Count the stars with me episode 13 – 14

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CHAPTER 13 💞 14




Mr kinn was waiting patiently for jack and his wife ,he went home straight after the hospital incident with Zarl and he decided to check his CCTV cameras of what happened in his home years back ,so he brought out the hard disk and that’s what his being watching for all this hours ,he felt like crying after seeing everything that happened to his son Zarl .

oooh dear Zarl ,my dearest you have indeed suffered alot .” Mr kinn mutter as he tries to hold back his tears.

suddenly the door open and Mrs kinn walks in.

honey , good evening how are you doing ??, you’re back home early today what’s wrong ? ” Mrs kinn as retiring tiredly in one of the couch.

Mr kinn stood up and stand in front of her with a deadly harsh fierce look.

what’s with the look ,did something happen ? “Mrs kinn ask.

will you shut that dirty thing you call mouth you green snake in green grass ,how dare you ask me such a stupid question ,what exactly has Zarl done to you to deserve all this things ? ” Mr kinn ask angrily .

honey , what kind of sudden question is that ,what do you mean by that ? what has Zarl done to deserve this from me , deserve what exactly I don’t understand .” Mrs kinn yelled back obviously angrily .

dear Mrs kinn my only wife ,don’t get me agitated ,I ask again what has zarl done to deserve this kind of domestic violence he faced in your hand ? ” Mr kinn ask putting his hands over his chest.

what is he talking about ,has he found out how I treated and threatening Zarl ,is it Zarl that told him how ? Mrs kinn thought crazily as her nervousness increases of course everyone in the family knew how much he loves Zarl.

anwser me woman or are you trying to keep quiet forever , haven’t you heard that there is no secret in the whole world ,never everything hidden must come out one day or are you now forming deaf and dumb or perhaps are you trying to deny the fact ? ” Mr kinn fires at Mrs kinn angrily making her to flinch.

I didn’t do anything to him ,maybe he lied against me so to put confusion between us ,you know I’m not his mother he doesn’t like me anyways. ” Mrs kinn lied and denied the allegations and that angered Mr kinn.

Mrs kin. ” listen since I got married to you ,I have never hit you ,I don’t hit women and don’t let me to do so ,I’m way richer than you , and your entire family and you people won’t do anything to me I’m no longer the little kinn that was forced to marry a wicked devil like you. ” Mr kinn mutter angrily

Calm down ,you don’t have any evidence about this allegations you’re labouring against me and you know I can sue you to court for doing that .” Mrs kinn said.

sue me you said ? is that how you want it , evidence? don’t worry I will show you evidence or have you forgotten that I personally inserted a CCTV cameras around my own house , and I have the hard disk of everything that happened back in the years. ” Mr kinn yelled.

please honey I’m so sorry. ” Mrs kinn mutter as she feels like the ground should open so she would fall inside because she is so embarrassed right now ,she could remember vividly everything she did to Zarl ,how she treated him ,she doesn’t even know what her husband would so to her yet.

please I’m so sorry. ” Mrs kinn pleaded with a fake tears she kneel down and beg.

there is no need begging because I will never forgive you and your son unless my son Zarl comes back to this house , and said he forgives you both and mind it ,I’m cutting your son’s bills in my will he Won’t get a dime and don’t try to kill me forcefully I’m very strong. ” Mr kinn yelled angrily and walked out angrily heading straight to his room.

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Zarl I’m heading back to the room you showed me let me shower I will check back on you okay. ” ivy mutter with a smile ,while Zarl return the smile and nodded.

okay I’m waiting.” Zarl mutter and ivy left.

well the hospital didn’t discharge him but he doesn’t want to sleep there ,so he begged the doctor and they let him go thou he got the hospital number should Incase something happens thou he would be going for check up till they confirm that his fine,so he took ivy to his hotel that’s where they are now and I y never ceased to amaze him ,she always try to crack a joke just to make sure he laughs and he doesn’t think nor feel sad.

she’s nice I like her. ” Zarl thought with a smile as he stood up from the bed and move closer to the window staring deeply at the stars.

they’re so beautiful ,I love it. ” Zarl mutter remembering how sad his childhood is and how he usually count the stars alone thinking on when he would be free from all this torture he use to receive , normally he count stars whenever his sad and be lonely ,but now his happy and not sad ,thanks to Ivy. he thought and smile as the stars sparkles more, they’re beautiful,he mumbled.

