Count the stars with me episode 17 – 18

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CHAPTER 17 💞 18



hmmm ,the patient is not okay he was seriously injured. …………….

what !!! ” they all chroused .

yeah he have to be admitted here for a while,the doctor said and they all sigh “.

alright thanks doctor that’s a great relief ,can we see him now ? .” Mr kinn ask.

I’m really sorry sir but the patient need some rest I would appreciate if you people leave him alone and exercise some patience,besides his still unconscious. ” the doctor mutter and walk away.

Mr kinn and the rest sat down ..

thank God his fine ,once he gets well I’m calling his parent they should come and take him ,what if something happens to him our family would be blamed for it all because of his carless ness does he think that life is like that ? ” Mr kinn yelled angrily while Mrs kinn rub his back.

calm down honey we would figure this out please don’t create a scene here , remember we have a reputation to protect. ” Mrs kin. mutter stylishly tucking the hair to cover her face while mr kinn glares hard at him.

Dad I’m leaving with ivy I will come visit Carl today in the evening or tomorrow when I come for treatment. ” Zarl mutter standing up.

hey son , please sit down don’t be to harsh on your mother please forgive me. ” Mrs kinn fake tears as people watch.

Zarl scoffs inwardly and pull ivy walking out of the room while people murmur.

jack scoffs.

written by Chidume joy chukwukamunaeleanya.


Mr kinn ,his wife and jack walked into Carl ward and fortunately for them he was already awake.

Carl thank God you’re fine , why did you drive yourself down to the road when you know it’s not safe , you really need to go to driving school. ” Mr kinn scolded. ”

uncle of course I do know how to drive it’s just a mistake I wasn’t thinking straight my dad wouldn’t scold me first if his here. ” Carl scoffs and throw his face away.

well I’m not your dad , you could have died in that accident you know ? you should thank your Stars and also grow up you’re no longer a kid not everything you expect your dad and mum to do for you ,get ready I’m sending you over to them I can’t contain staying with an ungrateful child like you. ” Mr kinn yelled angrily while Carl bow his head as he suddenly get scared.

I’m so sorry uncle I apologized is my fault. ” Carl apologized ” .

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honey please let him be ,he just survived a fantastic accident you should thank God that he survived please stop okay. ” Mrs kinn mutter and raise her head to stare at Mr kinn but the glare he shot at her made her flinch but she covered it up with a nervous smile.

don’t you ever honey me ,I’m warning you stay far away from me I’m not in the mood for the rubbish you and your son created better mend it or get it hurt from Me. ” Mr kinn fires at Mrs kinn .

dad , common relax don’t be too mean okay she’s still your wife. ” jack said but that was responded with a mighty and dirty slap from Mr kinn.

how dare you ??, I thought you’re educated ,what made you think you can talk to your own father in that manner. ” Mr kinn yells.

meanwhile when all this is going on ,Carl whom was already tired lay back and shut his eye.

what a disorganized and shameful family, whatever let me wait till they stop their dramatic plays.

dad I’m sorry I apologize okay. ” jack mutter still get recovered over the slap .

you should sorry for your stupid self ,the company I hand over to you isn’t doing any better ,the workers are complaining to me ,that you’re messing everything up. ” Mr kinn glares

I will fix that up dad , please pardon me. “jack mutter.

suddenly the door opened and Zarl came in with ivy

thought you said you’re coming back in the evening time or morning son ? ” Mr kinn ask trying to calm himself down but unfortunately for him ,Zarl already figured out what was going on due to the noise he heard before walking in.

dad I just decided to check up on him , Because I won’t come again I have alot of things in hand to handle. ” Zarl mutter coming closer to them.

you’re always moving all about with this girl is she your girlfriend .” Mr kinn ask.

dad ,of course she’s a girl and my friend making her my girlfriend but officially she’s mu best friend. ” Zarl corrected ‘

immediately he said that ,Carl scoffs and glare at him angrily.

you didn’t even know her for a long time and you’re already making her your best friend. ” Carl said rolling his eyes.

ok my bad I thought she’s your girlfriend ,anyways the prodigal son has woke up go greet him. ” Mr kinn interrupts Carl to avoid another misunderstanding .

stand following me around , you didn’t listen you ended up getting into a fatal accident. ” Zarl scolded ” sitting beside Carl’s bed.

hey is that how you talk to a person who just survived an accident ,I know that if it’s you ,you would have died. ” Carl mutter.

