Count the stars with me episode 31 – 32

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CHAPTER 31 💞 32




the operation was successfully they were lucky to remove the bullet but he would stay at the hospital,mrs kinn and Mr kinn already came to visit there son and then left during the evening time after keeping some guards ,gift and food for Carl and the sleeping Zarl ,yes he haven’t woke up since morning ,carl refused to go and insisted to stay over ,right now he is sitting beside Zarl bed holding his hand as he wouldn’t stop lamenting and talking.

please wake up Zarl I promise to be good ,I really didn’t hit ivy on a purpose sue lied against me please forgive. “Carl cries out , that’s what his being doing since ,he has being talking to Zarl non stop begging him to have mercy and woke up .

Zarl ,why don’t you wake up the stars are right here and count them with me ,wake up please. “he murmur tiredly rubbing Zarl palm gently suddenly his hands move , and Carl stopped crying and stood up ,he stare at his face and slowly Zarl open his eyes .

Zarl you are awake ,ooh my goodness just wait let me call the doctor or nurse. “Carl said happily and rush out of the ward ,few minutes later he came back with a nurse.

how are you feeling sir. “the nurse ask with a smile.

I’m not fine ,I’m feeling pains on my stomach.”Zarl complained and that was where he was shot.

alright I will get you some pain relives but you have to eat something even if just small so you can take the medicine okay. ” the nurse mutter while Zarl nodded slowly ,the nurse left and Carl rushed to Zarl immediately.

how are you feeling are you okay. “Carl ask as tears drop down his eyes.

Zarl look up at him and smile ,he slowly raise his hand and wipe Carl’s tears ,are you not mad at me ? since that morning you have been staying here at the hospital with me ? you we’re there when I got shot right ? “Zarl ask

Carl sigh and explained everything to him,both what happened that yesterday with ivy and how he left ,where he was staying now , and how he left this morning only to saw the disheartening scene of him getting shot.

your parent came but I told them go back they have being staying here with me , and I’m not mad at you anymore is not your fault anyways just get well soon .”Carl mutter with a smile while Zarl smiled back and put his hand down.

sh*t !, Zarl exclaimed as he suddenly remembered something.

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the way he said that startled Carl and he flinched ,is everything alright I should go get the medicine and you should eat okay let me get the food and help you. “Carl said about to stand up put Zarl hold him and shook his head.

no I just remembered that my goods are supposed to be delivered today ,get my phone for me please. “Zarl mutter hurriedly.

okay but you have to eat and take your medicines first ,your health ……..

but he got interupted by the glares Zarl gave him and he bite his lips and walk out of the ward to get the phone.

few minutes later he came up with the phone and medicine,he drop the phone on the bed ,let me get your food for you I met the nurse on the way she gave me the drugs ,you will drink everything there it was mixed .”Carl said avoiding Zarl eyes ,

Zarl knew what he did and he feels bad about it .

Carl please look at me ,”he said.

but Carl ignored him and fix his food ,come and eat please .”Carl said sitting beside him on the bed as he drop the food on the nearby table.

common let me help you up so you can eat .”Carl said helping Zarl up gently.

let me food you ,”he mutter and begin to feed Zarl both food and water ,but he wasn’t talking nor looking at him as usual.

Carl…..I’m sorry. ….”Zarl said holding Carl hand immediately he was about to feed him the last spoon.

is fine. ……is not your fault I should have obeyed anyways. “he responded avoiding the eye contact ..

common I’m the one who got shot here ,don’t avoid me look at Me. “Zarl persisted.

Carl pouted and sigh before looking at Zarl who flashed him a smile and rub his head.

my baby ,you look cute ,you must have alot of girls flocking around you in school right ? “Zarl asked.

yeah but I don’t like them. “Carl responded drooping the empty plate and the empty bottle water which Zarl finished.

really ? then who do you like ? “Zarl asked.