I just want to be happy for once ,stay on my own ,since it brings me happiness I will never go back home till I finish my building ,I will go home and surprise my dad , after the business start progressing I will buy my own house and start staying there so I would have my own happiness. ” Zarl thought and giggles.

why are you giggling mind sharing your thoughts with me ? ” ivy mutter as she watch Zarl smile he didn’t even notice when she came in.

ooh you’re here my dear best friend. ” Zarl mutter with a smile going back to the bed.

I thought I told you ,no I mean warn you not to get up from the bed you’re still sick don’t you know that ? ,” ivy scolded with a frown thou she was very happy that he called her his best friend.

sorry mom I promise I won’t stand up again. ” Zarl pouted.

good one son,be good okay unless I will call the doctor to inject you right now. ” ivy threatening going with the drama

no no no ,mom I promise I won’t get up again with you knowing about that and giving me permission to do so. ” Zarl mutter following .

don’t be dramatic Zarl ,we both are really good actors and actress. ” ivy compliments.

yes I know right we need to win an Oscar award for this .” Zarl suggest.

you’re not but don’t worry we don’t need it ,so how do you feel are you feeling any better??,” ivy ask covering Zarl very well as she help him lay down properly as she covers him with blanket and the smiles on Zarl face won’t fade off any time soon.

with you here I’m getting better ,I bless the day I met you ,thank you ,you make me happy you bring joy to my heart I will like and cherish you forever , you’re the best friend ,the mom and friend I never had ,thank you. ” Zarl mutter getting all emotional.

Is fine ,I will stand by you forever ,the rich people do have pains and they do cry ,I don’t know that a poor girl like me would be sitting with a rich dude like you ,talk more of you crying like a baby. ” ivy teased. ”

hahahahaha ” Zarl bursted into laughter and ivy joined him.

I just want to laugh forever like this ,I just want to be happy that’s all I ask for even if it’s just for once, thanks for being here ivy ,my dear sister thank you. ” Zarl mutter.

who’s your sister is like you don’t know your families anyone do we loon alike. ” ivy grin

this hilarious !, ” Zarl mutter with a smile .

I will go back to my hotel room to get some sleep but before that let me sing a song for you or maybe tell you a story just to make sure you’re sleeping before I do ,for now I’m babysitting you ,I don’t want anything to happen to my baby. ” ivy mutter sitting on the bed as she shift closer to Zarl and rub his hair while Zarl couldn’t hold back his smiles as he nod for ivy to go on making her to smile..

meanwhile Zarl don’t really want Ivy to stop rubbing his hair ,he loves it ,it makes him sleepy.

once upon a time ,the forest savage went on a meeting with the birds of the heaven they ….
…but ivy turn and found out that his already asleep she smile and sigh ,she removed her hand from his hair and cover him well before going back to her room after locking the door .


he was not sleeping yet ,he was in deep thought as he could get the scene off his head and to add more salt to his injury the nonsense woman admit she did that.

well he was in the hospital as he watch ivy and Zarl lovey dovey and he also saw Zarl scar and everything he told Mr kinn he also heard that ,he peeped on the door All through ,he followed Mr kinn back and also saw all the hard disk play secretly and when Mr kinn ask Mrs kinn ,she later said is true and now it added more to my problems, and to make it worst I joined his enemies and maltreat him in his own house. ” Carl yell angrily as he kick the chair with his leg and groan.

I’m so sorry zarl. ” he mutter and sigh sadly.


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