Count the stars with me episode 15 – 16

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CHAPTER 15 💞 16




Zarl woke up feeling so weak ,pains all over his body ,he sigh and look around and remembered that he isn’t at home but in his hotel room,he stood up and headed to the bathroom , deciding to take a shower maybe ivy isn’t yet awake. ” he thought and walk to the bathroom ,but was surprised to find a bathing water set for him in the jacuzzi ,is she awake ? ” he murmur and come out of the bathroom immediately looking around the whole room.

I guess ,she did that and left. ” Zarl mutter and was about going inside when the door open And ivy walk in.

good morning Zarl ” ivy said with a smile rushing towards him.

good morning best friend ,how are you ? ,you slept well didn’t you ?

sure I do sleep well ,anyways have set the water for you to take your hot morning bath , thou it’s just warm ,I came to check whether you’re awake so as the ask you what you want to eat ” ivy said with a pout.

my best friend is awesome ,good well anything is fine ,maybe coffee and toast bread would do ,I need to eat something light you know ,maybe when I’m back from the hospital I will eat something better. ” Zarl replied.

okay then ,so how are you feeling ? how was your night ? ” ivy mutter .

hahahahaha is now you remember you have to ask me that well best friend I do slept well ,but I woke up this morning to the pain I feel all over my body ,I was weak to the core you know. ” Zarl mutter trying to show that by expressing a weak look.

you don’t do that ,I understand okay alright what will happen is that , just hurry and take your bath ,I will rush get you food so once you’re eating I will be bathing ,I will package my own food so that when we reach the hospital and the doctor is checking you I will be eating then. ” ivy suggests.

no no that’s not possible go take your bath now ,then bring our food together once you’re done ,we go to the hospital with our stomach filled, and do you know whether my workers are here yet ? ” Zarl ask “.

yeah I think they’re here ,any problem ? ” ivy ask.

no not at all,I’m not worried I will just tell them what happened. “Zarl mutter scratching his hair.

tell them what happened ,why ? that’s not necessary you’re bringing your standard down by letting your staffs know about your domestic problems you know. ” ivy said.

hmmm I know but they know everyone ,this hotel was given to me by dad when we finished our education ,but truly we got introduce to it ,when I was in highschool I was the one managing it ,until we finish school is now mine , everything is under my name. ” Zarl explained.

ok then if you said so. ” ivy mutter not having a good feeling about that.

you don’t have to worry much about me okay ,listen they’re like the family and friends I never had,they know everything and the elders I have as my staffs do encouraged me. ” Zarl explained furthermore because he notice the expression on ivy face.

okay is alright I understood okay is fine. ” ivy smiles and pull him to the bathroom before shutting the door.

don’t forget ,to brush ,dress well for your hospital treatment. ” ivy mutter before locking the room door.

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Carl walked in and sit in the waiting room, suddenly he saw ivy and Zarl walk out from the doctors office.

he sigh and stood up he went to them

hi Zarl.” he mutter nervously scratching his hair as he rehearse his apology speech in his head.

what are you doing here ??? ” ivy ask standing in front of Zarl in over protective manner,why can’t he stay away ,he continue causing troubles everytime who knows what would happen today since we met him now. ” ivy thought angrily.

Zarl whom was also angry pull ivy and walk away angrily while Carl feels so ashamed with the kind of look people gave him but he doesn’t care,he rushed towards them and grab zarl hand.

please Zarl I’m really sorry I don’t know what came over me please,I didn’t mean to cause trouble for you okay please just calm down. ” Carl apologized”.

keep your apologies to your self he doesn’t need it mind you I’m very angry better get out. ” ivy snapped “.

I’m really sorry zarl please look at Me ,I’m sorry,I swear that day I was just angry but I don’t know why ,I left on my own it’s my fault I got drunk I’m really sorry I shouldn’t have put you into trouble I promise to be careful next time. ” Carl cries out pulling Zarl hand but Zarl angrily snatch his hand away from him

do you think that everything is about sorry ? ,atimes Carl sorry is not enough you hurt me and I Will forever hate you for that,since you came into that house I have been your victim , now I left you still want to cause troubles for me ,every time I see you that day is not always a good day stay away from me. . Zarl yelled and pull ivy and they both walk out together entering the car the zoomed off

meanwhile Carl sneaked out of the house with car, he drove himself to the hospital ,he decided that Zarl must forgive him so he entered the car and start the engine zooming off immediately towards them in speed.

just wait for it Carl you must forgive me ,Carl mutter and speed more he took his phone with the intention of calling his best friend mistakenly he lost control of the car due to the over speeding ,he try to stop it but it didn’t and it crash on a big vehicle .

back in zarl car they heard noise from the back ,screams ,it’s an accident let’s go have a look. ” ivy said immediately telling the driver to turn but Zarl wasn’t in the mood ,but he kept quiet and nodded.

the turn back and drove back to the scene , people already called the ambulance ,the vehicle man came out uninjured but Carl was seriously unconscious and the people around already pull him out from the car they’re all waiting for the ambulance.

isn’t that Carl ? ” ivy Recognized him immediately she walk closer to him ,his clothes and the car ,her heart beat increased and she rushed back to the car to meet Zarl .

Zarl !, she yelled ”

what’s wrong ? why are you breathing heavily ??, ” Zarl ask .

is Carl ,the accident ,is Carl .” ivy managed to say as she breaths heavily.

what !, ” Zarl mutter and rush out of the car , straight to the place he look down and confirmed it was Carl and at the same time the ambulance arrived and took Carl away immediately , while Zarl mouth was left agape as he was speechless.

get in the car ivy let’s go back to the hospital with them, I warmed him to stay away from me now look oooh my goodness Carl what have I ever done to you that you’re always causing troubles for me. ” Zarl sobs , immediately he regained himself and pull ivy inside the car and they drove back to the hospital.


Mr and Mrs kinn rushed in with jack ,well Zarl decided to inform them his father , but Mrs kinn was listening to the conversation ,when she got the information she informed jack and persisted that she must go with Mr kinn,he doesn’t have the strength to argue so he let her come with him besides is another person child that was put under their care that they’re talking about here.

Is the doctor out son ?, what did he say ? ” Mr kinn ask sitting beside Zarl.

we both have been waiting ,the doctor isn’t yet out I don’t know,is being up to an hour or something now I guess I don’t just understand .” Zarl shiver as he feels his own fever worsen .

calm down zarl don’t be too nervous you’re still sick remember,stop it you’re hurting yourself you did nothing to him ,he caused it but we pray he would be fine. ? ” ivy mutter rubbing his hand.

exactly son is an accident is not your fault you just happened to be in the scene and he was rushed to the hospital let’s pray he would get better okay. ” Mr kinn mutter .

and Zarl nodded gently his heart still not at peace ,if only I accepted the apology what if he dies ,oooh mine ,just wake up I forgive you already. ” Zarl thought mentally tapping his feet repeatedly on the floor.

immediately the door opened and the doctor came out and they all rushed to him

doctor how is he ? ” they chroused “.

hmmm ,the patient is not okay he was seriously injured. …………….

what !!! ” they all chroused .


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