Conflict – episode 6

CONFLICT Episode 6
By Amah

Laju and Lili were doing just fine, they worked as a team, Laju who didn’t believe that women are meant to do every house chores always assist Lili, things were going smoothly fine for them, after the day work Lili prepares the meal while Laju set the table and after food, they both clears the table and she wash while Laju dries up the plates and put them in other, after everything they both retires to their different rooms to rest and get set for the following week, as much as Lili and Laju misses there partner they don’t think much about them, they just hope and pray that Ajah and Mali are working as a team

Lili make sure everything was in place before leaving her house, she even have to shop for the house, buying enough food so that they won’t be needing anything, she cooked and stored up and she arranged the spare room for Mali so that she will find it comfortable, she didn’t want anything to bring Issue between them, as for cooking they should be able to cook what they can eat, incase they decided to eat something different from what she prepared down, she also begged her sales girl Kuma to assist them in cleaning the house and probably laundry. she took her kids out, just as they all agreed and they all signed 2weeks before they return back, Everything has being going on fine, Lili thought to herself that night, “Laju is a good man, Mali got a supportive husband not just in financial aspect even in house chores, he helps out in everything even when i insist he leaves it for me to do he will still go and be doing something else, what exactly do Mali want when God has already blessed her with Laju, Laju is caring too unlike Ajah who has refuse doing anything, Ajah believes his a man and that practically makes him boss over all, Laju act like a real man while Ajah will always sing it to your ear until you are tired of hearing it, although i miss him but i need him to start acting like a real man, but even after 2weeks and he is still the same i will accept him as my cross to bear for the main time until i decide what to do, I can’t continue to live like that with him, we are just 8years, forever is a very long time to bear all the trouble, before Ajah kills me before my time, sometimes in life we fall for the wrong choice thinking is right and along the line we will start regretting why we made such choice…is better to know who you will be spending forever with because is really a long journey and of you are in it with a wrong person it will be so disastrous.

“who is going to do the cooking today, because I’m not cooking anything, I have being doing the cooking since day one because i know you are a lazy man and you are not capable of doing anything, at least you have being enjoying the noodles I usually make…so enough of enjoyment, the stew Lili made is finished and i can’t go and start going through that stressed of preparing something for you because you don’t worth it, if not that Lili made food down and store it in the fridge I would have allowed you to starve, nonsense…

“you are not even worthy to be called a wife, the only thing you make is noddles and is even tasteless, another woman cook and store in the fridge and your own is to be warming and eating, common to serve me you can’t, you will be telling me “Ajah, you better go and carry your food in the pot” as if I’m your house boy or I’m begging you for food, is that the way you treat Laju…and is obvious that Laju does everything for you…lazziness runs in your blood,

I will call Kuma, my wife sales girl to come and prepare something for me and you won’t taste it because is women like you that runs a restaurant…I’m just so tired of you, I can’t wait for the wh0le thing to end so that my wife can return back to me…”

“Lazy man like you, at least i can cook tasteless noddles as you call it what can you cook? In fact remind me of what you do again for a living…sincerely I don’t know how Lili copes but she must have being a demi god to accommodate your lazy ass….no no, I can’t deal…if the Kuma girl is making anything just tell her to make enough or you won’t taste it.. I will rather throw it away and step on it than for you to eat and i will starve, and tell the Kuma girl to come and clean this house, is becoming disgusting and your presence is making it worst…Lili is really trying.. I can’t o…lazy man… You want me to serve you…hahahaha.. You are dreaming…i serve real men not lazy men like you, if you can’t go and get your own food from the pot then wait and let starvation finish your life, “I am a man every time and yet you don’t pick a pin…do i look like a housegirl to you, no, be waiting for me…nonsense…

Ajah was already getting fed up with the wh0le thing, he has never seen a woman like Mali, who hærdly summit to a man, he want his wife back, he so much misses her, everyday with Mali is war…he is tired of her, always parading herself as if she’s a queen, he hate her type and yet anytime he want to wash her with his mouth she will end up finishing him up…how can he cancel this stupid plan.

Ajah keep thinking to himself as Mali kept thinking to herself, she was obviously tired of Ajah, she can’t tell how Lili copes with him, he wants to be praised and worsh¡ped like a god and yet he is so useless even to himself, she missed Laju, if she continue with Ajah she will go crazy because he can make one to run mad, she’s tired of him, she wanted her husband.


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