Conflict – Final Episode

CONFLICT Episode 10
By Amah

After two weeks Ajah called Lili to know if he can come and get her or if Laju was bringing her back to also take his wife, she told him that Laju was bringing her but that will be later in the day, Ajah told her he can’t wait to have her back.

Laju called Ajah, he put the call on speaker so that Lili can hear, he jokingly told Ajah that the game is still on, he is enjoying Lili’s company and can’t just return her to him yet, that he can continue with Mali, his wife, he doesn’t mind, they both look perfect together, Laju continued teasing him, Lili was laughing,

Ajah took the joke personal and told Laju they agreed and signed just two weeks which ended today and he wants his wife back, he doesn’t want to continue, Laju laughed and told him he must continue, him and Lili has extended it,

“Ajah, Lili is not coming back anytime soon, I value her more than you and she has agreed to stay with me, you can have my own wife, I’m not going to be angry, no problem about that, she’s officially yours to handle while Mimi is mine, don’t worry about the kids, we will share them equally, no cheating”

Mali came and joined Ajah when she hærd him talking with Laju, Ajah put the call on speaker and told Laju he was coming immediately to get his wife by himself because he doesn’t understand the language he was speaking. Laju and Lili laughed,

“don’t bother coming Ajah, i was only joking, I’m driving down with her later today, you can’t even take a joke, you sound too serious for a man… Hope you won’t start fighting and quarreling with her when she comes back because i will be driving straight up to your house if i hear such, Lili is every man’s dream of a wife, she is selfless, hærd working and accommodating, this few days I have studied her and i wondered if you were actually okay to have treated her the way you did, even agreeing to this is risky Ajah, if you value your spouse you won’t do that, I wanted Mali to experience what it is like to live with another man, she thought i wasn’t treating her well enough and i agreed with her to do this, and the same thing with you Ajah, you thought you were doing Lili a favour by being her husband, a jobless one for that matter, you didn’t value what you have Ajah, If i was a bad friend I would have collect her from you, she deserve better, even with your ill treatment she still cares about you, I just wish Mali will learn, I wish my wife will adopt her ways and leave pride alone and be a good wife and mother, I so much wish, but, No problem, not withstanding Mali is my cross to bear, she’s my wife, I will carry my cross hoping and praying that she will turn a new leaf one day”.

“I just wanted my wife, I have missed her Laju , and yes, you were right, a bad friend will take advantage, I can’t do that to you and i know you won’t, I so much thank God for Lili, I didn’t know how blessed i was until your troublesome wife told me so, and Mali may have fault, she may not have being a good wife before but she has changed for the better now, you may not believe me not to worry you will find out yourself, and i will try my possible best to make sure Lili has no regrets was just two weeks we are apart but it seems like 2years, I have always looked forward to this day and I’m glad is finally here” I will try my possible best to make it up to her, thanks Laju.

Laju and Lili drove down later in the day, Mali thought of what Laju said about her, he was right and she has promised herself to put every trace of pride aside and embrace her duties and that’s supporting Laju and being a good wife to him,

Ajah was happy to see his wife, he has cleaned everywhere and prepare nice dish with the help of Mali before they arrived,

Lili was happy that Ajah and Mali has sorted their differences, she checked through the house and saw it was clean and well arranged, and there was cooked food, that look so delicious in the pots,

she was surprised and asked if Kuma, her sales girl, who sometimes comes to help her out in the house chores did all that, cooking and cleaning the house,

Mali said it was all done by Ajah, she was surprised and full of smiled as Ajah walked up to her and apologised for his past mistake and promise to be a husband she will be proud of, he surprised her further about getting a job, he told her he has gotten a well paid job and will resume on Monday and if he save up enough money he will set up his own pharmacy, Lili was so happy and threw herself into his arms, tears of joy rushed down her face, this is exactly what she has being praying for and within two weeks he became a changed man, they hugged so warm and tight for the first time in years of being married, Ajah was so happy to finally put a smile on his wife’s face.

Laju was equally surprise on his on side as Mali went on her knee for the first time since they were married and apologize to Laju for all the pain she caused him, she told him she will still make mistake as the years comes and goes but they will have more happy time as a family than sadness, Laju raised her up and hugged her, he couldn’t believe his prideful wife went on her knees to beg him, he hoped it wasn’t a joke or a trick.

As years went by Mali was managing her husband’s shop well, she was a good mother and a submissive wife and was quick to apologize,

Laju realized it wasn’t a trick but it was actually real, God has finally heard his prayer.

Lili couldn’t hold back her joy at Ajah’s drastic change, she wasn’t doing extra lesson again, just her normal teaching job and her shop was expanded, her debt was all paid off with the help of her husband, the kids were taking good care off, house chores was done by She and Ajah happily, she was home, she was cared for she was finally happy,

she increased Kuma’s salary, doubled it up, to appreciate her for caring for her shop and home like hers,

She still hang out with Cassy amd Mali, and they joined Cassy to sing the praise of their husband just like she has always done with Frank, and talk about their kids and businesses,

Ajah still hangs out with Laju and Frank and they sing the praise of their wife, just as Frank has always done, he was happy for them, and continue to tease them about their two weeks drama, that left Ajah with a little head scar which always remind him of the bold step he took in becoming a real man not the one he created in his mind, the men also talk about work, life and their kids too. tomorrow was just another happy day in their lives because each was memorable.

Every one deserve to be happy with their spouse, and when that happiness is farfetched things go sour.

Remember to also create your own happiness because if your happiness is only centered on your partner then their will be more to be sad about.

Note: this method Laju and Mali applied may not work for everybody, please don’t try with over difficult spouse,

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some people, it takes them a week to get back their senses while some even 100years is not enough, what works for A’ may not work for B.

Thank you for reading. Amah loves y’all.

The end.

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