Count the stars with me episode 11 – 12

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CHAPTER 11 💞 12




ivy was sitted beside him pressing a towel that was soaked in cold water on his forehead as the hotness wouldn’t stop

Zarl please let’s go to the hospital please I don’t want anything to happen to you ,when you get better leave this place and buy a new house that now one has the right to visit or come closer to you if you don’t wish. ” ivy said with tears as she watch a grown man like Zarl look like a dieing kid in her hand.

Zarl ,talk to me your temperature is increasing it’s getting more hot what should I do talk to me please. ” ivy cried out. ”

take me to the hospital I beg you ,” Zarl manage to say before he lost conscious.

help !!!, ” ivy scream loudly rushing downstairs and luckily she met Mr kinn who was about to leave.

why are you shouting and crying at the same time what’s wrong ?,” Mr kinn ask ivy.

sir your son ,I mean Zarl he is very sick and just now he lost conscious ,sir please call the Ambulance or you can take him to the hospital. ” ivy said fastly.

what !, my son ?? guards ,guards guards ” Mr kinn shouted rushing upstairs and that attract Carl who was inside his room and suddenly started hearing noises so he rushed out.

what’s wrong ? what’s going on here. ” Carl ask coming down the stairs.

sir we don’t know ,Mr kinn suddenly called us here. A guard anwser .

will you shut up and go and help sir carry down zarl before he will die. ” ivy yell angrily not caring about the fact that she doesn’t have the right to order them ,but luckily they obeyed ,few minutes they carried Zarl into the car and they drove to the hospital including ivy except Carl ,Mrs kinn and jack aren’t home.

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***WARD 95***

ivy walked in with food in her hand as before she rushed towards Zarl who was already awake and was trying to sit up ,Mr kinn went to see the doctor when ivy left to get food for zarl should In case he wake up so he can have something to eat .

I didn’t expect you would wake up this early thank God. ” ivy said with a smile helping him to sit on the bed very well as she drop the food on the table close to the bed and sat beside Zarl on the bed.

” thank you so much ivy , thank God you’re here .” Zarl mutter as tears roll down his eyes.

I can’t take this anymore ,since I was a kid ,she’s always hitting me ,I didn’t do anything to Carl yesterday he suddenly got angry after he turn and saw me talking to a girl ,he left I didn’t do anything to him. ” Zarl explained with tears in his eyes.

is okay ,I know you didn’t do anything to him ,I don’t know why his being so mischevious and bad. ” ivy mutter remembering what Carl said earlier ,she sigh and wipe zarls tears gently.

thank you I really appreciate ,thanks I owe you one. ” Zarl mutter.

look at you on your sick hospital bed looking for someone you’re owning one. ” ivy tease “.

hahahaha ” Zarl laughs out loud on how she pouted her mouth while saying that ,adding to the crazy expression on her face.

common you need to eat. ” ivy said opening the flask containing food and the aroma surfaced everywhere even Zarl couldn’t withstand that.

aaaheemmm ” Zarl cleared his throat and took one spoon and dig in the food.

mmmmh ” so delicious and tasty I love it , where did you get it from ?” Zarl ask munching on the food.

I’m the cook, I prepared them myself ,you know I don’t like how you’re being treated in that house so I decided to cook for you myself when I went back home the maid try to refuse but I glared out them with my angry eyes and they back off ,don’t worry you can trust me ,I personally would be the one that would be preparing your meal. ” ivy mutter with a smile while Zarl smiled back immediately.

thanks ,I can’t heart you less. ” Zarl said and wink at her.

stop that it won’t work on me. ” ivy mutter.

aawwwsh that hurts. ” Zarl mumble and continue eating happily.

cute and adorable like a baby. ” ivy smiles as she watches Zarl eat.

suddenly the door opened and Mr kinn walked in and his heart leap of joy immediately he saw that Zarl is now awake.

son .” he called making Zarl to look at the direction and his smile and happy face drop as he frowns deeply.

son why are you frowning your face on seeing me ,did I offend you in anyway ? ” Mr kinn ask so confused.

