idea, he was regretting the wh0le thing but he can’t back down it was too late, me will have to live with her until the two weeks finishes, he thank God for Lili , because she bought enough food that will last for a month before leaving to Laju’s house, he wondered how he will cope with Mali for the rest of the remaining days this is just the first day.

While Laju and Lili were busy getting to know each other more and cracking jokes about the wh0le thing happening around them, Lili was grateful for her own visitor’s room and thanked Laju, she didn’t pick much stuff, she just unpacked the little things she came along in her own room, she wondered how Ajah and Mali is coping knowing the kind of person they both are, she wished she have not agreed to the wh0le thing because is really crazy, she miss Ajah and wonder how he will cope with his new partner Mali.


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