Count the stars with me episode 19 – 20

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CHAPTER 19 💞 20




Carl’s wound is already getting better and his partially fine now ,Zarl is completely okay and gallant ,he is still in the hotel with ivy ,he changed ivy life and make life comfortable for her right now ,Zarl applied for a job in A company ,his manager in his hotel is handling the hotel and his running out of cash from his own personal money ,the project he was doing is draining him alot of money his almost cashless.

you name is Zarl kinn ,wait aren’t you the first illegitimate son of Mr kinn the popular business man ? ” the interviewer ask surprisingly wondering what a well connected and rich young man is doing in his office.

common ,is nothing yes I’m his son sir ,I have money just feel like working I need the money for something else .” Zarl mutter scratching his hair as he suddenly feel nervous.

anyways I’m the owner of this company ,I always admire you from afar is nice having you here buddy ,I use to see you on tv screen modelling for some skin care company and others ,I don’t know you’re this humble. ” the interviewer said with a smile.

while Zarl return the smile ,you do really know alot of things about me thou ,I guess you’re a fan. ” Zarl mutter staring keenly at him.

sure I’m a fan ,a big fan actually you’re hired who dares interview their boss of course is not possible , please you’re hired and you’re going to the head business planner ,we have a project and that’s to achieve the heart of a more bigger company. ” the interviewer says .

oh okay ,thank you sir. ” Zarl mutter with a smile.

come off it buddy I’m now your friend okay ,my name is Clark I’m the owner of this company .” Clark mutter with a smile pulling Zarl up and giving him a deep hug.

let’s go then ,I will show you to your office and don’t buddy calling me boss ,or sir you can call me Clark. ” Clark mumbled and they both left. .


ivy was seen attending to a customer there ,she decided to also work as a waitress and a personal maid to Zarl even thou they’re close ,Zarl promised her a bigger opportunity once his done with his work.

ivy ,common go serve number in table five. ” the cook says .

okay I’m coming. ” ivy mutter and took the food to table five.

sir here is your food , you want anything else please let me know. ” ivy said to the guy whom was looking down on his phone and he raised up his head making ivy to gasp.

you !, what are you doing here ,you sneaked out again ? ” ivy ask ” glaring hard at Carl.

of course not ,I’m sleeping over here with Zarl I told them before I left and the driver drove me here so don’t think of doing anything stupid,besides I know we both hate each other but try to comport your illiterate self , you’re still from the slum a poor common that’s what you are even if you like be Zarl best friend you’re still nothing so know your worth and limit. ” Carl glares back at her with a foul mouthed rude speech making her to be speechless,she walks away thou not forgetting each an every word that comes out from Carl’s mouth, know where you belong ivy not because Zarl is being good to you doesn’t mean you have to Interfer. ” ivy said to herself and rush to the rest room ,as she feels like crying the words penetrates into her heart and she feels hurt.

Ivy stop crying,all you have to do is to stay far away from Carl and the issues would be done ,” ivy said to her self and walk out going back to her work.


Carl was pacing to and fro ,is already seven and Zarl is not yet back he thought , wondering how he was in zarl hotel room .


I’m done eating ,that’s the money. ” Carl says rudely to ivy ,but she didn’t act back she nodded instead and was about to walk ,Carl called her back .

can’t you see I’m carrying my bag ,I said I came to spend some time with Zarl not even a sleep over ,I will leave when I choose to ,so get me his room key I will stay over there. “Carl persisted.

but Carl ,he is not around and is not proper to come when you’re not invited. ” ivy mutter.

what sort of nonsense talk was that ,so I have to announce to the whole world that I’m coming to stay over ? “Carl scoffs and rolled his eyes.

alright I apologize for that ,”ivy said and put her hand inside her shirt pocket and brought out a key,she sigh and handed it over to him .

his in that room number ,” ivy mutter since the numbers was inscribed in each keys

alright thanks b*tch. ” Carl said and walk away.


since then his being in that room waiting for zarl , suddenly a call came in and he picked up.

hello best buddy. ” Carl says with a smile.

what’s up man you haven’t talked with me for a while now ” Gary said.

what do you mean by that we be talked today in school. ” Carl replied wondering what his talking about.

I’m talking about our usual ,aren’t we going there again ?! “Gary ask .

no no if that no no, I’m still injured remember or do you want to kill me ? ” Carl snapped ”

ooh sorry I forgot my bad ,you got crashed by the vehicle sorry talk to you later bye. ” Gary said and end the call.

damn the f**ked up buddy I have as best friend..” Carl smirk.

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you’re back .” ivy mutter as the gateman opened the door for zarl and he drove in while ivy walked back in.

why are you outside ivy ? ” Zarl ask tiredly.

I’m on my shift ,I don’t have any work to do and I was worried you’re not back yet so I was wondering what was wrong. ” ivy said carrying Zarl bag .

thanks but you don’t have to worry about me , and where is my room key ,I can go upstairs give me the bag ,you go can go and get some sleep. ” Zarl mutter taking the bag from her before she could even react.

about the key , the trouble maker came and requested for it .”ivy mutter with a frown.

the troublemaker ? ” Zarl wondered who it was .

I mean Carl ,he is in your room ,I try to say no but he yelled at me instead. ” ivy scoffs.

hmmm,is alright I will fix it ,I will go upstairs no,just go and rest you’re really trying I don’t want to bother you much , before you go ,tell the waiter to serve as dinner many delicacies I don’t want his nagging or you can do it yourself ,drop it and go back to your room okay. ” Zarl mutter with a weak smile and walk away while ivy nodded and follow him as she frown deeply..

what’s wrong with him ” she thought.


Zarl walked inside the room , and saw Carl.

hey !, he called getting his attention .

ooh my goodness ,I’m already getting all worked up ,I’m so tired ,bored and infact I don’t know. ” Carl snapped and rush towards him taking his bag .

welcome anyways let me fixed your bath ,you need a cold water to shower with .” Carl mutter dropping the bag on top of the wardrobe before dashing to the bathroom.

Zarl whom was shocked look around to confirm whether it’s the carl he knew that came to visit .” he sigh and sat down on the bed and start removing his ,shirt the trouser ,singlet ,he was only in boxes he then stood up and at that same time Carl came out of the bathroom and they both bumped into each other and keep on staring at each other and the staring competition begin.

they continue staring at each other’s eye until Carl cut it and start staring at his abs and six packs as the nervousness of the awkward moments filled around the room.

suddenly the door opened , and they both look away while ivy walked in wondering what’s wrong but Carl blocked Zarl before ivy could give Zarl a stare and push him to the bathroom closing the door.

what’s wrong with you ? don’t you have manners ? so you don’t know that you have to knock before entering into anyone’s room even if they’re your best friend .” Carl yelled angrily.

I’m sorry I just came to drop dinner for you two .” ivy mutter and drop the tray on the table.

whatever ,you can leave next time becareful even if I’m not here ,you can barge in and meet me naked .” Carl yelled.

I’m so sorry please I will becareful next time .” ivy said and walk out of the room.

his hot !, ” Carl thought as the scene reappeared back into his mind ,

ouch ! Carl Carl what the hell are you thinking. ” Carl scream mentally .

but his hot and handsome.” his mind fired”.

I do know that his handsome but ,I don’t think his that kind of person. ” Carl replied in his mind.

hmmmm.” he sighed.


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