Conflict – episode 7

CONFLICT Episode 7

Mali woke up late that morning, she checked the time it was 11 45am, she slowly took her tooth brush and checked her face for any sign of pimples, just like her normal routine every morning she must take a long look in the mirror to see if her skin is still glowing, after doing that she brushed her mouth and went to the fridge to see if she can get juice, she saw a pack of juice and carried it without giving a care to Ajah who was watching her from the kitchen, big spoon stuck in his hand, he was probably cooking something, she didn’t bother to replace the pack of juice she carried with the normal ones lying close to the fridge, she felt less concerned as she passed Ajah, she eyed him and made a long sigh at him as she slowly walked with the juice to her room,

Ajah was in the kitchen, turning something on fire, he came out and check what Mali was trying to do as he hard her making noise, he was hoping is not the juice he want to use and eat she was taking, he saw her with a pack of juice heading to her room, he was so pained, he wanted to go and collect the juice from her because he has planed to use it to eat, he has left the other remaining juice in the carton on purpose, without putting them in the fridge so that Mali will not have any cold one to drink, he reserved the only one left in the fridge so that he will use it and eat without leaving any for Mali but his plan failed him as he watch her carry the pack of juice, he wanted to run and collect it from her but that will be inviting trouble for himself, he has tried to avoid her as much as possible, he was so pain as he watched her make a very long sigh at him, he kept quiet and went back to the kitchen, he sat hard on the kitchen chair, he thought of a way to get back at her and decided to scrapped the pot, even if he can’t finish the food he will dump it in the waste bin so that Mali will find a way to make her own food.

Mali went back to bed and relax as she slowly sip her juice, she didn’t want to freshen up yet since she’s not going anywhere she lyed down back on the bed, she wondered what Ajah was cooking or warming, she didn’t care, anytime she’s hungry she will go and take food and eat.

after another 30mins of lying down and finishing her juice she felt hungry and decided to go to the kitchen, on getting there she opened the pots and microwave but no food, she checked everywhere, no food even the one Kuma made for them yesterday that suppose to last for at least two days is gone, she checked the fridge, nothing, she stormed the sitting room where Ajah was sitting and demand for food, Ajah looked at her from head to toe then he gave her his own long sigh as he returned his eyes to the television screen.

She went and stand in front of the TV,

“are you crazy, get your wrinkled looking body away from my TV, I can’t see through you Mali. how can you be asking for food after finishing a wh0le pack of juice, if you are so hungry go and prepare Your Own food, is a woman like you that made the one you have being eating, or better still go to the dustbin” you only have fine deceiving face without Brian and with bad and stinking attitude”

“oh the juice is paining you, I took it on purpose and yes i finished it, since you are stingy and safe centered I’m also good in being stingy and self centered too, go and kill yourself if it pained you, I didn’t come here to be cooking but not withstanding i will go and make what to eat, if you like pour all the wh0le food in this house into a dustbin, you will only be wasting your wife’s hard earned money and in the process starving yourself, I’m only concerned about Lili because i know how hard she works, and putting food into the waste bin because you don’t want me to eat is wickedness, and you are a wicked and lazy man, if you know what a grain of rice cost you won’t be doing that…you are naturally born wicked, you said i have fine deceiving face with ugly attitude but you are personally ugly, facially ugly, pocketly ugly because you don’t have money but depend on your wife, nothing about you is even okay, your just too laz…..

Ajah couldn’t hold it any longer as he has endured alot of insult from her, he rushed to her and slapped her on the face, Mali was surprised and ran to the kitchen and grabbed a big iron spoon, she dashed to where Ajah was, on seeing the weapon on Mali’s hand he ran, she ran after him and stoned him with the spoon, it landed on his head as blood gushed out.

Mali called Laju to come and carry her away from Ajah’s house, she complained of how Ajah slapped her, Laju wasn’t happy with Ajah slapping his wife he quickly called him

“you shouldn’t lay a finger on her, don’t try it, no matter what she says if you can’t take anymore you peacefully take a walk, no matter what Mali does, she’s my wife and i have never touched her, you signed an agreement to be housemate with her don’t touch her or any woman, striking a woman means the man is weak, please no more violence”

“Laju’ what are you even saying she has broken my head, I have a swollen and bloody head because of your wife, Lili has never done such, no matter what i do, Lili respect me, your wife doesn’t respect anybody not even you her husband, in fact I’m not doing again, bring back my wife for me, come and carry Your Own, I don’t want…I’m getting out of this, this wh0le thing is insane, is crazy, what was i thinking…please i want my wife, I miss my wife, I want my Lili back…I’m sick and tired of Mali your wife..

“no stopping now Ajah , agreement is agreement, live with her and understand what it is like to have a good woman, you don’t appreciate Lili now face her absence”

“I do now, I so much appreciate her, please i want her back…please Laju…

“only if you make Mali to appreciate me too, within the remaining days if not, no Lili for you, bye and tell Mali not to call me again, is not part of the agreement we signed.


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