I don’t want you around me for now dad ,just go away .,”. Zarl mutter .

but why son ,why I didn’t do anything wrong child. “, Mr kinn ask feeling so hurt that the child he loves so much wants him to leave.

you want to know why , because I’m hurt , your wife and son hurts me , you’re there yesterday when she was hitting me ,she’s being hitting Me since I was a child ,her son took everything that rightfully belongs to me all because I don’t have a mom , because my mom died while giving birth to me ? I was a bad luck to your family ? let me go dad I don’t want to come back to that house ,it hurts so much to think about how scared and hurt I was as a child you we’re never around to notice all this things .” Zarl yell angrily as tears roll down his cheeks as he Mr kinn was speechless

he sigh and slowly left his shirt and be turn back a little.

dad do you see this scare ? I got it from your wife ,that day she went out and return the next day early morning, she saw how the house was scattered due to the party jack throw at night till morning ,but jack Denied and said I was s
the one who did that ,she believed and hold me closely as she break one bottle and dig it right into my back , threatening me never
to say a word to you nor report to you that she hurt my back because you won’t notice it.” Zarl narrated as Mr kinn feels like crying as he saw the deep scar on his son’s back

you know yesterday I didn’t do anything to Carl but you people believed , your wife has been hitting me so much and it hurts ,I’m now an adult but she would never let me go dad ,what did I do ? ” Zarl cries out ,ivy who has been listening and watching and sobbing since ,hug Zarl tightly as he cries on her shoulder .

son I’m really sorry you should have told me ,I
never knew about that , please they have indeed hurt you so much but please son don’t chase Me away . ” Mr kinn begged seeing his late girlfriend in zarl she’s his mom anyways .

dad please leave I will come back home whenever I’m ready okay ,I promise I won’t take long ,thanks to ivy here she’s going to stand by Me “Zarl persisted Mr kinn nodded and walk away angrily heading to his home straight with anger in him

you’re not going home sir ? ” ivy ask Zarl whom already stopped crying and was eating .

yes I will stay over in my hotel do you want to come with me ? ” Zarl ask .

yes sir I will ,you provide for me and my mother she’s getting better now ,thanks to you so I’m grateful. ” ivy mutter.

alright then ,get some of my clothes , shoes , and get yours just get anything you feel like I will need okay. ” Zarl mutter.

Alright with all pleasure I will gladly do that .”ivy smiles.

when are you planning to go back home ,I think it’s high time you get. house of your own and leave separately .” ivy suggests.

I will go home but not now ,I need peace of mind I want peace of mind ,as for the house I’m planning that too but I have something I’m really working so hard on so once I achieve that and it start earning me money I will buy house ,i don’t want to ask that because I want only money there. ” Zarl explained and ivy nodded understanding his point.

I understand what you meant by that but you know you won’t run away from your problems for ever. ” ivy mutter .

how ?, what do you mean by that. ” Zarl snapped.

I mean ,you have to be strong ,even if you later head home ,be mean ,heartless and talk back stand out for yourself ,don’t allow anyone to belittle you ,stand strong and be a man I don’t like how fragile you are “they’re taking advantage of you and they’re maltreating you in your own father’s house please change think about it .” ivy said praying he put it into practice.

thanks ivy I will be strong and mean as you said okay I understand what you’re saying I’m trying you know but I just can’t……….

there is nothing like can’t here Zarl ,you can be optimistic okay don’t loose guard yourself be strong since you know she’s not your mother it’s very obvious that she hate you and what her son to inherit everything your dad have so you would be left with nothing. ivy added “.

ok ok okay fine I will be strong for you. ” Zarl teased.

thank you sir ,I will appreciate that. ” ivy mutter.

hahahahaha ,” Zarl laughs out loud because of the expression that is on Ivy face and she joined.


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