Carl ” they chroused angrily except Zarl who shook his head.

be a good boy ,what I survived since I was a child till now if it’s you ,you wouldn’t survive that. ” Zarl snapped ” making Carl to bite his lips as he understood immediately where he’s driving too.

Zarl I’m so sorry about how I treated you please forgive me ,I’m so sorry I was just so jealous that my husband loves your mother so much and that you’re the first son , and that you’re even admired and cherished by people and your father more than my son please forgive me and jack I was the one pushing things to hard and making him to have so much hatred for you. ” Mrs kinn said sincerely as tears drop from her eyes.

Mr kinn who already sat down on an empty chair scoffs and look away.

Zarl we are so sorry I’m also so sorry ,I feel bad just now for treated my only brother in the way I did , please forgive me I promise I won’t ever wrong you nor do you bad. ” jack apologized .

Zarl whom was speechless including ivy could utter a word as he kept on staring at them.

Zarl my son ,are you going to keep on staring at your mother in that manner because that’s what you have been calling me since your childhood please find a place in your heart to forgive me please .” Mrs kinn mutter eyeing mr kinn, and she decided to kneel down on her knees

immediately she did that jack also kneel down on his knees to plead for his brothers forgives.

mom I forgive you please stand up ,you guys should stop ,just stand up. ” Zarl shutter as his voice cracked he feel like crying he was never expecting that from them.

mum please stand up ,” Zarl mutter standing up and rush closet to her ,he helped pull her up and make her sit , while Jack also stood up.

thanks bro for forgiving us. ” jack mutter giving Zarl a brotherly hug Mrs kinn also joined including Mr kinn ,whom decided to let go of everything as far as Zarl forgave them and they truly changed.

is okay is okay ,everyone settle down. ” Zarl mutter with a smile disengaging from the hug and sat back on the bed.

thanks son,thank you ” Mrs kinn said with a smile.

you’re welcome mum. ” Zarl winked .

Zarl turn back to ivy and gave her a look ,she immediately understood what it meant she walk out and come back with foods stuffs and flower , dropping them on the hospital table.

Carl those things you saw there are all yours ,sorry for your accident quick recovery. “Zarl mutter and try to stand up but Carl pull him back.

I’m really sorry zarl ,I was lieing before that day he didn’t beat me , and the other day I left on my own because that was my intention I wanted to hang out with my friends. “Carl said loudly and they all sigh ,while Mrs kinn and jack throw their face away in shame.

is alright I forgive you , you’re still a kid that’s why you’re misbehaving. ” Zarl mutter with a smile rubbing Carl’s hair

Carl smiled back ,but frown immediately.

wait did you forgive me ??, he ask .

sure I do ,but be a good boy and stop causing troubles and problems on people around you ,it’s not good act like a matured person you’re already in university I think,so please be good. ” Zarl advised and Carl nodded still feeling sad

I told you ,you will forgive Me. ” Carl pouted like a baby.

hahahaha. ” Zarl laughs and wink at him , you’re funny.he laughed and stood up.

mum,brother and Carl I forgive you all you guys made me feel pained but it’s not too late to still find a way to amend it and fix it back ,dad I’m still not coming back till I’m okay I will be back. ” Zarl persisted. ” while ivy smiled inwardly ,carl sigh sadly ,Mrs kinn ,jack and Mr kinn nodded .

is alright son feel free to come back home anytime son ,but don’t forget to inform us so we can throw a welcome back party for you. Mr kinn mutter.

dad is that necessary ? “Zarl smiles.

sure it’s necessary son .” Mrs kinn added.

ok I’m going back now ,see you all soon .” Zarl mutter with a smile and walk out of the ward with ivy .

that’s a big relief. ” they all chroused except Carl who frown and look away.


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