Count the stars with me episode 35 – 36

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CHAPTER 35 💞 36


*** IN ZARL WARD ***

what took you so long ? you’re late ,hurry up there ,if you reach there I already told them I’m busy that it’s my secretary that would meet them up .”Zarl said to Nora whom nodded and walk out .

ivy !, why are you still here ,I told you to go back to the hotel or better still take a break I give you the permission and go see your mom.”Zarl mutter staring at ivy who shook her head sadly.

I didn’t mean to say that to Carl I was just angry because his a bad luck ,listen Zarl I ………

don’t call me that anymore I’m not your mate ,call me sir ,boss ,but don’t worry I still take you as my friend not best friend anymore , your way is bad ,you lie too much ,do you know how much I used to scold Carl everytime I notice his actitude towards you ? Zarl mutter glaring at ivy .

I’m so sorry sir Zarl I shouldn’t have done that. “ivy pleaded in between tears .

you don’t know how rich that little university guy Carl is ,he can throw you to jail and there is nothing anyone can talk about it , since you know that why insulting him ? even if he insults you too ,I believe his older than you ,he never lived to me about you ,his open with his insecurities against you , but you why lie and pretend ,ivy let Me tell you something there is nothing you can do to Carl , you’re lucky his parent are not around or be else they would teach you a very big lesson for messing around with their only son .”Zarl yelled “.

sir please I’m sorry I will apologize to him once his back I’m sorry I was just so jealous of him ,I knew his rich with the way he acts ,I also doesn’t like the way he treated you the first time ,I even confronted him but his act was rude and less concerned about your health ,I was the one that was there for you,later on he apologized to you and you forgave him just like that ,but I still couldn’t let go ,but they we both started living in the hotel and he joined us there that annoyed me ,he took your attention from me ,you love and care for him so much. “ivy cried out

indeed you girls are something else don’t try to turn the table around ivy , you’re there for me ? okay I was also there for you,I helped you ,feed you ,took care of you and your mother ,open a small business for her and got you both a house ,but have you ever heard that I have a house , you’re also among the reason why I have to work somewhere else in other to earn money and complete my project ,but I have never said that to you ,why telling me you we’re there for me ,of course I appreciated that ,even if you aren’t there that day ,I wouldn’t die I will still live Because my workers loves me so much they would check on me and even my dad too. “Zarl fired back angrily , and then Carl whom was eavesdropping on them for a while now opened the door and walk in , and then he closed it and rush to Zarl with a big glare.

Zarl !, stop shouting and yelling already you got shot just yesterday your wound is still fresh .”Carl glares angrily before turning to ivy.

and you stop reminding people of being there for them , simply because he was sick that day ,there are alot of maids in that house that loves and crush on him ,they can also save him that day if you aren’t there , according to what I heard here if to measure his help is more than yours .”Carl said rolling his eyes.

I……….”Zarl was about to talk but Carl glares stopped him..

I brought some fruits quickly sit up and eat it ,here is your food too…..emmm Ivy your food ,I still don’t like you and don’t look at me I didn’t poison it .” Carl mutter while ivy nod and take the food ……. Zarl stood up and open the nylon

the fruits are not that bad but it seems like I would like to eat first. “Zarl said .

suit yourself zarl I have something important to do ,I drove myself here ,thou that was a sneak out so your parent wouldn’t notice ,don’t worry I will drive slowly ,I missed class yesterday I will go to class today but I cancelled it I will get the notes from Gary I have somewhere important to go. “Carl explained handing the food over to Zarl before standing up .

interesting,zarl heard you ,but can you tell me the location and why you’re going there, and I thought last time you had issue with Gary you guys are back to be friends again?. “Zarl asked .

sorry I can’t is important once I settle everything I will meet you up and for Gary , you’re funny that’s my childhood only guy ,my best friend that was a play ,he understood the fact that I want him to leave so he just have to create that scene and drove out ,but I didn’t expect you would also throw me out same day .” Carl said and scoff.

Zarl sigh and flash a smile. I’m sorry is not my fault. “he replied.

no problem see you I will be back sooner than you expects. “Carl said and walk out ,he entered his car and drove to Jack breweries.

he parked there and wear a mask on his face don’t be surprised he mask and now it important ,he brought a letter and handed It over to the gate keeper.

what’s this sir ? “the gate man asked.

this is a letter to your boss ,give it to him don’t open it ,it’s meant for him to read and analyse what’s written there ,.”Carl said and hurried out ,he entered his car and drove back to the hospital.

I give you one good week Jack think about what was written there and do as I said or else ,I will deal with you mercilessly. Carl murmur inwardly.

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*** Jack pov ***

I was at home all throughout ,I’m so sacred I think I should talk to my mom about this ,I thought pacing around my room .

what have I done ,God ooh my goodness that my bitching heartless girlfriend,I murmur and brought out my phone dialling her number and she picked up immediately.

what’s up cupcake ? “she said over the phone.

Alexa you have finally succeeded in landing me into trouble ,what have we done ? “i said in between tears.

don’t tell me you’re chickening out Jack ,be a man or you would be left with nothing baby ,you don’t have to worry if he survives this one another one is coming. “Alexa said nonchalantly.

what ! please listen don’t you dare do anything again please ,my dad has connections his rich he wouldn’t stop until he founds out whom tried to kill his son and once he found he would hate me and throw me to jail for attempting murder. “I replied .

don’t worry boyfriend ,you can just open up and tell him you’re the one who tried to murder his son ,he won’t do anything you’re also his son “Alexa said.

what !, how could you say such a thing please what do we do I don’t want to be tagged the bad person I know you would tag me alone if they found out that the operation was carried out by you. “I cried out.

why won’t I ? I got the permission from you so any punishment you’re going to join that would be fun, and hey stop thinking about things that are never going to be impossible I did this because of you ,I want you to feel relax , weren’t ,you the one complaining on how ,zarl is a threat to you and as a good girlfriend I told you what we should do ,you agreed and said we should do it ,I did it without your help then why Is your blood pressure to much calm down nothing is happening .”Alexa said and ended the call.

Alexa !,I called staring at the phone .

I shouldn’t have done that ,the one we did I pleaded for his forgiveness and he forgave me but I went ahead and messed up again my entire family and the whole world would hate me for this. “I thought sitting down on my bed.

I’m the greedy and jealous why here ,even thou his still the first son ,he gave me many opportunities to be richer than him but I messed it up and still wouldn’t be satisfied ,I go about gambling with my company money ,my company is draining ,I don’t have enough money , and then this matter rest upon me. “I thought as tears rolls down my eyes.

I can’t believe I tried to kill a human like me ,not just that but my brother for that matter even thou his a step brother his still my blood brother through father what exactly have I done “I murmur stumping my feet on the ground.

suddenly a message notification sound ranged ,I sigh and pick up my phone , unknown number ? I thought and opened the message

“confess Jack or else I will deal with you mercilessly ,I’m way too dangerous than you can imagine make sure you expose that your girlfriend too or else hmmmm”.

that’s what the message said .ooh my goodness who is this ,I can’t call the number nor reply the message ,what do I do I don’t want the whole world to know about this ,is a very big shameful act. “I thought as I sob.

Alexa !, never listen to women stones you would be in trouble. I said and shook my head as fear grip me


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