Count the stars with me episode 9 – 10

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CHAPTER 9 💞 10



*** IN A SHOPPING MALL *** 3pm

Zarl and Carl walks into the shopping mall,Carl’s class was over so Zarl went to pick him up and drove him right here at the mall.

I don’t know this is the place you want to take me to so boring ? ” Carl scoffs “.

must you always complain about everything ??, try and be appreciating people even if it’s just for once okay. ” Zarl mutter rubbing Carl’s hair as he gently drag him to the cloth section.

I don’t remember telling you ,that I don’t have clothes to wear ” Carl said rolling his eyes.

don’t be too dramatic just pick anything just pick bills on me. ” Zarl mutter.

I’m also a rich guy ,you don’t have to pay for me okay. ” Carl said picking up things he likes.

suddenly a young lady stopped beside Zarl.

hello handsome ” the young beautiful lady waves.

you’re so handsome. ” the lady mutter , showcasing her flirting styles .

Zarl on the side hand smiles because he has already gotten use to that ,he knows that his handsome , and rich and anywhere he go to he attracts people’s attention.

my name is Betty , and you ?

my name is Zarl and please can you ………..
but that was interupted by Carl who was talking earlier not knowing that Zarl wasn’t following him he turn only to see him talking to a lady.

are you that stupid ,you drag me here to see one of your numerous girlfriends ? next time don’t try to besides you’re an adult now you can go anywhere you want to go. ” Carl yell angrily dropping the stuffs he bought.

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hey you don’t talk to him like that and besides you’re also handsome too. ” Betty said.

hey bitch don’t you ever talk when I talk. ” Carl scream loudly ,as that attract the attentions of the customers but Carl didn’t care he walked out angrily , Zarl on the other hand was speechless what just happened ? ” he thought scratching his head as he rush towards the direction Carl followed and that is outside the mall ,he come out of the mall but couldn’t find Carl and that increased his heartbeat as he look around everywhere but couldn’t find him.


Carl entered with his best friend Gary ,they joined others who are gamblers there , wondering how Carl and Gary met ,well when Carl walked out of the mall angrily he knew that Zarl would follow him so he hide someone around the hotel in other not to be seen , immediately Zarl finished searching for him he left thinking Carl went home or something , with that opportunity carl already texted his best friend Gary to meet him up And he did so they went to their normal secret hangout place together we’ll that’s there normal thing .

you lost pay me my damn money. ” an old drunker who was the head of the gambler there said to the drunk Carl and Gary but they refused.

well they played a game and Carl lost but he refused to play ,Gary told the man that he should allow him to play with him that If he lose to him,Carl would pay him but know he lost to the drunker but they both refused to pay.

hey young buddies do you want to pay me or you want me to to hit you ? ” the man yelled angrily.

who the hell do you think you are ,is it because I’m leaving you ? ” don’t get me agitated old hag fool. ” Carl yell annoyingly.

the man angrily raised his hand to hit him jack came in immediately.

hey buddy let him be ,it’s me you know ,take the bundle all to your self. ” jack mutter.

thanks so much I really do appreciate okay ,this boy I would have beaten him blue and black if not because of you. ” the man said going back to his position.

jack stare at Carl and Gary and sigh ,seems like they are friends ,he thought and carried the both to the car driving home straight.


how could you !, Mrs kinn yell giving Zarl another slap ,well he continued searching for Carl but he didn’t no find him so he decided to come back home and inform his parents and they are both so worried , they have been calling jack but his not picking up and they want to contact the police but it’s not yet twenty four hours

Zarl has been crying none stop his cheeks so red ,that ivy who has been watching felt bad and wished she could do anything to save him at that moment.

oooh my goodness ,Zarl I swear if anything happen to carl ,his parent won’t only kill you but they would drag be all of us in this arrrg ” Mrs kinn screams.

