Count The Stars With Me

Count the stars with me episode 25 – 26

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CHAPTER 25 💞 26





Gary stopped the car Infront of Zarl hotel at the same time zarl s car stopped and Zarl alighted from his car and immediately Carl sighted him he also rushed out of the car and walk towards him fastly .

Zarl ,you didn’t let me know before you left early this morning you didn’t wait for me to wake up or rather wake me up you just left .Carl snapped “.

ooh sorry about that I have an emergency meeting so that’s why I rushed out ,hope they served you well I believe that ,emmm actually I’m rushing to get something I have some where I have to be in right now we would talk later okay .” Zarl said with a smile and try to walk away but Carl pull Him back angrily.

wherever you’re going bro I’m going with you ,” Carl pouted dragging Zarl hand and he sigh.

this boy and his trouble what do I do now ,I need to start going to the companies to order goods to stock up my building as soon as possible. ” Zarl thought .

you know what. …..

but that speech was interupted by Gary who just came out of the car after watching so many dramatic scene Carl was causing.

Carl why are you whining like a baby ,who is he anyways ? ” Gary whom was in the car watching everything asked because he was totally confused.

my bad ,Gary meet Zarl Mr kinn s first son and Zarl meet Gary my best friend. “Carl introduced.

hi nice to meet you sir Zarl,it’s Indeed an honor sir ” Gary said happily because he knows Zarl he use to see him on tv.

nice to meet you too Gary , you’re Carl’s best friend right , you’re nice and disciplined unlike your friend who is always rude , and disobedient. ” Zarl mutter with a smile while Carl’s scoff and roll his eyes angrily..

how can he choose Gary over me that’s nonesense,just first time of meeting Gary his already saying that Gary is disciplined,,nice while me I’m the bad one here. ” Carl thought angrily as he bite his lips.

his always like that sir Zarl ,he was over pampered by his parent and his ……..but that was interupted by Carl whom couldn’t take it anymore.

I’m I the one you’re talking about in that manner ,Gary I don’t know you’re this mean and wicked .”Carl yelled angrily ,Gary whom already knew him scoff and stock out his tongue to mock Carl who was already angry.

ok ok. enough of the chats and quarrels please you both should calm down ,Carl’s best friend Gary player take care of him,you guys can order anything in my hotel he has money he would pay ,while me I have somewhere to go to it’s very important and I can’t waste time so I will see you guys later ,if you’re exhausted you know the way to the room but you shouldn’t go there with your friends my important stuffs are there. ” Zarl said hoping Carl would do as he said .

hell no I’m going with you,I’m done with my class today ,his f**king boring I can’t stay with him I rather go with you. ” Carl insisted and stump his feet stubbornly.

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are you saying I’m boring what kinda of bullsh*t is that ,you don’t dare insult me, boring my foot what of you that can frustrate and annoy someone till that person gives up his or her dream rubbish. ” Gary yelled back.

hey hey okay ,Gary do you want to stay here because I want to know ? ” Zarl ask.

hell no who wants to stay with this annoying creature devil incarnate,I want to go home infact Mr Zarl bye we’re no longer friends carl get out. “Gary scoffs and walk to his car zooming off immediately in anger.

nonesense who was to be friends with a gambling like you ,anyway we too are the gamblers I’m going to gamble your damn a** and sell it. “Carl yelled at the Gary’s who’s car was already out of sight but unfortunately for him ,he forgot that Zarl was still there.

wait ,did you just said that you’re a gambler ? ” Zarl ask pointing at him immediately he said that Carl bite his lips and scratch his hair.

me ? when ,I never said that. “carl denied.

anwser my damn question you don’t dare lie to me. ” Zarl yelled angrily for the first time raised his voice so high that Carl got startled he look down on his feet unable to look at Zarl s face.

you don’t really want to keep me waiting do you ? I asked you a question and I need an anwser infact you know what just go home. ” Zarl yelled.

no I’m not going. ” Carl cries out trying to touch Zarl but he shifted back angrily.

don’t you dare touch me okay just go there pack your stuffs and go back home don’t create a scene here ,I don’t want my staffs to notice how you lack home trainings just leave .”Zarl yelled and walked inside the hotel going up to his hotel room he reached their and brought out the designs ,fashions and other necessary materials he needed to buy in order to stuck up the complex he locked the door with his own key because Carl also has one and walk out ,he reached downstairs and use his eyes to search for Carl but didn’t see him even thou his worried he push that aside and left ,he would be fine anyways his a university buy not a toddler.i don’t know why he has to be taking care of I have had enough I’m tired he should go home let jack or mum and dad to babysit him. ” Zarl thought.

written by Chidume joy chukwukamunaeleanya.

*** IVY POV ***

I watch Zarl and Carl argue and I smiled happily ,since this Carl came here Zarl doesn’t have my time ,or will I say have enough time to talk to me ,thou we talked this morning before he left ,he told me his going out but didn’t tell me his location and why his going there ,but Atleast I’m happy to find out he didn’t inform Carl about going out but he told me ,now he want him to go back home that’s perfect .”I smiled happily as I couldn’t wait to go back being Zarl favorite girl,I would stay over in his room at night we talk joke and have fun moments with Me not with that annoying and stupid kid Carl. ” I mutter with a smirk on my face.

hahahahaha this is hilarious ! ” I exclaimed and laugh out loud before going inside.

*** IN JACK WINE BREWERIES COMPANY ***knock knock knock ***someone knocked at jack door.

come in. ” jack said and the person entered.

ooh it’s you why are you here aren’t you supposed to be working ? ” jack ask.

sir I’m supposed to be working I just came to tell you something I heard from the spy. ” the person said .

hmmm alright finally there’s news let’s know what it’s all about. ” jack mutter offering the person a sit.

go ahead and tell me the lastest news I can’t be the only one going down alone. jack said with a smirk .

the spy.called this morning to inform me sir.that Mr Zarl is working on a big project that he use to tell them about it because he trusted them so much .” the person said.

that Zarl is working on a big project ,the project the person talking about is it their normal hotel project ? “jack ask.

sir I don’t understand ? “the person said.

are you dumb I said is there project the person was talking about there normal hotel project like cooking, wedding attendance , decorations and other things good and popular hotels are known for ? ” jack asked.

if that’s what you are talking about then that’s a big no ,his working on opening a big hotel as he use to tell them but they don’t know which particular place the location is that is only one person that knows about it ,it’s his secretary miss Nora.” the man said.

miss Nora who’s that woman ,we need to ask her she must show us the location ,find her , abduct her just find a way and do it okay. ” jack ordered angrily clinching his fist. .

ok sir I will do my best sir be rest assured about that ,that I promise never to let me you down. ” the man said and walk out.

arrrrg ! jack screamed angrily destroying everything in his office with his hands.

why ! why is he always the good one ,I was also trying my best ,what kind of project is that ,my own company is almost going down ,but he already saved up the money that he use in building his own ,that’s why he never lived extravagant life with me back then in school and even now,dad would give us our allowance ,money to car or anything as gift he wouldn’t buy it ,but me I even gambles with my company money. ” jack mutter and scream angrily.

how will I face my dad , dad promised us that if our company grows that whomever his own is bigger would be gifted something abd I know that dad’s gift is not just a piece of cake it’s a huge thing.”jack groan as tears roll down his eyes .

Zarl you would pay. ” jack yelled falling on the floor as he roll and Cry without caring whether it’s an office .


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