I …….,.I…….I …… like…….. nevermind here take your medicine. “Carl mutter cutting it off.

yuuuoooo. I caught you , perhaps you must be crushing on someone that’s not from your school right , common tell me. “Zarl mutter and took the medicine and drink immediately.

now stop talking and sleep okay you’re talking to much anyways you would have died. “Carl scoffs and roll his eyes.

hahahahaha ,look at the one whom was crying ,I woke up thirty minutes earlier before I reacted physically for you to know that I’m awake ,I was hearing everything that you we’re saying. “Zarl mocked while Carl looks away .

whatever I was just being nice I can’t believe you’re already awake. “he mutter.

thanks anyways I appreciate I can’t believe ivy lied why would she do that ,thanks I believe you , you’re a true friend I owe you one. Zarl said and on his phone then he saw a message.

“”sir please expect the goods tomorrow we didn’t arrive on time today please tomorrow you will get everything””.

the messaged said and Zarl sighed.

that’s good anyways tomorrow the goods would arrive then I will send Nora to check everything out that goods tomorrow I pray it arrives successful so I can show off to my dad that indeed I made him proud then I find a house of my own then I will marry and enjoy my life that wouldn’t be a bad idea ,jack and his mother can have everything else dad’s owns ,besides I strongly believe that I will make it , but what still bothers me is about who shot me ,I didn’t quarrel with anyone ,I’m not having any issue with anyone , who wants me dead then that’s another problem ,that another big problem”he thought and sigh before laying on the bed.

what are you thinking about ? ” Carl asked.

thinking about ?ooh okay I was wondering whom your crush is.” Zarl lied

hmmm what kind of anwser Is that he lying. “Carl said to himself and stood up.

where are you going ? “Zarl ask.

I’m going back to my hotel room don’t worry I will call your Ivy to come stay with you I will be checking on you everyday. “Carl said and start handing towards the door.

hey , hey come back here. “Zarl mutter ,Carl sigh and came back putting his two arms on his chest.

why ? did you have any thing to talk to me about ? “Carl ask.

why are you behaving childish I already apologized to you. “Zarl said.

apologized to me ? what do you mean by that ? “Carl asked staring deeply at him.

you are angry with Me and I know that but………….but

arrrrg. ……”Zarl screamed in pain ,because he mistakenly shifted in a wrong way and the wound pain hit him .

immediately he did that Carl rushed to him ,sorry sorry just rest i will stay here with you okay. “Carl said as his heart beats heavily.

arrrh ,it hurts like heal. “Zarl mutter as hurt tears rolls down his cheeks and that doubled Carl heart beat and he begins to blame himself.

I’m so sorry zarl please what should I do , should I call the doctor for you ? please I’m sorry. “Carl mutter as his tears rolls too,he strengthen his hand and wipe zarl tears

I’m sorry okay just sleep ,I will sing you a lullaby for you. “Carl said in tears and rub zarls head .

Carl it hurts ,my tummy it painful. “Zarl cries out as the pain wouldn’t stop.

let me call the doctor. “Carl said trying to leave but Zarl was holding bon him so tight that he wouldn’t go.

no just stay here with me ,I’m in pain. “Zarl manage to say and close his eyes .

Carl sigh and rub his hand gently

I shouldn’t have acted harshly he was still wounded ,what if the stitches reopened ooh my goodness what do I do , please Zarl be fine I don’t want anything to happen to you ,so I can tease you and count the stars with you ,I’m good in hacking , tracking and everything I will trace that shit car number that took the lady that shot at you away ,I will deal with her mercilessly till he have fears. “Carl thought angrily remembering the scene again and then right here another scene of the crying Zarl.

I just hope is not who I’m thinking Because I won’t pity them ,I will make sure they feels the pain Zarl felt all this year’s all alone by himself ,it seems like I’m quiet enough in this house let’s get to know who dares do that rubbish first if I have anything to discuss with that coward then I will ,two can play the game but count my Zarl out. “Carl said possessively staring at the sleeping Zarl.


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