Mr kinn kept quiet thinking heavily not knowing what to do at that particular time as he just walk to and fro.

suddenly the door opened and jack walk In with drunk Carl whom was already sleeping .

immediately Mr kinn ,Mrs kinn and Zarl saw Carl they sigh.

what happened to him and how did you found him , we’re all worried about him .” Mr kinn mutter rushing towards him as jack drop Carl and the couch.

gosh my back his so heavy. ” jack groan”.

thank God for you dear son if not what exactly would I have done thank you. ” Mrs kinn said with a smile.

is fine mom ,I saw Carl at a restaurant drinking himself to stupor maybe someone offended him . ” jack lied “.

making Mrs kinn to turn and glare at Zarl who told them earlier that they both went shopping and they got into an argument and he walked away ,thou he followed him immediately but couldn’t find him.

you stupid son always bringing bad luck and bad name to this family ,don’t you understand the fact that we the kinn s have a reputation to protect and make it our priority. ” Mrs kinn yelled angrily giving Zarl a back to back sleep as tears roll down zarl s eyes he couldn’t even say a word he is speechless.

why are you so heartless just tell me. ” Mrs kinn glares with her red angrily face and eyes as she raised her hand to slap him again but mr kinn hold him gently with a pleading face.

honey ,Carl is home now ,thanks to our son jack please forgive him,do not worry anymore,go get some rest please you have work tomorrow. “Mr kinn pleaded.

Mrs kinn glares at him and roll her eyes ,she pull her hand down well and walk away angrily while Jack glares at Zarl and also walk away.

written by Chidume joy chukwukamunaeleanya


Carl woke up and look around to know where he was ,he stretching his hand and roll his eyes as he remembered what happened yesterday ,thanks to jack he came to save me if not I would have collected some blows ,what about Gary ooh my goodness maybe he was left there .” Carl thought and took his phone dialing Gary’s number and he picked up immediately .

hey man how did you go home yesterday ? ,” Carl ask.

one dude like that took me home ,down I woke up and found my self In a car ,he just dropped me off right now. ” Gary Mutter.

ouch yours was bad ,well I woke up on my bed thanks to someone who took me home , alright see ya..”Carl mutter and ends the call.

he stand up and brushed his teeth and rushed downstairs ,he checked his time table he doesn’t have class this morning.

good morning Mr kinn ,Mrs kinn and jack my savior ,thanks for yesterday man ” Carl mutter to the people he met at the dinning table eating.

morning. ” they chroused”

you’re welcome,you woke up early than I thought you would , you’re so drunk yesterday , stressing me that I have to carry your heavy a** and that of your friend .” jack said.

ooh you’re the guy,thanks man you have done alot already I appreciate. ” Carl mutter looking around the dining table just for zarl but he wasn’t there he sigh ,do I care ? ” be thought and start eating .

after eating ,he went upstairs and bump into ivy who was just coming out of zarls room.

sorry sir. ” ivy apologized “.

Carl glare at her and wanted to walk away but she called him back.

sir can I ask you a question ? ” ivy mutter.

what !,

sir don’t you have conscience ,look at Zarl pity him a bit ,he took you out just to make you happy but you hurt him,do you know how many slaps he collected yesterday from madam ? his cheeks all are red ,do you know the beating and hitting she gave him yesterday is really unfair , Zarl is a nice man ,he helped me therefore I shouldn’t do him any wrong ,I don’t like the way you are sir is unfair ,now his sick ,since yesterday I have been taking care of him , none of you cares about him .” ivy concluded not caring whether they would fire her .

do I look like I care ? he deserves that even more ,he should just go and die ,I don’t care or do I perhaps look like I care , actually yesterday I wanted to hangout with my friend so I have to follow Zarl so they would allow me that’s an excuse okay ,so I never really want to go out with him I know my way around him ,I know everywhere so he deserves that ,let me pardon you for talking to me in that my next time I will deal with you . ” Carl mutter nonchalantly and walk away leaving ivy whom was speechless..

some people are so heartless and mean ,” ivy thought and walk away.


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