Count the stars with me episode 21 – 22

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CHAPTER 21 💞 22



Few minutes later ,Zarl came out from the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his waist ,Carl was busy pressing his phone , Zarl sigh and walk to the wardrobe ,he took his boxes and singlet and start heading to the bathroom door.

where are you going to ? ” Carl ask keeping his phone aside.

Zarl paused and turn to face him ,I’m going to the bathroom to change .

you’re going to the bathroom to change ? ” why ,why would you do such a thing in your own hotel room ? ” Carl ask with a smirk.

what’s that face ,I just want to change in the bathroom today. ” Zarl anwsered.

you want to change in the bathroom today ? because I’m here right ,common I’m a guy ,if it’s ivy you wouldn’t hesitate to change inside the bathroom rather you would love to stay here. ” Carl yell standing up from the bed.

if you’re here to stress my life like you use to do better pack your things and go. ” Zarl mutter pointing at the door.

are you chasing me away ? in the middle of the night like this you’re chasing me out all because of that girl !, ” carl scoffs and roll his eyes.

I’m not chasing away and I don’t mean you should go now ,you can go later I mean maybe tomorrow morning I don’t really understand why you hate ivy. ” Zarl replied ”

you don’t really understand why I hate ivy ?, and who the hell told you I hate her ,now listen I don’t like her ,she’s …..she’s so … ……infact she disgust me. ” Carl snapped”

Carl !, ” Zarl called immediately he said that.

becareful of what you say about her especially when you’re around me ,she’s my friend and she’s a nice person even thou ,we haven’t known each other for so long I really do trust her so much than any other person in the world. “Zarl said “.

you see that ? that’s the point ,this is also among the main major reason why I hate her so much ,I mean who does that ,you trust her so much ,someone you haven’t known for long and even made her your best friend. ” Carl yelled “. putting his hand on his waist dramatically.

what exactly is the colour of your problem ,you do I know you for so long ? do I know you for so long before making you my friend ??, ” Zarl ask.

I’m your family friend ,you made her your best friend while me friend ‘ you trusted her Zarl what about me !, ” Carl yell as he fake tears.

Zarl whom was getting tired of the argument walked towards him and pull him to a hug ,his just a child I shouldn’t have yelled. ” Zarl thought and rub Carl’s back gently patting him to stop crying.

meanwhile Carl was so happy ,I’m the winner yaah ,” he screams inwardly as be if he gained a lottery.

is alright come sit down let’s eat ,but you sit first let me dress up and join you okay. ” Zarl said disengaging from the hug while Carl nodded as he pout like a child and sit down , Zarl shook his head and dash to the bathroom again.

few minutes later Zarl came out of the bathroom and sit beside Carl on the bed he pull the table closer to the bed and open the food.

you like what you see ? ” Zarl ask with a smile looking at Carl whom was staring back at him.

what did I see ? because looking closely the only thing I’m seeing is you. ” Carl mutter with a smirk on his face

aahemm. ” Zarl cleared his throat and look away ,I mean the food not me , you’re so childish and dumb. ” Zarl said.

you don’t have to call me dumb ,let’s eat I’m hungry. ” Carl mutter with a frown and they both start eating.

I came here unexpected but I know you don’t mind your mum ,dad and jack is a hell no I father stay here abd disturb the hell out of you. ” Carl said with a full mouth of food on his mouth.

table manners Carl keep shut you’re eating I don’t want you to choke to death and then your parent or my mum would hit me or even send me to prison for what I didn’t do. ” Zarl scolded.

but Carl scoffs ,who said that I’m going to die just because I talked while eating. “he pouted.

fine let’s just eat first later we talk. Zarl mutter and he nodded and they both start eating.

***** IN IVY HOTEL ROOM ******

why is this Carl a fool and a pin in the neck ,I seriously want to gain Zarl trust more. “ivy mutter and pace around the room.

I can’t believe he is now so bold and harsh simply because Zarl forgave him, and what exactly is even wrong with Zarl this evening I’m talking to him and he was acting somehow ,he didn’t even allow me to take his bag or laugh with me as usual before going to bed. “ivy mutter sitting down on her bed sadly.

what’s all this Carl ,don’t try me ,that I’m poor doesn’t mean I can’t do something. ” ivy thought rolling her eyes.

let’s get some sleep first. ” she thought and lay and her bed .

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the food is delicious your hotel cook is trying. ” Carl compliment and let a funny yawn before bouncing to the bed.

we finished our food at the same time you should have some manners by shifting the table back to it’s normal position. ” Zarl mutter shifting the table back.

why the unnecessary talk when you know you will do it anyways and besides I just finished eating now don’t scold me yet. ” Carl murmur and face the other side while Zarl stare at him .

you’re going back home Tomorrow don’t stay here it’s going to be costing me with many expenses , disturbance and problems. ” Zarl said touching his leg.

I’m not going anywhere , you’re rich anyways but if you’re too stingy don’t worry I will be the one footing our bills okay. Carl scoffs and sit up.

where are you going to ? ” Zarl ask.

I don’t know what I know is that you’re disturbing my ears and I feel a little bit too cold .” Carl said facing him.

you’re catching cold then off the AC do you also need an announcement for that one ? ” Zarl mumbled “.

I know but I don’t want to because I love it ,is not too cold anyways, and I’m bored. ” Carl complained.

hmmm,Carl I’m so tired right now let me get some sleep ,you can sleep when you wished to. ” Zarl mutter trying to lay on the bed but Carl pulled him immediately.

what ? is night already please let me be. ” Zarl insisted.

no , please come watch the stars with me I love watching the stars. ” Carl pouted and immediately he said that Zarl paused and look at him.

really ? you love watching the stars ? me too I love watching them sparkle. ” Zarl mutter standing up

so If you don’t love it you wouldn’t have agreed to follow me. ” Carl mutter as they both walk to the window side.

or course not , but forget that Atleast you’re too lucky I love that too. ” Zarl murmur as they watch the stars.

you know when I was a kid ,those stars are just like my only friends ,mother , sibling,beat friend , and family because I felt so lonely and bored to death .” Zarl said with a smile while Carl kept quiet and watch closely.

atimes when mum hurt me and beat me telling me she’s not my mum telling me how my mom died till I finally eves drop on dad’s scolding to her one day that when I realized Indeed that she’s not my mum ,so anytime she hurts me or lock me up in my room ,once is night time I sit by the window sides and watch the stars ,atimes I will be like ,mum are you there are you watching me , what about you God are you there please send my dad back home so Atleast mum wouldn’t maltreat me Infront of him. ” I always pray” I have no friends because when I was in school I was a nerd , gentle and quiet , although I have friends that try to come closer to me but I don’t want that kinds of friends that want you because you’re rich , handsome, intelligent or something that’s why I kept my distance and continue waiting knowing that one day I would meet one good friend and finally I met ivy. ” Zarl narrates with a smile.

immediately he mentioned Ivy ,carl frown deeply.

you don’t have to mention her name as if she’s good I’m also good. ” Carl scoffs throwing his face away.

awwn my boy is so jealous of how close I am to ivy. ” zarl mutter and rub Carl’s hair gently.

who’s jealous !, I just don’t like her I despise her she’s a golddiggers trust me. ” Carl mutter.

hmmmm .” Zarl sigh thinking of a war to make him stop talking much and then he finally remember .

Carl ,” he called.

huh ? ” Carl anwsered facing him.

count the stars with Me .” Zarl requested.

okay. “Carl smiled and they both faced the direction of the stars and that’s the sky and they both start counting the stars.


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